When This Thief Tried Purse-snatching on the Bus, He Couldn’t Have Imagined It Going This Badly

Nov 1, 2014 By Abraham 0

A would-be thief in Chile fails spectacularly at stealing a woman’s purse on a bus, and the driver is there to make sure the crook learns his lesson…

This Is Why You Don’t Do the News with a Huge Dog in Hand (Actually, It’s Kind of Awesome)

Nov 1, 2014 By Abraham 0

In an effort to highlight the importance and awesomeness of adopting pets from humane society, Edmonton meteorologist Mike Sobel brought Ripple on set with him to do the weather.

Ripple might still need a bit of training…

In the two weeks since this aired, Ripple has been adopted and we’re sure his don’t-chew-through-leashes training has begun.

This Chinese Hotel Has — How Shall We Put It? — *Minimal* Standards for Its Guests

Oct 31, 2014 By Abraham 0

The Star Hotel would like you to follow two simple rules. Think you can handle that?

Chinese Hotel's Low Standards

And according to one Redditor, the Japanese translation is almost as funny…


Customer whom we respect:

Regards! Thank you very much for staying with us. In order to safety you, during the period in which you stay, try to follow Chinese laws, totally don’t commit illegal acts such as smoking drugs, hiring prostitutes, etc.

Got that? Totally try to follow these rules, OK?