Veterans Look in the Mirror and See Another Self In These Powerful Portraits

Dec 17, 2014 By Megan Berman 0

When we talk about the military as one unit, it’s easy to forget soldiers are individual people with different identities, not just imposing uniforms. Photographer Devin Mitchell wanted to remedy that. He told Mic

The military community has expressed their interest in using my art to communicate how many of them feel to be living double lives while serving in the military. People who have never served have shown interest in knowing more about the diversified aspects of what causes veterans to feel that way.

So Mitchell created The Veteran Art Project, a photo project that uses photoshop to showcase the people on the other side of the uniform — literally…



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It’s Not This “Dancer’s” Fault That He Blows It on Live TV. But He Totally Owns It…

Dec 17, 2014 By Abraham 0

A young man calling himself Aladdin recently volunteered to be a “student” for an on-air demonstration of sword dancing lessons during a local TV morning show. He showed up and changed into the costume he was given. This included a sword, a turban…and no shirt.

Then, instead of introducing a lesson, the hosts greeted all the dancers and the music came on for them to perform. But he isn’t a dancer…let alone a belly dancer, which happened to be the genre of the others there.

There wasn’t much he could do, so he just winged it…and winged it well.

(The best part is, he posted this himself.)

11 Imaginary Inventions That Should Totally Exist

Dec 16, 2014 By Abraham 2

Sometimes an idea is both relatively simple and extremely awesome, and then you look around and you realize it doesn’t exist. The more enterprising among us would respond to this absence of awesomeness by making their idea happen. The rest of us just sit back and wonder when these enterprising friends are going to get started so we can start using their ideas.

Ideas like these, perhaps…

Things That Don't Exist the Should - 02

Things That Don't Exist the Should - 01

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