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1 guy takes on 7 gang members with a baseball bat before narrowly escaping

Aug 7, 2011 By Abraham

Rated R for language, of course…


  1. Maggie says:

    Cool, but how do we know the guy who was beating the crap out of them with a bball bat wasn’t also a gang member? I guess I’d be a lot happier about the beating if I knew he was a “good guy” or something.

      1. Bonnie says:

        Yes, good guys do carry baseball bats in their cars! Especially if you have to drive through not so good neighborhoods. We have a baseball bat in our truck just for protection. I was told by the DA attorney in my little brother’s murder case (yes he was shot by a gang member simply walking to school – a case of mistaken identity) that her father who was a captain in the local Police Department always made sure she had a baseball bat in her car when she was a teenager.

        Either a good guy or a bad guy – he taught them a lesson. Whether they get it or not is up to them. Unfortunately people who have the mental attitude to think that behavior is ok aren’t of the mindset to learn life’s lessons. They will probably believe they are the victim.

          1. (Other)Joe says:

            Made me think if ICP’s “Me and my axe” line.
            Heh, I love those nice black flashlights that serve multiple purposes. Even with a gun, they’re useful – just ask any police officer that wants to blind a potential shooter.

      2. Mike McCarthy says:

        I don’t go looking for trouble – BUT I got a baseball bat at home, in the yard where I work and an aluminium one in the car, never had to use them yet and hope I never do, but if the day comes that I have to swing, you can be bloody well sure that I will swing with power.

        1. Caitlin says:

          You must be a true conservative to deduct that he thinks differently from you, so he must, therefore, be an idiot and a liberal. Congratulations on twisting his comment into a first amendment argument.

        2. jorn says:

          Lance, that was cognitively impoverished, obtuse non-sequitor. Did you see anybody else here making fun of your Pokémon stuff? No, no you did not.

    1. Caitlin says:

      They may not be Bloods or Crips, but they’re a gang of aggressive, obnoxious young men who could have killed the guy if they’d had the chance.

  2. Nema says:

    I can’t see why he didn’t just reverse over them in his car, that would have been even more fun, still, good work with the bat though.

  3. tmmy says:

    Complete with the American flag-
    Useless little angry cowards.
    Do no good for anyone.
    We dont need them here.

  4. B says:

    ..what evidence do we have to know these guys are actually in a gang? Looks like a bunch of friends just looking for trouble.

      1. melanie says:

        in a town neighboring the one i grew up in, 3 minors unaccompanied by an adult constituted a gang, legally. this meant i and my two girlfriends (we were 16, 16 and 17) could not walk down the street to the gas station. to put this in perspective, the population was something like 600. so while that’s a little ridiculous, yes, seven adult men who obviously want to start a fight with someone who’s done nothing, it’s perfectly fair to call them a gang. legally.

  5. Heathen says:

    Looks like a bunch of drunk idiots looking for a fight. Ban alcohol and legalize marijuana, a bunch of stoned idiots would not have been causing any trouble (unless you are a hamburger).

    1. Ribva says:

      You do realise that marijuana is known to exacerbate and set off schizophrenia in individuals who are susceptible? Not defending alcohol, here (or gangs – if you’re not violent to begin with, then drink doesn’t make you so…) or smoking, etc (insert every legal and illegal vice of choice) but weed is far from the innocent high we like to claim it is. I was ambivalent about cannabis for a long time, but having seen the very real effects of what taking cannabis has done for many patients on the psych ward where I worked, I wouldn’t wish what some of them experienced on anyone. There are few things in this world that are more frightening than the things schizophrenics experience, and watching people struggle through a tough episode, and then relapsing because they started using again, was tough for everyone. Their personality and sense of reality completely changes – people who were normal, chill folks can become paranoid, fearful, irrational or violent, and can absolutely be a danger to themselves and others when they are having an episode and not on medication or back on cannabis.

      If everyone got stoned you’d just get much higher numbers of psychotic stoners out there doing what the voices are ordering them to. Not really an answer.

      TL;DR: marijuana can cause severe schizophrenia if you are susceptible. Not a harmless drug.

  6. TheBlackChip says:

    My only wish is that the dude in the car had like 3-4 buddies with him that all had bats. Those punks would have got pwned. Seriously tho, he’s lucky he got away, no doubt those guys would have killed him for sure.

    1. (Other)Joe says:

      Hmm, I read Antibunny – the comic with an dark hero called ‘Nailbat’. Yes, guess what his weapon is.

      1. (Other)Joe says:

        In fact, it only ever occurs in Chicago and South California. Totally never happens anywhere else. ;)

  7. mc says:

    Oh man that is one of the greatest things I have ever seen. That is what happens when a bunch of Massholes bump into each other! Oh man, can’t stop laughing. Ha ha! Tough guys! Ha ha! Idiots! The sound of that bat! Awesome!

  8. Ashleigh says:

    Hell yeah! This would only be better if the people recording had called the cops before hand so the dudes could get arrested after they got the nonsense knocked out of them.

    1. (Other)Joe says:

      Why? Public humiliation and pain isn’t enough of a punishment? There’s a reason that cruel and unusual punishment gets you released (in theory).

  9. Emarie says:

    This may be a silly question, but I’m not a city girl so forgive me. Maybe you big-city people can enlighten me: Why doesn’t someone just call the cops? Like the guy recording the video, wouldn’t calling the police be more effective?

    1. Voice Of The Industry says:

      Target ETA for emergency services is three mikes or less. A hundred and eighty seconds is a long, long time when you’re a long, long way from home, citizen. Some adult humans, and even some juveniles, are capable of killing with a single blow. That’s not to say that the police shouldn’t be notified – cops, guards, and soldiers generally agree you should even call them first if at all possible. But thugs are like fires – if you are equipped to fight and have a reasonable chance of success, you should do so. “Reasonable” is arguably subjective – I would not prefer to engage seven people, of unknown armament, without at least a firearm of my own. But different strokes for different folks.

  10. Ribva says:

    I did notice though, that one of the gang members was at first warning the driver ‘drive! Drive!’ and gesticulating at him to carry on, but he got pushed by his fellows.

    I don’t know if the other guy is a gang member, and I don’t approve of violence – the injuries you can give or sustain can be severe or even life threatening, even with a fight like this. But they ganged up on (as far as anyone can tell from the video) a random driver, spoiling for a fight. If it wasn’t baseball bay guy, it would probably have been someone without protection. I don’t know whether he could have driven off and not confronted them, but if it was in self-defense, then it was reasonable – how else could you stand a chance against 7 thugs out for your blood?

    Hopefully that would have been a lesson to these men to rethink their lifestyle (especially the one who seemed to be less abusive/violent than the others), and that being in a gang is actually not the protection it seems, but actually increases your risk of serious injuries or an early death.

    In all likelihood by the time the police got there, it would have been too late for a batless guy, who would have already been seriously beaten up. The police should have been told, but they would come to a crime scene (hopefully with a not too seriously injured victim), rather than something just happening. I’d argue that you should do whatever it takes to reasonably defend yourself, but then I’m a short female in a country where people don’t own guns, nor do we generally have baseball bats, so what that would be is debatable.

  11. Liss says:

    So if they were walking down the middle of the street, being threatening, I would have just said “eff this” and kept going, run them over if they’re going to be in the way like that and threatening everyone. See them chase me with broken legs.

  12. John Smith says:

    On another forum someone said that he read on another forum that the seven dudes sustained serious injuries, the police didn’t arrest anyone because no one came forward to press charges. One of the dudes apparently was run over with minor injuries while he was hanging on to the car as it sped away. I used to hang out a little in that area. At 3 in the morning sometimes there is gridlock at that area. The dude was taking a chance that he could get away. If he had hit traffic, he would have been beaten close to death if not worse. Both sides were taking some huge chances. A lot of people carry weapons in their vehicles…a bat is minor stuff compared to what I have heard about and seen out there…

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