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1-man livelooped beatbox and guitar cover of The Pixies’ “Where Is My Mind”

Mar 30, 2011 By Abraham

This is impressive… Then it gets impressive at about 2:45.

(By The PeteBox, via Will Zone)

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  1. Aaron says:

    This is great stuff.

    I remember watching Phil Keaggy do some neat things with an old looping machine that he has.

    I’d like to try my hand at something like this.

    1. Janus says:

      Just heard this one, then reviewed the “original” and i have to say, this is waaay better…. i wouldn’t like the other one… but this is so great, keep it up, u could go somewhere, if u haven’t already….
      Peace out from Denmark !

  2. Aaron says:

    Speaking of loops. I never see Fruit Loops commercials anymore. Matter of fact, what happened to all the good cereal commercials?

  3. Allie says:

    Okay. Right then. Well, my mind was blown and now I’m in love. Why the ass buggery isn’t this on iTunes because he’d make a fortune. I want to listen to this every day of my life and just make sweet love to this beautiful man/god.

  4. marmot says:

    This is cool, but I have to note: check out Keller Williams. He’s the master of this “one-man band” style; playing, looping, layering, beat-boxing, jamming, and improv. He’s an outstanding guitarist and performs amazing live shows. Keller William’s studio work does not do him justice as it’s easy to record music in layers, but live…wow! He has pretty much owned this style for nearly 2 decades.

    Sorry…tangent. I’ve dreamed of being this guy, but I make a better engineer.

  5. Arian says:

    This dood is awesome and all and I love the song, but sadly, at around 2:53… It looks like he’s sucking a peener.

  6. Hailee says:

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