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10 Powerfully Peaceful Ferguson Protests Major Media Didn’t Show You Last Night

By Joey

After last night’s announcement that Officer Darren Brown would not be indicted for murder after in the shooting of unarmed black teenager Michael Brown, protests erupted all over Ferguson, Missouri, and the surrounding St. Louis area.

We saw numerous images of cars and buildings burning as looters and arsonists grabbed the headlines after what had been 108 days of largely peaceful protests.

But what you probably haven’t seen on CNN or in this morning’s edition of USA Today is that around the country, thousands stood in solidarity with Ferguson. While a few vandals seized the opportunity to smash a window here and there, these protests were largely peaceful and with the exception of a few brief moments, were largely ignored by the national media covering last night’s events.

Here are just a few of the cities you probably didn’t read about…


Los Angeles


New York City


Washington, DC



Salt Lake City


And that was just last night.

There are plenty more today…

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