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10 ways we know the earth is round

Dec 31, 2012 By Abraham


  1. Martin says:

    Take THAT, all you flat-earthers. By the way, has anyone ever MET a genuine flat-earther? I’d like to meet one, just to know that they really exist.

    1. Marci says:

      If you take a look in the comments section of that video on youtube, there’s a guy who’s arguing in favor of a flat earth. His whole argument is based on the fact that the nile flows north, ignoring that water flows down in elevation, not based on cardinal directions.
      Take a look if you’d like but I was ready to pull my hair out after about 2 minutes.

      1. Martin says:

        Thanks for responding, Marci. I wonder if he was trolling? I’d really like to meet a genuine article all the same.

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