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100 FedEx trucks provide an incredible escort for a beloved coworker’s funeral procession

By Joey

Michael Petronchak, better known as Mickey to his friends, worked for over 26 years at FedEx as a ramp agent. Some of his memorable catchphrases included, “FedEx — there’s nothing like it!” or, “I didn’t even punch in today!”

On February 26, Mickey passed away at just 54 years old. The Aliquippa, Pennsylvania, man had left an enormous impact on many people around him, including his FedEx colleagues in the Pittsburgh area. He was a guy who would give $5 to a new kid just to be nice.

To pay their respects, Mickey’s colleagues rounded up 100 trucks and surprised his family with an escort to the cemetery. One colleague commented,

I just attended a funeral for FedEx worker Michael Joseph Petronchak (Mickey) today. The outpouring of love from his co-workers, drivers and pilots was wonderful. The funeral procession which included around 100 trucks was a very beautiful tribute to him. He was a very dedicated worker and loved his job. His children lost their mother almost 8 years ago and now they lost their father. The love for Mickey and his family was very visible today. Rest in peace Mickey.

A 21-year-old FedEx employee who got his job there thanks to Mickey posted photos of the procession

First, the group met up at the Pittsburgh Airport…

FedEx Procession 1

From there, the unique procession made their way toward Alquippa for the funeral…

FedEx Procession 3

FedEx Procession 4a

Once they arrived, they provided Mickey’s family with an escort to the cemetery…

FedEx Procession 5

…where they laid their father, son, and friend to rest…

FedEx Procession 2

The touching send-off from Mickey’s coworkers brought tears to his family members, who weren’t aware that such a showing of support was coming. The man who loved his job and his colleagues so much was given a beautiful show of respect by the people who he worked with and served each day for so much of his life, which is about as much as any of us can ask to leave this earth with.

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