666 Isn’t an Area Code Anymore (And 10 Other Fun Facts About This Superstitious Number)

By 22 Words Staff

Toward the end of 2007, the small town of Reeves, Louisiana, finally rid itself of a telephone area code that had been bedeviling its citizens since the 1960s — 666.

Christians in Reeves were unhappy having the “number of the beast” for their prefix since being assigned it. When the phone company finally relented, allowing Reevesians to change over to “749” at no charge, mayor Scott Walker called their decision “divine intervention.”

To mark the anniversary, here are ten other beastly number factoids and coincidences…

1. Fear of 666

The qualms of the folks in Reeves about their old phone code has a name:


Fear of the number six hundred sixty-six.

2. U.S. Housing Market Curse

The week of June 6, 2006 (06-06-06!), the 30-year mortgage rate averaged (Wait for it!) 6.66%. You may remember the evil that befell United States housing market soon after.

3. First Apple Computer

The first Apple Computer retailed for $666.66. Comfortable mark-up or uncomfortable mark? Either way, Steve Wozniak says he picked the number because it was easy to type with just one finger.

Apple 1 Computer