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12-year-old Boy Writes a Book About How to Understand Women, Nails It

Feb 2, 2014 By Abraham

Self-proclaimed “best-selling author” Cem is almost a teenager. So obviously he knows about women. Fortunately, he has written a book to give the only answer there is to all your questions…

How to Understand Women, by Cem - 01

How to Understand Women, by Cem - 02

How to Understand Women, by Cem - 03

(via Reddit)

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  1. Sargonarhes says:

    As a human, I can’t understand my fellow humans nor do I want to. I’m an equal opportunity hater, I hate every one equally.

    1. S.Stern says:

      Right? nothing like teaching little boys that women are humans too instead of imbuing them with gender stereotypes at an early age.
      oh. wait.


  2. Slayerwulfe (@slayerwulfe) says:

    a self proclaimed best selling author defining his greatest literary work with “can’t” do U identify can’t with failure ? female is a very successful and dominant species on this planet that intimidates weak males. if u like female try to understand the duality of it. pleasure/procreation
    slayerwulfe cave

  3. David scharf says:

    Your right, and that’s is as far I’m going with that, The dog house I have found, is great with carpet,heat, and big screen TV. Sweet

  4. Grace says:

    Tony Marmalado, hate to be that girl, but “species” is not plural, and “specie” is not the singular version thereof.

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