12-year-old Dislikes Video Games, Has Decided to Blow Your Mind with Ping Pong Balls Instead

By Abraham Piper

When you watch this ping-pong trick video, you may find yourself thinking What a waste of time! But then, hopefully, you’ll stop and remind yourself the guy making this video is 12.


And he doesn’t like sitting in front of a screen constantly. He says

I figure I should get myself a hobby or be part of a generation that’s lost to gaming. I personally don’t find first person shooters fun, so yeah.

Instead of spending all his time playing video games, he has dedicated himself to a hobby that, while it doesn’t have immediate practical uses, is mind-blowingly cool. Which, if you think about it is actually a fairly practical use.

Being able to blow people’s minds has a lot of day-to-day advantages.

In response to a critic who said it’s not that amazing because he just kept throwing the balls until the tricks worked, he says

Well you’re right in that it’s not hard throwing the ball.

You’re wrong that it’s not hard when you do 1000 takes per shot. I dunno about you, but I think the reason people would like watching these types of videos because you get to appreciate their patience. I’m not just a robot, you know. I get tired. This takes persistency and a lot of it.

Maybe “all” he’s doing now is bouncing a ping pong ball around, but he clearly has what it takes to succeed — patience, commitment…and an uncanny ability to manipulate the laws of physics.