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13 pictures of crazy goats on cliffs

Jan 11, 2012 By Abraham

I suppose, since it’s their instinct, these goats climbing around on cliffs aren’t literally insane. It’s just what they do. But still…crazy.







(I’ve included the sources of these images if I could find them. If you know the photographer for any of the others, leave a comment. Thanks!)


          1. to wallace says:

            Wallace, your argument is inefficient in everything that you could possibly think of to argue with.

            Go take a walk and look at the sunset. God may not be snapping photos and posting them on social media, but he sure can paint a mean sky.

          2. to the person ho replied to wallace says:

            Sunsets are due to the fact the suns rays have longer to travel the through the atmosphere’s particles because it is lower in the sky meaning the light gets scattered, blues and greens are shorter in wavelength so scatter more often thus leaving reds and oranges. God has nothing to with this.

            nor does it ( i use the term ‘it’ as god is a meme) have anything to do with the fact mountain goats climb mountains to feed, mate and rear their young as a result of ecological developments in ther habitats and general natural selection driving their behaviours.

            Beauty comes from the fact these natural systems exist not from who created them. Nothing created them but time. Humans are nothing but perceivers of this reallity and we are so very insolent to believe that we are the focus of this universe’s existence so please stop trying to base the universe’s beauty in an archaic myth because it undermines the beautiful essence of what it really is.

          3. to: "to the person ho replied to wallace" says:

            No one is telling any of you people that your science lessons are inaccurate. You may feel as if you are completely aware of why a sunset occurs, but why are you relaying your opposing thoughts on a page like this? Maybe apply to speak at a TED convention. Unfortunately, there are believers and non-believers in this world. Whether a sunset sets because the sun’s rays have longer to travel through the atmosphere’s particles, given it is lower in the sky, or if the almighty figure himself did it on his/her own… What really matters is that you should trust your own beliefs, and go about your own day-to-day lives without being so stubborn on the comment section of a website.

            Guess what: God painted the sky. God also probably bought the paint brush from a local Walmart in Heaven, right? Yes, that is right. Because I am entitled to my own beliefs and, one day, once I am about to lay on my death bed, I believe that I will be exiting this masterpiece of a painting and entering into a whole new one.

            So go grab a beer, sit on that couch of yours, and flip on Malcom In The Middle. Your showy non-beliefs may have a lexicon of material that you could shove in my face, but at least I have faith in God and God has faith in me, too.

          4. jlee says:

            I think one of the Hindu gods with the surplus arms would take better shots. Those arms could add stability!

          5. Mu_Lton says:

            To: “to: “to the person ho [sic.] replied to wallace””

            Even though I personally don’t believe in god I agree with the essence of what you’re saying. Nowadays it seems those “battles” between e-atheists and e-theists can pop up anywhere, no matter the concept! It is particularly annoying for me as well to read the same pointless arguments over and over again. And yes faith is one the rare cases where if someone asks you why you believe, you can simply answer “that is none of your business”. I need, however, to point out that if that’s your intention, you shouldn’t begin your comment by saying “No one is telling any of you people that your science lessons are inaccurate”. Would you really want to begin this conversation when the catholic church itself and other churches around the world have accepted the validity of scientific developments and are seeking ways to reconcile the various religious tenets with them? If you want respect for your religion you should start respecting the other side as well..

      1. S(a)tan says:

        Did god also come up with parasites that live in and are only found children’s eyes? Worms that eat the child’s eye? Some guy he must be…..

          1. Michael says:

            Satan rebelled against God of his own free-will, the same free-will that man rebelled against him with, which causes most of all the evil in our world. Before man rebelled, he lived in perfect unity with God. The evil things of this world were NOT God’s idea – they were Satan’s.

            But since it’s Satan’s goal in our world to discredit God and Jesus Christ (and what He did for us), your post makes sense, as you’re clearly doing his work.

          2. Ralph says:

            To Michael and all
            If Satan did it of his own free-will really doesn’t matter.
            Because God knows all, sees all, he has the entire future of the world planned out. Of his own design.
            So, really, God did create Satan and he knew Satan would rebel. He knew what would happen. Free-will is bullshit, because God is omniscient.
            Even if you argue that God knows all the possible paths one could take and the results of those choices, he ultimately KNOWS which choice will be made. So, yeah, that God made all the shitty shit things in this world.

        1. Anna says:

          Satan, you should know who came up with that idea. Satan was the instigator behind the fall of mankind… & that fall corrupted the entire world, not just people. And here you go again instigating…

          1. Logic says:

            Tell me where exactly it says this in your book? And I mean explicitly. It doesn’t. Satan is supposed to be a fallen angel according to old Jewish tales, but it is not in the Torah, or New Testament for that matter. Angles were created by god and were not given free will like humans. So tell me, how could a soldier of god without free will rebel unless he was bid to?

        2. Ike says:

          How convenient it is for you to believe that everything God created would have to favor humans. Your example, for the worm, is very good!

        3. That's right says:

          When you over value life on earth and you believe that it is just an amazing un-planned set of coincidences (trillions of coincidences) over billions of years – spanning space in which would take billions of years just for the parts to travel to their currently location – collectively creating mass that is so large that it would be un-fathomable for the human mind to comprehend yet came from no where – you are smarter than me.

        4. Dee says:

          SHUT UP. Seriously, can we look at a cool pic of goats without arguing? What is wrong with people! not enough strife in your life?! btw- i would have replied to everyone if i could, it is not just you

          1. juan says:

            a “perspective”???? well what if i say “because a magician gave them a magic potion so they can climb”, is that also a “perspective”???

          2. DDS says:

            No hgack, she sounds stupid because there’s literally no difference between her citing “God” as the person who came up with the mountain goat and whether she were to have cited “Santa Claus”.

            Indeed if she were to have said Santa, once could have found it amusing. Almost any stupid answer she could have put would have been at least ironic or sarcastic and hence an attempt at humour and therefore an affirmation that the (self-knowing) stupid question merited a similarly stupid answer – the question itself infers that no one (and no one weird or stupid) could ever MAKE such an animal.

            Instead she cites “God”; the only stupid answer she could have given that everyone reading the comment would think that she actually believes. So in fact, she gave the STUPIDEST answer that you possibly can give.

            And arrogance? How about this; “God created the earth, the heavens and everything in it. He created the creatures and us in his image. I praise the Lord God creator of everything and his son as my own personal saviour”. etc. etc.

            Religion teaches us ALL about arrogance.

            And if saying God is (so obviously) fiction is arrogant, I’ll take arrogance over stupidity every single time.

            / It should be noted that Katie might have intended the comment as ironic in the first place. In which case; *fistbumps Katie*

          3. Anna says:

            @DDS… wha wha wha wha….blah blah blah…. whatever. Oh wait… I did get to the end… you took arrogance and stupidity…. well done.

          4. Boog says:

            DDS attempts to sound smart but then says, “stupidest”. Superlatives for the win. btw, everyone shut up. If someone believes in God, let them. Believing in a higher power to have supposedly created everything sounds more realistic than something like the big bang theory. And yet if someone believed that you would be ok with it. The real issue isn’t whether or not God exists, it’s that people want to fight and make a big deal out of nothing at all times.

            For the christians out there, shut up. You will never prove anything over the internet, ever. You only make yourselves sound ignorant and/or judgmental. Being ignorant and/or judgmental is not doing the “work of God”. In my opinion God looks down on you and says, “shut up”, just as well. Example: Michael from up above telling people they are doing Satan’s work…nice job pushing people further from Christ. Sounds like you made God happy…nope.

            BTW Michael…I am a Pastor and I like those people better than you.

          5. sakins says:

            @Boog Having faith in a ” higher power ” sounds more reasonable than something (Big Bang) that evidence points at? What’s awesome is the Big Bang is merely a theory in which Scientist will work at to either prove or disprove. This God you guys believe in is purely off FAITH with ZERO evidence to back it up except a book written by man over the years. We were given the ability to question everything I’d suggest you use it.

        1. Mark says:

          Every time I come to a site like this, usually for a completely innocuous story like this one, and make the mistake of reading the comments why are there are always a few idiots and hatemongers that try to spoil it for everyone?

          Max and DDS, you illustrate the reason why YouTube, Huffington, etc. are getting rid of anonymous comments. People who can’t help vomiting their hate of anything they don’t agree with or don’t understand over everyone who doesn’t care what you do or don’t think. Give it a rest and find another hobby.

          1. ZZZ says:

            lol. DDS takes 30 seconds to look at 13 pretty sweet pictures of goats and takes 1 hours writing a way-to-long comment to try to prove how smart he is to a small handful of strangers. I would recommend trying to find a new hobby dude.

          2. Todd says:

            You’re oversimplifying the issue, and you’re looking at the things Max and DDS are saying in the most cynical way you possibly can. Perhaps they’re trying to get people to think more freely. Perhaps the intended audience wasn’t the person they were responding to or people with your attitude, but rather people who will read the interaction. Perhaps they’re trying to create a more critically-minded, logical population. Perhaps message boards on the internet, as lame as it may sound to you, is the most meaningful way they can enact change in the world around them.

            You call it a hobby, and that’s a mistake. It’s not a hobby; it’s a purpose. It’s a way of contributing something that I (and they most likely as well) believe to be beneficial to the world. Bad ideas – things that are detrimental to society – need to be called out before they can be thrown away, and I believe religion to be one of those things.

            What kind of person would I be if I sat idly by and let things slide that I believe are wrong and hurting others? I can almost guarantee that Katie, like most of her ilk, would scold someone for preaching Satanism. To me, there’s no difference.

          3. slartybartfast says:

            Anonymous posting is the best thing the internet ever invented. Free forums take conversations in unbound directions, which is precisely why I am here, and not on Huffington, where logging in has become a chore, and the topics of conversation I can engage in have been limited to the topics my offline aspect would engage in.

            Anonymity brings out honesty. We don’t always like what we find there, but it’s still worth digging it up to check beneath the hood from time to time.

          4. Twinsfan says:

            @Todd- So their purpose is to make everyone who doesn’t share their opinion feel bad and call them stupid? Is that really necessary? Read their comment, agree or disagree and move on.

        2. Greg says:

          Sheesh, Katie, don’t you know that roughly 16 billion years ago, nothing at all existed, and for no reason (at least as far as science can determine), that nothingness magically exploded, and out of this huge cosmic explosion, everything in the universe appeared. Then what happened is this everything magically rearranged itself into self-replicating bits, which then turned into dinosaurs, which then turned into goats. I just don’t understand how people can believe in God when this is all so clear, right Max?

          1. Linus says:

            That’s probably the single most ignorant comment I’ve ever read, Greg. I don’t understand how anyone can misunderstand evolution to that extent, not to mention think that evolution should somehow explain things it doesn’t even concern.
            Go back to school, Greg. Preferably outside of the U.S.

          2. Greg says:

            Go back to school, Linus? I’ll have you know I watch the Big Bang Theory nearly every night, and it’s all right there in the theme song – Everybody now, sing –
            “Our whole universe was in a hot dense state,
            Then nearly fourteen billion years ago expansion started. Wait…
            The Earth began to cool,
            The autotrophs began to drool,
            Neanderthals developed tools,
            We built a wall (we built the pyramids),
            Math, science, history, unraveling the mysteries,
            That all started with the big bang….”

            I’m not sure how someone with the name of a very popular cartoon character can take themselves so seriously. Lighten up, dude:)

          3. Olivia says:

            Why…were you there 16 billion years ago? Trying exploding things together to create even an apple. When you succeed, I’ll believe your “theory”

          4. Todd says:

            Greg, you’re massively oversimplifying a very complex issue to suit the needs of your argument. Either you’re intentionally being dishonest for your own purposes, or you genuinely don’t understand how scientific consensus works, but literally every single thing we know about the universe’s history points to a cosmic event like the Big Bang. There’s an extraordinary amount of evidence from nearly every area of science that supports the theory. That’s how science works – multiple confirmations from unrelated fields, all confirming the same theory. From chemistry to astronomy to physics, and everything within those fields, everything related to the creation of the universe points to a singularity expanding rapidly into the universe we live in – and it absolutely makes sense, if you understand the science. The same exact thing applies to evolution.

            I’m not knocking you – we all do it, including me – but try and be careful about talking about things you haven’t researched thoroughly and don’t fully understand.

          5. slartybartfast says:

            and Olivia misses the joke. whizzzzzzzzz

            But seriously Greg, the difference between religion and Science isn’t the story, it’s this:

            Religion: “because I said so.”

            Science: “Well huh. That -is- weird. Let’s poke a badger with a stick and see if that gives us a better answer.”

          6. Greg says:

            I don’t understand what you may have taken from my comments (other than the sarcasm) that would make you think I don’t accept the notion of a cosmic event akin to a Big Bang, Todd. I certainly concur with what you said – “from chemistry to astronomy to physics, and everything within those fields, everything related to the creation of the universe points to a singularity expanding rapidly into the universe we live in – and it absolutely makes sense.” I perfectly understand the science and believe it to be fact. There’s just no sense in people bashing others b/c they may have a different point of view on things, like people calling others stupid, etc. That’s why I weighed in with the sarcasm.

            However, we part ways when it comes to evolution, at least in the macro sense, and I adhere to the intelligent design theory, as do many credible, top scientists in their field, including many that once held their beliefs in evolution, are giving place to the possibility of ID. (Even you mentioned “creation of the universe” in your comments, implying a creator, whether that’s what you believe or not.) Ben Stein has a documentary “Expelled” on this very thing, and I think it’s a worthy watch, whichever way you may think. When Mr. Stein interviewed world renowned evolutionist Richard Dawkins and asked the simple question, How did life begin? The best answer this “evolutionary genius” could come up with is that perhaps aliens visited earth billions of years ago and “seeded” the planet, which then started the evolutionary process. If people can reconcile the fact they exist through this explanation, fine. But I believe intelligence comes from intelligence and not from a rock (as evolution would suggest), and that’s where I find peace of mind.

            So all of us obviously adhere to different conclusions concerning things, but in the words of the late Rodney King, “Can’t we j-j-j-ust all get along? Please.” There’s just no reason for all the cyber bullying that some are exhibiting on this thread, with the name calling, etc., and people just need to lighten up and stop taking themselves so seriously. I just don’t know what it says about humanity when a bunch of goat pictures can bring out this kind of hostility and lack of civility towards each other.

          7. Todd says:

            I haven’t seen any comment calling Katie a stupid person. I’ve seen things saying she sounded stupid, aka the thing she expressed was stupid, but they didn’t say she was stupid. I think that’s a very important distinction to make.

            I would disagree with you that many *top* scientists in their field are believers in ID. There aren’t even that many apologists, no less full-fledged believers, and ones that are respected and acknowledged as authorities are even fewer.

            The Richard Dawkins interview you’re referring to was taken out of context, either by you or by the source you gathered the information from. He was simply explaining that we don’t have all the puzzle pieces. He was not presenting that as a viable alternative – he was juxtaposing that idea against God. He was attempting to show how absurd the idea is compared to some of the much more logical explanations we have that actually have significant evidence to support it. ID’s entire argument is a thought experiment. A brain exercise. There’s no tangible evidence supporting it. It’s a God of the Gaps, yet again. It’s a “makes sense, might be true” kind of scenario – but simply because one can logically make sense of the argument for intelligent design does not mean it has any bearing on it’s validity. It’s a nice theory, and it mostly works within the framework of a modern understanding of science, but there’s really no good evidence to support the theory.

            I agree that the name calling could be more reined in, but that’s bound to happen when values on cherishes are challenged. I completely disagree, however, that this conversation is uncivil or overly hostile. On the contrary! This is exactly what civility looks like. I haven’t seen tempers flaring, I haven’t seen serious insults being lodged, I’ve just seen healthy debate over an important topic amongst citizens of a society that disagree with one another. That’s fucking awesome, man. It absolutely boggles my mind that people look at this conversation thread and feel that it’s a bad thing.

          8. Taylor says:

            I’m going to have to say I agree with Linus here. That was an incredibly ignorant and blatantly misinformed statement. You make it sound like humanity is completely unaware of how the universe and our planetary system came to be. This is simply not true. Scientists have observed the creation of galaxies other than our own. Astronauts have witnessed the beginnings of planetary formation while in space by conducting a scientific experiment. And we may not know precisely what triggered the Big Bang, but everything that occurred post that exact moment is readily available information to the public. And the funny thing about this evidence? It all makes sense on a logical standpoint. Well…it makes a lot more sense than some bearded white man with jealousy issues willing the entirety of the universe into existence ALL for one little planet, so the fleshy pink beings that inhabit it can do his bidding. But I digress. The creation of the universe, our solar system, and human life aren’t rocket science. Maybe if you tore down those walls of religion-based ignorance you’d be able to comprehend these things. I personally find it pitiful that people are reluctant to accept the scientific evidence right in front of them just because they’ve grown accustomed to the wool over their eyes. Try reading a book sometime…or even just watch an educational program. Seriously. It’s not that hard to inform yourself.

          9. Taylor says:

            And let me add this…I don’t think there’s anything wrong with believing in something bigger than yourself. I just don’t see how scientific evidence and scientific theories are so threatening to religious zealots. Ignoring evidence simply because it disputes or doesn’t completely comply with your belief system hinders humanity from truly learning more about both ourselves and the universe that we inhabit. Believing a book written by men who weren’t even present during the events depicted over obtained or observed evidence…seems a little silly when you think about it, right?

      2. W says:

        Albeit I am a non-believer, I do reckon God might sigh in disappointment over those believers who go

        out of their way to point out and delineate the perspectives of non-believers; neither Jesus nor the Bible

        teaches to meddle in such judgmental ways. It’s simple for you Christians: hold fast to your faith, set the

        example, and let God do the rest. Withal, it doesn’t matter how these goats came to be or how they

        came to be the splendor that they are: you are alive and breathing right now; what more is there to do,

        but actively appreciate how we are sharing our awe together.

        1. Popito says:

          In all honesty, I only see the atheist camp being the judgmental jerks here. If someone wants to marvel at nature and give it some meaning, then they’re free to do so. It is not stupid to have different views of the universe, and nowhere did she try to go into crazy creationist territory. Most believers are just normal people.

          Oh, and BTW, I’m an atheist too.

          1. Anna says:

            @Popito Thank you. We may not agree, (I’m a crazy creationist, grin), but I appreciate your kindness.

          2. Friendly says:

            I think we can all agree on this: whatever is really happening in this universe is too wild and chaotically beautiful for us mere humans to even imagine, much less wrap our heads around. Anyone who claims to know universal truth is both arrogant and stupid. (and probably trying to sell you something)

          3. Todd says:

            Friendly: Organically, human’s must breathe oxygen to survive. Is that not a universal truth? Am I arrogant and stupid for claiming it?

          4. youknowwho says:

            Equally, if the first comment had been:
            Q:Whose wild idea was the mountain goat?!
            A: It was the “choice” of a long process of natural selection, spanning potentially billions of years, in tiny microscopic organisms that needed to adapt to their environment. From tadpoles, to sharks, to dolphins, to frogs, to mice, to ostriches, to lions, to warthogs, to… and so on. Out of an incredibly instinctive world we (everything) evolved, all with a purpose to survive a little bit longer. How amazing this natural world is? Who says we need a creator eh?

            If THAT had been the first comment, the nastiness would have come from the other side I’m sure. I’m on your side about getting along, and I try my best not to contribute to these sorts of threads. But I think it’s unfair to label the atheists as the bad guys in this one. I know, sometimes, it appears insulting for an atheist to challenge a religious person’s views, but equally it works the other way around. It is insulting for someone to suggest that the years of continuous study and hard work that lead to a better understanding of our universe are wasted, as they already have the answer. In fact, it is horrifically insulting to suggest that contributing to said research, we are doing the work of the immoral–of Satan?! If a religious person could just admit:

            “I know, my beliefs are based on faith entirely, but I’m going to stick with them anyway.”

            Then this might all be okay… instead they pontificate about the unlikeliness of Evolution or the Big Bang, often completely misunderstanding the theories. Usually these arguments are just regurgitations of someone else’s (already disproven) musings, that leads nowhere. Dismissing one idea, doesn’t prove your own–stop trying to do it. In general, yes, I agree it may come across that the atheist leads the argument. But the religious person sure tries to finish it–and often nastily.

            (None of this aimed at you, Popito, obviously)

      3. Well That Escalated Quickly says:

        Hitler did it! The religious apologists are Nazis and the atheist/agnostic aplogists are Nazis too!

        By the rules of the internet, I declare this argument over.

        It’s funny pictures of goats on cliffs, people. Come on!

      4. Name says:

        I agree, Katie. Only God could create something like a mountain goat. I’m not sure of its purpose but surely it has one. Amazing animals. I wish I had such balance.

    1. Valentin Sulzer says:

      I believe that it was Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour’s idea who begot all living animals onto our earth. May the lord be with us as we travel along our own mountain paths in life, and may we be as sure-footed going forward as our lord the Jesus Christ and the mountain goats :)

      1. blake angels says:

        Jesus Christ begot animals? i don’t even… IF you are going to happily state metaphors based on your belief, do it correctly. Accoring to the Christian faith, creation of land animals happened on the sixth day of Genesis, predating the birth of Jesus of Nazareth by several millenia.

        1. mmm pie says:

          Actually it doesn’t say anywhere that the world was created around 6000 years ago in the bible. That just happens to be a belief developed by people adding up the ages of the people mentioned in the genealogies in the bible. Considering people have clearly been left out of these genealogies the World is clearly a lot older. So according to the christian faith the World was created by God. Not in 6 days either as the word we have translated as “day” in the original texts really means “a period of time”. So as a christian I can believe in dinosaurs, that the universe came into existence around 13 billion years ago (according to current thinking), and yes we are all descended from a particularly fortunate set of apes; I can also believe alongside this that God had something to do with it. All I am asking is that you don’t assume that all Christians believe that the bible is a scientific text as in many a christian’s perspective it is not. The bible doesn’t say it is a scientific text either, as it is not as concerned with explaining how and when things happened, as it is with why, and who.
          Also, please don’t tell people what they can and can’t believe, if this person wants to believe that Jesus begot all living animals then let them. How is it harming you if they say that? It hasn’t affected your beliefs/ non beliefs if they state what they believe. Even if it appears against what the main beliefs of Christianity are.
          If this comes across as a hostile reply I apologise. I respect what you believe and I have actually tried to type this in a well measured manner. I am also not trying to be preachy as I know how irritating that is.

          1. Angelatarangela says:

            @mmm pie: Allow me to preface by saying that I respect your right to believe whatever you want, and that worldviews do not have to make logical, scientific or rational sense. Furthermore, all worldviews, be they philosophical naturalist, athiest, panthiest, monotheist, agnostic, or any other category you care to suggest, require a modicum of faith. I would even venture that many non-theists fall far short of their intellectual apex because they deny to themselves and others that their beliefs are based in faith.

            That said, whether or not the bible is viewed as a scientific or historical document does not, in my opinion, invalidate the question I am about to pose. How is it possible to reconcile the following beliefs and facts with one another?
            –The world was created perfect, sin being introduced after creation.
            –Death is a consequence of sin
            –The mechanics of evolution, theistically guided or not, incorporate, by necessity, high levels of mortality.
            I cannot see how it is possible to logically combine a belief in evolution with any type of Judeo-Christian creation story.

          2. CogDiss says:

            More problems for your faith. You guys can’t even agree on a unified interpretation of the book you think “explains” our place in the universe. Your desire to bridge understanding between a static mythology and our revisable body of scientific knowledge will fail more and more as we learn and grow.

            “God is an ever-receding pocket of scientific ignorance that’s getting smaller and smaller and smaller as time moves on”
            -Neil Degrasse Tyson

        2. Brandon says:

          If you’re going to cite the bible to prove your point, do it correctly. Anyone who knows anything about Christianity understands the concept of the Holy Trinity, which is comprised of God the father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit. And while they are three entities, they are one God. In other words, Jesus IS God just as much as God IS Jesus. So technically, Valentin made no mistake.

          Now, for the rest of these comments:
          To be honest, this entire thread is absolutely appalling. You’re all sitting here preaching like a bunch of arrogant fools. I accept that you have a right to believe that God doesnt exist. That’s perfectly okay because–as many atheists claim– everybody has the right to their own opinions and they should not have other beliefs forced upon them. BY THAT VERY SAME LOGIC, Christians have just as much right to believe that God does in fact exist. If Katie wants to believe that God created goats, who are you people to say she’s wrong? How is it that its wrong for her to state that God exists (her belief), yet perfectly fine for you hypocrites to say that she’s wrong (your belief)?

          You can have faith or not, I dont care. But dont you dare try to take my faith from me.

          1. Todd says:

            You act as if our discussion is violating their right to expression. Just as they have a right to believe in and express their belief in God, others are free to express their contention of that belief. Isn’t that what discussion is for? No one’s cutting off her fingers so she can’t type her beliefs. No one is stopping her from expressing her opinion. No one is violating her rights. What they are doing is exercising their own right to express their own opinion.

            When did we ever say she was wrong for stating her belief? I don’t recall anyone ever saying that. They contested her belief, not her expression of it. Isn’t that what conversation is for? To bounce ideas off one another? Sometimes affirm each other, sometimes challenge each other, but always grow from one another? This is how ideas get consensus, man. Discussion is a beautiful thing. I don’t understand why so many people are afraid of and/or offended by it.

        3. Actually... says:

          According to Colossians 1:15-17 (in reference to Jesus), “He is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn over all creation. For by him all things were created: things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities; all things were created by him and for him. he is before all things, and in him all things hold together.”

          You don’t have to believe that, but the Christian faith does actually hold to the belief that Jesus is pre-existent with the Father and had a hand in creation.

      2. Sarah-Anne-Maye says:

        Jesus Christ made animals dumb enough to climb large, steep mountains who will all eventually fall to their death. Mighty fine Savior if you ask me.

    2. W says:

      Albeit I am a non-believer, I do reckon God might sigh in disappointment over those believers who go out of their way to point out and delineate the perspectives of non-believers; neither Jesus nor the Bible teaches to meddle in such judgmental ways. It’s simple for you Christians: hold fast to your faith, set the example, and let God do the rest. Withal, it doesn’t matter how these goats came to be or how they came to be the splendor that they are: you are alive and breathing right now; what more is there to do, but actively appreciate how we are sharing our awe together.

      1. Anna says:

        I like what you have to say.

        For a believer, we attribute all good things to the One who created it and praise Him for His brilliancy because we believe He deserves it. Shrug.

        We are also called to be prepared to give an answer to anyone who asks us to give a reason for the hope that we have.. Yet we are also to do this with gentleness and respect, keeping a clear conscience, so that those who speak maliciously against our good behavior in Christ may be ashamed of their slander. (1 Peter 15-16) It’s the second part I think we (Christians) have such a hard time with.

        ANYway, I think I’m gonna take your advise and just join you in actively appreciate sharing awe. ;)

      2. Todd says:

        I don’t agree with this, actually. I have no problem with Christian who spread their message and argue their point; in fact, I encourage it. It shows strong integrity and moral fortitude. What kind of person with any moral conviction sits idly by whilst people, in their minds, will suffer for eternity without their intervention? As Edmund Burke said, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

    3. pat says:

      jeez guys, its only about goats looking for good footing. what is unusual about that in our lives?? it is not that cosmic an event.

    4. brit says:

      oh religious debates on the internet are so entertaining and yet so sad. Why can’t we all have our own opinions and just leave everyone elses alone? Creationists keep to yourself, evolutionists keep to yourself and everyone else keep calm they’ll get over themselves one day. (hopefully) Nothing has proven either theory because according to science if it cant be replicated it can’t be considered a fact therefore both of you are arguing over something you can’t prove. Now grow up children and worry about things that matter today and not 6000-16 billion years ago :)

    1. Bridget says:

      You are so wrong. They are not “fearless”, but their genetic capable for balance is maybe the best among the mammal tetripodas.
      Isn’t that intelligence ?

      Also, it requires a lot of brain to do that. Actually, physical exercise it the most brain-demanding motion a creature can do. It requires a whole lot of co-operation of differnt parts of the brain.

      Ask any scientist.

      1. bill says:

        thank you for making an intelligent and sympathetic comment. haters gotta hate, even when it comes to amazing and beautiful goats.

    2. Megan says:

      I am at a point in my life where I honestly wish I was fearless and not very bright as well. Those goats and their evenness, obliviousness, and absurd self-assurance is highly enviable to me!

      1. Talia says:

        Judging by your grammar and spelling skills you could use a rather large dose of evolution. We will be laughing at U.

        1. Steve says:

          Thank you Talia, for putting the mouth breathing creationist in their place. We will be laughing at your willful ignorance “Rick Standlee.” I’ve got to love those goats though. P.S. in what religion is The Lord Jesus Christ their God, and not God’s son?

          1. CM says:

            That’s the Christian religion Steve, where God is regarded as the Father, the Son and the holy spirit. People should be slammed a lot less for their beliefs. Just because some of the aspects of what we believe may be incompatible, there is no reason for conflict caused by differences between creationist and biological evolutionist thought.

            That aside, these are some hilarious and incredible pictures!

          2. Adrian says:

            If you want to look at the religion, the FIRST words of the new testament are “In the beginning was the word, and the word was WITH God, and the word WAS God.” Now, yes, it does take interpretation (in spite of those fundamentalists who say “It isn’t open to interpretation”) but “the Word” is secret Christian Code for “Jesus”. Hence the “Church of the Living Word.”
            I agree with your perspective on the mouth breathing creationists, mostly because they are decrying something of which they have no knowledge. You did the same thing in your put down of their religion.

            And rick standlee, tell me where, at any point in the Bible, old testament or new, it says that God DIDN’T use evolution as part of his/her creative process.

          3. Anna says:

            @Adrian: I don’t Rick Standlee’s response either. Having said that, my question is this: Where in the Bible does it say that God didn’t do it in 6 days? :) Where does it say that He did use evolution? I’m just asking. :)

            These are good discussions to have. Thank you for your kindness.

        2. Andi says:

          Judging by your grammar and skills in being a disrespectful ass, You have a sad pathetic life. Way to join the rest of the world in being non-accepting and non-origional. I will be laughing at you.

          1. Priscilla says:

            They made absolutely no mistakes with their grammar, other than the final word mocking Rick Standlee’s spelling of “U”. Andi and Rick Standlee, telling people who may not believe in YOUR god that you’re praying for them, like they’re somehow evil or beneath you, is disrespectful. Pray in your backwards moronic mind. Don’t tell others about it in order to suit your ego.

          2. David says:

            I’m laughing at your grammar and spelling right now.
            You don’t capitalize a letter after a comma and you don’t know how to spell “original.”

        3. Resident Kennedy says:

          Evolution 1
          Theology 0
          Thx Talia
          Rick, keep banging the rocks together, enjoy your imaginary friend (pssst, here’s a hint: It’s all based on fear!).

        1. Rangitoto says:

          Lets just get back to the goats they’re more interesting than all this drivel about god/grammar etc

      2. David says:

        Rick, it seems you have some evolving to do yourself. God was invented by a bunch of barely literate bronze age farmers who thought the sun revived around the earth.

        1. James says:

          You mean revolved around the sun. Revived means to ‘restore to life or consciousness.’

          Any how I can’t seem to figure out… how those of you that slam creationist for their “belief on non-scientfic view” believe in the Evolution theory.
          The evolution theory holds as little or less of an evidence as than the Creation (As no real evolution has ever, even remotely, been seen, witnessed and recorded) and the real foundation of the Theory of Evolution comes from adaption of species in a particular niche, which ironically, is also noted in the Bible.

          Anyhow aside from all of that, how do you really believe in a scientific theory (yes,.. it still is a theory as it has not been verified nor proven) that the founder himself ‘Darwin’ later rebuked?

          1. Paula says:

            Dear James,
            The “theory of evolution” is a way of explaining the observable fact that organisms evolve. Evolution is a fact the way gravity is a fact. The theory of gravity explains how gravity works. The theory of Evolution explains how evolution works. The fact that things evolve is something that everyone can observe for himself. Proof is abundant and everywhere. You need only observe that a flu virus is different every year. That is because viruses are living organisms that evolve. The biblical account of the creation is a beautiful metaphor which explains in a poetic way how the world might have been made. It can only be considered “proof” if you define the words written in the bible as “proof”. In that case scientists and creationists do not agree on what “proof” if. The creation account in the bible is very beautiful and deserves to be loved and taught as poetry or religion, even though it is not science. However the scientific observation of gravity and of evolution does not contradict the essential idea in the bible. The bible says that first there was nothing and then there was light. That is a marvelous intuition of the big bang. The bible says that life began first with the water, and the sea. That is true, life began in the sea and moved on land. The seven days can be seven periods of geologic time, each lasting hundreds of millions of years. Science does not need to threaten your love for religion or your belief in God. It would be good to understand that science only deals with things that can be observed and measured, it does not try to explain spirit. It would be good, however, for you to learn more about science, so as not to confuse the two.

          2. Juliet says:

            Thanks to Paula for the long explanation. I had to add though – evolution has been seen, witnessed and recorded.

            You know how the there’s a new flu jab every year? It’s because the flu virus evolves every year, therefore a new jab is needed to create new antibodies to fight the new virus. It’s also why the overuse of antibiotics is giving rise to medicine-resistant bacteria. Some bacteria are evolving immunity to antibiotics. We can see the rapid evolution of bacteria and viruses because these simple organisms reproduce far, far faster than other types of organisms.

            For an example of larger organsims evolving, look at the Peppered Moth. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peppered_moth_evolution It evolved a different colouring to be camouflaged against trees that used to be white, but were blackened by the industrial revolution. That evolution has occurred within the last century.

            Finally, evolution (in a sense) has been witnessed through the artificial selection of dog and pigeon breeds. You cannot possibly deny that all dogs evolved from wolves. ‘God’ did not create pugs and bloodhounds, humans did by selecting different traits in wolves, and then in dogs, and breeding them to have these traits. In this case, humans have done what nature has done to direct the evolution of wild animals (otherwise known as natural selection).

            So there you go. If you want a more thorough explanation of how natural selection/evolution work, please look it up :)

          3. Adrian says:

            I was going to reply pretty much as Paula did. The first (Biblical) day happened before there was light and dark to tell when “day” began and ended. It happened before the sun and the moon existed. THere were certainly NO clocks. How do we “know” it was a 24 hour period? It also says “To God, a thousand years is as a a day, and a day as a thousand years.” And by “rebuked ” (told off, castigated) do you mean “refuted” (showed to be wrong)? If you mean the second, show us when and where Darwin did that!

          4. djfrankiem says:

            I want to add… on another level:

            There are many studies that have been done on molecular levels analyzing DNA sequences across species, we share around 98% of our DNA with chimps, significant amounts with other primates. Not only that, we share pieces of DNA sequences with a vast number of other very different species, even mice. This is natural selection on a molecular level.

            DNA/genes affect a lot more than how life looks, it affects every function in our bodies. Genes were passed on that benefitted the individual in a certain environment- in this way scientists have been able to determine where divergences in the evolutionary tree occurred and roughly how many thousands, 10s of thousands, etc. years ago these splits happened.

            On an embryonic level- if you look at the earliest stages of mouse embryos vs. human embryos- while not identical they are eerily similar as different genes get activated (or suppressed) at later stages of development eventually giving an organism its defining characteristics. But there are some very very basic DNA sequences that we share with them. DNA sequences are conserved over time (millions of years), giving rise to new species if enough changes happen.

            One need only look at the now extinct Wooly Mammoth which is a clear ancestor elephants to see evolution recorded and in action. I could for on for days….

            You want a present day example? look at Africa- in areas where Malaria is rampant. There are populations with a significantly higher percentage of people with a very debilitating GENETIC disease called sickle cell anemia. Without getting too involved in the genetics, the people who have or merely carry this disease are able to withstand malarial infections much better than those who do not- the gene effectively protects them against malaria. the gene is naturally selected FOR as the individuals who have it are better equipped to survive and pass on their genes in the event of a malarial infection. as there is no benefit to having this gene in other areas of the world… it has effectively dissappeared…

            Just sayin. Evolution- its a thing.

          5. Less Dumb James says:

            From Wikipedia:

            A scientific theory is a well-substantiated explanation of some aspect of the natural world, based on knowledge that has been repeatedly confirmed through observation and experimentation. Scientists create scientific theories from hypotheses that have been corroborated through the scientific method, then gather evidence to test their accuracy. As with all forms of scientific knowledge, scientific theories are inductive in nature and aim for predictive and explanatory force.


            Scientific theories are the most reliable, rigorous, and comprehensive form of scientific knowledge. This is significantly different from the word “theory” in common usage, which implies that something is unsubstantiated or speculative.

      3. ' g ' says:

        a part from bible experts finding written proof that Jesus was just a Roman fabrication built on even more ancient holy men like Zoroaster in order to deal with rebellious Jews at the time, these goats rock!

          1. Simon says:

            I think Paula puts very beautifully and eloquently what I would like to have said.

            There is no incompatilibility between evolution and religious belief; many scientists are also Christians and Jews who read the bible with the same warm interpretative feel which Paula brings to it.

            And please, whoever you are, and whatever you believe, don[‘t confsue “Creationist” with “Christian”. The former is a very small subset of the latter.

            (Oh and on a point of pedantry. Adrian says that “In the beginning was the word…” is the start of the New Testatment. It isn’t. It’s the start of the fourth book of the new testament, John’s Gospel, and is one of the most beautiful, mystical passages of the bible.)

          2. Less Dumb James says:

            Jill: Laws are only a part of what makes up a theory. The “laws” of gravity are part of Gravitational Theory as a whole. You’re not understanding these words from a scientific perspective.

  1. Brandi says:

    Now I know why those tufts of grass grow in the rock outcroppings. So the goats have something to munch on while they are up there.

  2. Stephanie G. says:

    The first thought I had was, “Wow. It looks like that goat is standing next to the cliff, in mid-air, not actually on the cliff.” My second thought was, “I wonder how many goat carcasses are at the foot of that cliff.”

      1. A. Nal says:

        It is indeed. I think I meant to write 7 instead of 5…who knows, I was just having an anal moment. Can’t see 5 too well, but they are probably Ibex or something.

    1. Halaluani says:

      Though considered “close cousins”, mountain goats are always white or white with a slightly yellow tinge.

  3. Stephanie says:

    when we were 7- 15 my dad used to call me and my sister “his little mountain goats” because we climbed everything with great success. I mean everything. Including cliff faces. (granted, small cliffs and he had a close watch, but still.)

  4. Jeff says:

    One of the many reasons goats are exploring the cliffs is because they are a source of trace minerals that leach out after rainfall. The view is great and the air is fresh, too.

    1. Rangitoto says:

      I agree & headlights in case they get stuck after dark & maybe carry a cellphone to ring mum

  5. Ruby Wiebe says:

    I’m curious, just where was the camera man standing. Was he in a hot air balloon or what. At least the goats didn’t have to hold onto a camera where they were. If you have ever raised goats you understand that they enjoy the challenge.

  6. Eagle of the North says:

    I like an hour or so from Glacier National Park. It’s a lot of fun to spot the Mountain Goats and Bighorn sheep chillin’ up on the cliffs. Pretty crazy.

  7. moron says:

    The goat pictures are not real. Only Jesus can save your souls. Evolution is really ‘evil’-lution! I pray for you all, except Rick who doesn’t need it.

    1. Davie says:

      Also, some of them are big horn sheep not goats. And there are some that aren’t goats. And some are sheep.

    1. Patricia Rice says:

      I have seen with my own eyes Mt Goats up cliffs like this
      but have never been able to get a good picture
      Sorry in this day and age the wonders of nature are seldom observed on location
      difficult to appreciate the reality from the couch

  8. Michael says:

    Alright, Im surprised that no one else caught this (yet?): the one where the two goats are on the top of a cliff and one appears to be falling over it? Thats Photoshopped, for sure.

    Trust me, I can tell: I have formal training in Photoshop and use it nearly every week.

    Take a look at the slight ‘digital’ halo’ around the falling goat, thats all you need to see. Its from a poorly executed mask and cutout in Photoshop…its not that hard to do correctly, though it does take some time..

    so: its pretty baaaaaaaad Photoshopping at that…

    (PS: these critters: sheep or goats: are BAAAD to the bone…)

    1. Mark says:

      nope – not photoshop
      It is just back-lit fur. That is what gives the light fringing in this case.
      See many more pics of the goats on her flicker page.

  9. bvandy says:

    The goats are not crazy. They are simply extremely sure-footed. Only those who aren’t the same would think its crazy.

  10. Me says:

    What a load of crap about who created what.

    I like the colors in the pictures, and I find it amazing that goats can make it without any climbing equipment or protection.

    And that is it. Period.

  11. joseph says:

    I am so in love with the fact that it only took TWO comments at the beginning of this for a beautiful pictorial on mountain goats to turn into a discussion about whether or not there is a god. LOL. Black! White! Black! White! Let’s see how many people misinterpret that and turn this into a discussion about race.

  12. metoo says:

    DDS – I don’t remember Katie saying anything about a specific religion. You make a lot of assumptions about her conception of god. And I feel kinda bad for you that you can’t read a 3 letter word in a comment box without your hair catching on fire. Weird.

  13. Drew Nelson says:

    Wow! Those are great photos. I cannot believe that people can turn this into a nasty religious debate. Try to be tolerant people. Pictures of goats. Focus.

    1. she says:

      beautiful shots—amazing goats…of course they are climbing mountains, they are ‘mountain goats’—if they climbed trees, they’d be ‘tree goats’…it’s part of their nature due to their environment…and spirit & abilities

  14. Kathy J Bell says:

    Okay the crazy Science cultists and the crazy fundamentalist provide hours of laughter for me.

    Just a few corrections for the crazy Science cultists. It is the LAW OF GRAVITY & THEORY OF EVOLUTION.

  15. Kathy J Bell says:

    Laws are proven to the point where no more investigation must be done in order for Scientists (not cultists) need more investigation and discussion.

    A theory is a idea proposed where MORE investigation must be done in order for Scientists to no longer investigate.

    The theory of evolution is in and most likely always be in the investigation stage as we refine the idea with new evidence. And it the theory has gone through major changes since its inception. No longer are we considered direct decedents of lower primates.

    To the whacko fundamentalists who spew their hate filled religion in the guise of Christianity, there are many values that are not definable such as how long is a day in Gods timeframe, how long is a twinkle of his eye. So your unfounded and undefined hypothesis cannot be taken seriously because they can be disproved so easily.

    The solution if you haven’t the training in Science, then don’t use it incorrectly to back up your demeaning of those that believe in intelligent design. If you are a fundamentalists, find a more constructive religion where living a Christian life is taught not demeaning, denigrating, and arrogance of the fundamentalists.

    1. Um says:

      That is factually incorrect. A law is a statement based on repeated experimental observations that describes some aspect of the world, whereas a theory is a well-substantiated explanation of some aspect of the natural world, based on knowledge that has been repeatedly confirmed through observation and experimentation. (Wikipedia provided those definitions)

      In other words, you can (and we do) have both a theory and a law of gravity. Newton’s law of universal gravitation is a mathematical formula that tells us how two objects are attracted to one another. The theory of gravity talks about why those objects are attracted to one another.

  16. Kenzie S says:

    How did this go from insane goats to a debate about God? I’m still too busy wondering how the heck the goats can do that!

    1. Morgane says:

      Amen to that Sarah
      Oops sorry, didn’t mean to offend anybody here ^^
      I came for the crazy ass goats, not the religious debate, I’m off now :) :)

  17. louis says:

    On a side note, their milk is frikin delicious. Obamacare SUCKS! and go with the new pointless argument……

  18. Marco Carnier says:

    the mountain in the 5th pic is the “Campanile di Val Montanaia” in Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy.
    It’s crazy that an animal could reach the top of that mountain!!

  19. Linda says:

    These are amazing photos. I am a bit stressed even looking at them knowing how I would feel if I were in the same position. Luckily goats know what they’re doing.

  20. michal says:

    I don’t understand why you Americans are so obsessed with this religious talk! I am from Europe and I am Christian and I don’t give a shit; why is it so important for you to try to persuade the other of your truth? Just leave them be. These are photos of GOATS; I mean, how more banal can you get!? And you instead argue about God…

  21. Leona says:

    Loved the photos but should point out there were a couple of intruders in the last few pictures. Those are bighorn sheep. But they are very nimble too.

  22. Beep says:

    For one thing, I’d like to point out that watching The Big Bang Theory does not automatically mean that you know for absolute certain that evolution created the world. “Go back to school, Linus? I’ll have you know I watch the Big Bang Theory nearly every night, and it’s all right there in the theme song ” if you base your beliefs on a theme song for a TV show that doesn’t actually get the science right all the time, you’re just as bad as the religious people who put all their faith in a book. There are still things in this world that science can’t actually explain. So yeah, science is absolutely, definitely right in all situations. However, I refuse to listen to anyone that truly believes in a book that says homosexuality is not natural, yet a talking snake in a magical garden of magical fruit that will give you all knowledge is natural. That being said, I agree with the people who have said that in fairness, the bible makes no mention of evolution NOT being used. And also, life doesn’t have to be science OR religion. I study physics and biology at University, in my third year, yet I’m a Wiccan. I believe in a higher power, yet I’m studying science. Truthfully, the people in that whole argument who I believe are correct, are the ones who understand that religion and science can co-exist together, working together to create a world that is being ruined and destroyed by humanity anyway. Just thought I’d put my view across here.

  23. Steve says:

    Was busy looking at perfectly amazing photos of amazing goats doing amazing things and made the mistake (unforgiveable at my age) of reading what human beings in general think of such things. How old are you mob? and my God (pardon) get real about life. Taint about science/evolution versus God/creation, ’tis about thinking for yourself and there’s precious little evidence of that in any of the comments above. Ponder this then: “for God’s sake, Jesus was a man”.

  24. Adell says:

    My mistake reading some of these comments. But really people, I couldn’t care less about all of your arguments on which science (Creationism or Evolution) is right. All I know is that I believe in Creationism. There is no way to prove EITHER, however. Science cannot and will not ever prove anything. Thus, there is no real solution coming out of all of this arguing. I know that my Father loves everyone. You don’t have to love Him back and He doesn’t expect many of you to, but He still does and that is all that really matters.
    For the Christians on this site posting nasty comments about Evolution and people who don’t believe in God, you are giving Christianity a bad name. We are supposed to be lights in this world to shine the love of God wherever we go. Do you think that being harsh and judgmental to others is Christ-like? No. No it is not. So please, act like Jesus does. Love others even if they don’t believe in things that you believe in. You can’t change their minds seeing as they believe just as strongly that Evolution is correct as we believe that Creationism is true. (And yes, I do know a thing or two about both sides of this argument. You could say that science is in my bones. I come from a long line of science gooroos and I am one myself. I have studied all different kinds of sciences for years. So me stating that I believe in Creationism is justified in that I have done my research.) However, I will not try to change Evolutionists minds. I will just state what I believe and say that no matter what you believe, Christ loves us all. :)

    1. Rachel says:

      I’m a science guru myself and I believe in Creationism and also Evolution (Natural Selection is definitely plausible). Thank you for your statement. It’s nice to be reassured that us Christians are not alone and that there’s people like you out there living a loving, Christ-like life.

  25. Someone says:

    Well this could sum up everithing :)

    “I contend we are both atheists, I just believe in one less god than you do. When you understand why you dismiss all the other possible gods, you will understand why I dismiss yours.” —Stephen F Roberts

    Have a nice evening :)

  26. Omar Matos says:


  27. katie says:

    Sorry for the confusion everyone, I meant to type Rod’s – that’s my brother (he loves goat’s).. Damn Auto Correct!

  28. stain says:

    I guess there’s something wrong here. How can “goats pictures” suggest so much (religious) hatred? I believe there’s a lot of rage in your hearts and you just found a place to spit it out. Whatever the subject

    1. brad swarthout says:

      ok, that was pretty funny.

      seriously though, proof of a Creator: Former Atheist/Evolutionist – Dr. Mark Eastman MD

      proof of who that Creator is: Missler – Bible Heptadic Structure – Pt 1 and Pt 2

  29. HappyGoatObserver says:

    Why does everything have to turn into a religious argument or a contest over who knows more about photoshop, or who can name all of the goat and sheep varieties of the world?! Sheesh, it’s EXHAUSTING! Just put down your massive egos and check out those awesome goats! You go, goats.

  30. GoatBryan says:

    Hey this is about goats.. why the religion flamming ?????? GOATS GOATS GOATS GOATS GOATS GOATS GOATS GOATS GOATS GOATS !

    1. Dee says:

      i get ya! some people just need to get their anger out online. people just are crazy, hu? I for one liked the pics of goats :) i thought they were very non-contriversial too

  31. RangeRat says:

    Aye recall a clip awhile back showing an Eagle attacking one of these goats. Destabilising it and causing it to fall. The Eagle followed it down for an easy dinner. Bee it an Eagle or whatever misstep causing a fall, Aye would expect to find a number of Goat carcass at the bottom of these cliffs. That’s the real world. Please go to a site that’s more appropriate for God/No God discussions as there are many. Leave the Goats out of it and enjoy the photography.

  32. Madalena says:

    Goats have special feet to climb. They are searching for something on the rocks. I don’t think it’s water because I can see plenty of it on the photos. Most of the bad things that happen on our planet have nothing to do with God, but with ourselves who like to destroy and don’t care about the suffering that we can cause to others. We humans only care about our own comfort even if this comfort can cause a lot damage to the planet’s environment.
    There is a theory that God does not exist and our existence on this planet is the responsibility of some extraterrestrial’s that in the old testament are called Elohins (people coming from the sky). This group of people who believe such thing, are called Raelians and they are building an embassy, perhaps in Israel to receive the Elohins in their space ships. Their theory makes sense, but it’s very easy to make the virtual fit in history. There is no proof, but also there is no proof that God exists. They explain everything, even the existence of Satan. So if you care to know more about it, and are curious, go to the internet and search “Raelians”. Nothing more to say, have a good day.

  33. Andrew says:

    I thought this was about goats? How the heck does everything get twisted back to religion on such a pointless, and light-hearted page about funny and amazing goat activity?
    Oh yah, I forgot, the internet happened….
    Enjoy the goats, go on with your day!
    The End

  34. Rob says:

    Yeesh. Get a grip people. It’s some nice pictures of goats, mountain goats (not true goats actually), and bighorn sheep. Enjoy the nature and the photographs and loosen up.

  35. Henry says:

    I wonder if God believes in God?

    It seems very obvious to me why photos of goats standing on cliff ledges would bring up questions of god and science. The reason that came up was the spectacular and surreal nature of such a thing (goats on cliffs). Just enjoying the simple pleasure of the viewing experience is fine but to put down those who are lead to ask questions and debate about life and creation seems unreasonable. It is unfortunate that some may take it too far but why not discuss these things, wherever the discussion might take place. “I love goats” seems an equally if not more trivial comment than the harshest criticism of God of science.

  36. Milkman says:

    Seriously, though both science and religion originate in the awe we all have when confronted with the unexplainable and unknowable. We’re all searching, so let’s just enjoy the goats while we do.

  37. Kathy says:

    Really, people, you’re all going off about religion, when the only real truth here is that the pictures are fake,
    doctored up. Enjoy to your heart’s content, but they aren’t even the real thing.

  38. Bob says:

    Geezus, these are fantastic pictures of goats and some stupid zealot has to bring up their freaking dumb arss religion. Really, go take a short walk on a long freeway….

  39. Peter says:

    So a few pictures about goats merits loony christians taking over the comment thread to discuss how they have absolutely no understanding of evolution and science in general. wow. Y’all just need to go somewhere. Preferably a 2nd grade science classroom.

  40. Adam says:

    so I took the time to have a look at some cool goats. it then took me forever to read all the comments….. What The Fuck Happened?!? Goats, God, Satan and Santa…. (sounds like a good book title) my mind is blown at the fact that one person’s comment in March has sparked whatever this was…..

  41. MC says:

    I suppose evolution taught these mountain goats to climb these cliffs. Perhaps in past millenia, the goat’s predecessor, G, was running away from a predator, P, in hot pursuit. Then G came upon a cliff. P smirked,”No where to go, eh?” Then all of a sudden, G felt something trembling in his limbs. “Go, climb up this cliff,” he heard a voice say inside his head. Then his vision shifted and he clearly saw where to step to arise up the cliff. P was astounded! Then P smiled.. “Hehehe, you won’t get away that easily. I’ve just turned into a mountain lion.”

  42. I agree with Adam says:

    Seriously…..That’s all it takes is for one person to mention the G word. Then suddenly BAM! Seven months of bickering back and forth about it. “God made everything!” “No all this comes, initially, from rock soup over billions and billions of years you idiot!”


    They have forums all over the Internet for such bickering. Go over there.

    Just STFU look at these crazy ass goats!

    1. LimitedReply says:

      Seriously. I saw this post and was like, “these goats are crazy!” The minute I read a post that mentioned “GOD”, I immediately shook my head.

      How is it that, what it seems like, capable, smart, and certainly civil people have a proclivity to debate about beliefs on a post such as this? It’s mind boggling…

      The goats are like, “Hey man, we’re just goats here. Chillin’ on some cliffs. No need to be so serious…Just goats…yeah”.


  43. Name says:

    Wow… If each of you only knew how stupid you sound. Intolerant and childish. If someone wants to say it’s God, let them. Why have a quick and rude come back. If you think it’s just the goats, fine. Stop bashing Christians and let people enjoy their right to love their God. We will all answer to him one day, athiest, christian, jew alike. Believe me, don’t believe me, I don’t care. We will all find out when we take our last breaths. Leave people alone and just enjoy the picture. If you don’t want an answer, don’t ask the question. If you do ask the question, be kind enough to allow people to feel free enough to answer without being bashed for their beliefs. Goodness!

  44. LALALALALA says:

    So, theese goats are crazy!!!! couldn´t stop laughing.
    Great Pictures; Great Photographers!!!!
    And the first 20 comments i read were all about people disscussing who had the idea of letting goats climb mountains????? ok?????????
    weird and crazy, like the goats!!!! =)

  45. WeeWillyWinky says:

    Cool pics of goats. I’ve always wondered, if we’re made in god’s image, has he made sure that he’s got the largest doodler? He wouldn’t want to be second best at the urinals. Or maybe he went for the standard 6 and a half inches? Does anyone know what the answer is?

  46. Peter says:

    Why are you guys arguing with strangers? You will always find someone who agrees, and someone who disagrees. There are follks who embrace God, and those who don’t. Both sides, you are being beyond silly. You will not convert the other, so why the bother and frustration? Seems to me that both parties need a new hobby. That, or go read a book. The back and forth is mind numbing.

    1. BM says:

      Actually though, people always find something to argue about no matter what it is, these people could probably turn photos of chocolate and vanilla icecream into an argument on race lmao

  47. jan000003 says:

    Decided to look at the comments

    Wish I hadn’t bothered – why arguments about GOD!!!!!

    Whoever started the argument needs to chill out and get a life

  48. me says:

    It was sooo awesome when Katie said auto correct made her write God. The best reply to the tool bags and their ego babble.. all over these cool ass pictures. You rock, Katie!

  49. Max says:

    I believe these photos were taken by different people,
    Amazing work!
    Just wish these religious idiots didn’t involve god in everything we do,
    It’s co-dependent freaks like you that blame others for ur wrong doing,
    I kinda wish god did exist so he can take a big shit on you :D
    My appreciations to these photographers btw:)

  50. Nick says:

    This is a picture of some crazy climbing goats! Nothing More! How does it spark a religious debate?

    Seriously find something else to do.

    Everyone is being intolerant to others beliefs. Just accept someones belief, and accept them as a person, even if their beliefs my be different than yours.

    Who cares if someones belief is different than yours?

  51. Ian says:

    How many people on here have ever even seen/ touched or even smelled a goat? They are just goats! Honestly they aren’t very smart. They weren’t thinking ahead. They just wanted to get up some place high, only God or the Great Spaghetti Being knows why. They are GOATS dammit! That’s what goats do! 1) Get up high [preferably on a vehicle] 2) kick the wind shield in and then 3) defecate on the seat. If there is no vehicle a mountain will do. Rule 3 still applies.

  52. Kirby says:

    I’m a strong believer in both science and god there is a higher power. No scientist can give a realistic creation. When they are confronted about such, they attack contradictions in religion. My opinion is I can’t explain every thing, no one can. I can understand how things work, but to believe in a higher power makes sense. There’s no benefit in thinking that when we die we disappears forever. Basically, that are pure existence is minute and meaningless.

  53. Megan says:

    Wow. Last time I checked out 22words, it was commenters turning a post on Dr. Seuss into an argument about abortion.
    This time it’s mountain goats and the existance of God.
    What will it be tomorrow, 22? :D

  54. smarter than u says:

    All of u are acting like children, bickering back and fourth about a topic in wich there is no real answer. Only one theroy is correct and guess what? If the universe was created by the big bang theroy then no harm no foul, and the people who belive in a creator and spent time praying and believing in God have something in their hearts and souls that u sience guys will never feel touch or be able to understand through all ur science, and when these people die then theres no re procession for them having a deep belief… its simply over. However, if u sience guys are wrong, and there was a creator, when u die u will have to face the music. From what I understand non believers do not fair well with the man upstairs. Its something to concider.
    Either way theres no excuse for ignorance and name calling, ur mothers sould be ashamed, get controll of urselves and watch how u critize others. Simply because someones beliefs don’t match uou own does not mean that person is wrong. Whatever the answer, we all came from the same place, we’re all connected, open ur hearts and show love understanding n compassion instead of hate. Its so sad that we’re suppose to be the most intelligent beings on earth but we’re the ones qho cause wars and everything else over something as silly as a difference n opinion. U all should grow up. And take some time to concider the fact that what u personally believe may not be entirely correct. Be more accepting u ignorant fools.
    idc what u say or what u believe, I believe in a higher power and if that makes u uncomfortable or upset because u can’t understand it or see why I have that belief n my heart then I feel sorry for u. U non believer’s, I understand ur rational thinking and ur need to scientifically rationalize where and how u came about but my heart cries for u that u will never know the joy of having God in your corner, knowing u are not alone and that He has created a path for u and that He is always with u. Its a feeling u will never know to have the good Lord in ur hearts. Im no binle thumping redneck, I havemt attemded church in decades, and I think just as logically and rationale as u do, but im smart enough to know there are mNy things beyond the relm of human understanding, and I have a heart big enough to accept that and have a belief. That does not make me weak or stupid, it makes me stronger and more intelligent than u. Get it together. Stop attacking eachother and try to embrase ideas different than ur own. If u do that u may just find that u grow as a person a little bit and become slightly more intelligent today than u were yesterday. I wont read or respond to any comments about this, I am simply stating my opinion in hopes to open some closed minds and warm some cold hearts. Have a good day, GOD BLESS U ALL. Thank u for reading.

  55. LindaB says:

    Saw all these amazing photos, amazing animals balancing on inches of rock hundreds of feet up, and today..I tripped going up the stairs.

  56. GOD 2.0 says:

    Adults who believe in imaginary friends, and tell other adults about their imaginary friend, need to seek psychiatric help, and stop bothering people.

  57. Kaz says:

    It’s not about god it’s about mountain goats and how they have evolved to be at one with sheer cliffs

  58. The Answer says:

    You cannot prove or disprove any of your claims, but you are entitled to your own beliefs. Believe what you want, but don’t discuss it whatsoever. Thanks mmmmkayyy bye!

  59. Mad_Bunny says:

    These are great only, the one toward the middle – the towering rock formation with the small goat on the very top – isn’t actually a goat: it’s two people. The one on the left appears to be waving.

    Enlarge the picture in real time with a scroll wheel….you’ll see the people.

  60. Shirenkie says:

    So… What I think everyone is trying to say is… THESE GOATS ARE SO FREAKING AMAZING! BEST ROCK CLIMBERS I HAVE EVER SEEN!!!

    that is all.

  61. Bad_Munny says:

    Those two ppl that are “not goats” are God and Satan doing a selfy…. great photographer’s.
    Would love to see this stoopid argument continue.

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