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15 camouflaged owls — Beautiful birds blending in

Oct 2, 2012 By Abraham

Almost all owls use camouflage. If one is sitting still, often only its voice or its eyes will give it away. Thanks to some keen-eyed photographers, here are some pics of these awesome birds blending in to their environments…

(via Vladimir Popov, Birding Beijing, Pat Hatch, Trevor’s Birding, Wikipedia, Animal Lovers, Outdoor Photographer, Rum Village Park, PBase, Webster’s Wildshots)


  1. Guest says:

    Does anyone else see the tree branches form the outline of an owl near the upper left of the second picture? (It’s sort of an oval shape).

  2. slayerwulfe says:

    most R screach owls a few long eared but the best is 12 it is the best, i think? a pacific temperate rain forest cousin of the eastern barred owl, i took a screen shot of that very professional one, U should keep an image of it.i am jealous i have some really good owl shots but nothing like that one.
    slayerwulfe cave

  3. Waqar butt says:

    4th from bottom is too easy. Lol. But it’s really good one of the best ones I’ve seen. After spotting the animals. Lol

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