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15 Popular Restaurants with “Secret” Menu Items for Your Dog

By Abby Heugel

First there were cat cafes in which you could enjoy a brew and bagel surrounded by cats offered up for adoption. Then dog cafes scampered onto the scene built upon the same model.

But if you’re not looking to adopt and already have a four-legged friend in your family, you might be wondering what kind of pet-friendly restaurants are around that might even offer items specifically for your dog.

Well, wonder no more, as there are plenty of restaurants that cater to not only you, but also make sure your furry friend can share something with you while you’re there. A select few of these eateries put the doggy items right on the menu, but at most of these places you need to know what to ask for. It’s like a special club.

Keep in mind, of course, that just as you can be allergic to certain things, so can your dog. Always, check with a vet to make sure that your dog can handle a special treat.

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On their “secret menu,” Starbucks has a Puppuccino. It’s an espresso-shot-sized paper cup full of whip cream. Some dogs are bothered by dairy, and your dog should probably not have one of these sugary treats every day, but for special occasions it’s fun.


Image: Fun, Love and Craziness

Tim Hortons

A coffee chain in Canada and the United States, Tim Horton’s offers a sugar-free doggy version of their famous “Timbits,” bite-sized doughnuts. They do limit you to one per canine customer.


Image: Igor Pug Dog

In ‘N’ Out

If you are lucky enough to live near an In ‘N’ Out, you can order your dog a “pup patty,” a plain hamburger patty without the salt, put in its very own doggy bag for your furry best friend.


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It makes sense that Sonic Drive-In would be pet-friendly since you never even step foot inside. They’re set up so that you order and eat in your car, or pop out and eat at their outside dining area. If you have your pet with you, they’ll often bring you a doggie treat so you won’t eat alone.


Image: Scottiemom

Moss Beach Distillery

This fun restaurant, located in Moss Beach, California, has a full doggie menu with everything from kibble to a $16 skirt steak. You can even give your dog a hot dog.


Image: Moss Beach Distillery

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