1800’s Siberian bear-hunting armor turned you into a human porcupine

By Abraham Piper

These photos show a strange and questionably effective 19th-century attempt to give humans an advantage when engaged in hand to paw combat with a bear…

The curiosity is described in a 1998 email that is posted by the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works…

The object is being called a Siberian bear-hunting suit, but I suspect it is more likely to be for bear bating than hunting, since I can’t imagine anyone could run around the woods in it. It consists of leather pants and jacket (and an iron helmet) studded all over with 1-inch iron nails about 3/4 in. apart. The nails are held in place by a second layer of leather lining the whole thing and quilted into place between the nails.

(via i09, Retronaut)