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2 art installations that put gravity to intriguing use

Mar 23, 2011 By Abraham

By Michael Craig-Martin, 1970

(via Today & Tomorrow)


    1. KP says:

      I imagine that as the water evaporates, the buckets levitate up and the table levitates down. Pretty subtle and cool, over time.

      1. C.Hansen says:

        No, I don’t think there’s water in the buckets. I would imagine you can make it however you want, just as long as the four buckets are heavier than the table. Since they are touching, any weight above the weight of the table is then pushed onto the table, so it all cancels out. Really, it isn’t that hard to replicate if you think about it. The cool part is the idea.

        1. C says:

          There is water in the buckets. I went to see this exhibition in the Crawford gallery in Cork and the tour guide said that they had to fill the buckets with a bit of water every day so the table doesn’t collapse.

      2. michael says:

        having more weight in any of the buckets would unlevel the surface having an equal amount of weight in each bucket keeps the table level

  1. Drakman says:

    Anyone with any sort of mechanical inclination could see that the first piece – while interesting enough – would be very easy to replicate, but the second would be kind of a bitch.

    As a carpenter/mechanic I can truly appreciate the thought that went into that.

  2. Joshua says:

    Drakman has a point. First is easy, but cool. Second one, that’d be a bitch. But I actually think it’s cooler than the top. Awesome job whoever did these! Super cool.

  3. Mark says:

    I’ve seen the second one in an exhibition in Dublin. The buckets are full of water and there is an (almost) overwhelming urge to pick one of them up to see the equilibrium go. It’s very satisfying in reality, though the picture here doesn’t quite capture the sense of it. Love the first one too.

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