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2 guys climbed to the end of a crane atop the world’s second highest skyscraper and took these pictures

Feb 12, 2014 By Abraham

A few weeks ago, daredevils Vadim Makharov and Ritaliy Raskalov were traveling through China. The intended pinnacle of their trip was to reach the top of the Shanghai Tower, a building only shorter than one other in the world.

They planned their escapade to coincide with the Chinese new year, so that fewer people would be around and security would be lax. Sneaking into the building, which is still under construction, they climbed 120 stories on foot. At they top, they slept and waited for good weather.

Then they clambered out to the very end of the crane that sits on the roof…

On the Roofs - Shanghai Tower - 09

On the Roofs - Shanghai Tower - 01

On the Roofs - Shanghai Tower - 04

On the Roofs - Shanghai Tower - 05

On the Roofs - Shanghai Tower - 07

On the Roofs - Shanghai Tower - 08

On the Roofs - Shanghai Tower - 10

On the Roofs - Shanghai Tower - 11

On the Roofs - Shanghai Tower - 12

On the Roofs - Shanghai Tower - 13

On the Roofs - Shanghai Tower - 15

On the Roofs - Shanghai Tower - 16

On the Roofs - Shanghai Tower - 18

On the Roofs - Shanghai Tower - 20

On the Roofs - Shanghai Tower - 21


Crane operator atop the world’s 2nd tallest building takes stunning aerial shots of Shanghai


  1. JK says:

    “I’ll see your risk of free climbing insanely tall buildings and raise you the possibility of going to a Chinese prison.”

    Well played, crazy Russian dudes.

  2. Stephanie says:

    I didn’t know that much nope could fit into one set of photos. Nice.

    Excuse me while I go flatten myself on the ground as much as possible.

  3. Veganmike says:

    They didn’t even spit over the side, what a bunch of gays! Just kidding, if there’s a 3rd world war, I wanna be on the same side as these guys.

  4. Lets Get Real podcast says:

    The ultimate daredevil, feel-good experience might always be Philippe ‘Man on Wire’ Petit. With social media now there’s instant gratification so folklore doesn’t get built up a much. Its also pretty hard to top a whimsical Frenchman as far as storytelling and dreamweaving goes.

  5. Chet Rickner says:

    Vladimir Putin inspires young Russians to be daring.
    Barack Obama inspires young Americans to come out of the closet.

    1. nachos tacos says:

      People who write comments like what you just wrote tend to be closeted themselves.

      Come on ou tot the closet, Chet. You’ll be a happier person if you do.

    2. dbkeeffe says:

      It takes WAY more “balls” to come out in a closeted nation like Russia than it will ever take to do something like this.

      No competition.

  6. Lindsay Henderson says:

    I bet mountain climbers would love to have railings to hold on to. Not that bad as long as you don’t freak out while you’re up there. Not that I would do it haha

  7. Jakey says:

    I got two things to say about this.

    I’m surprised the smog didn’t kill them.
    Damnit the Russian took Gold in Illegal Skyscraper climbing.

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