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2 street performers take levitation to a whole new level

Sep 20, 2012 By Abraham

Yogis and street performers have been simulating levitation with nifty contraptions forever. They appear to be held aloft via nothing but their preternatural mental prowess…

…but are really enjoying the benefits of basic physics just like the rest of us when we use a chair…

However, just because it’s perfectly explainable doesn’t mean it isn’t nifty. I’m especially impressed by this 2-person version and am still trying to work out how exactly the chair they’re using is shaped at the base…


Perhaps the 2-person trick above works something like this…

2-person Levitation Trick

(via Bild, HG Dreams, io9)


      1. Aaron says:

        No, the bottom guy’s weight is needed to hold the contraption in place. The base isn’t wide enough to stand freely with just the guy on top.

  1. kira says:

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    Thank You.

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