20 'Facts' You've Been Totally Wrong About Your Whole Life | 22 Words

20 ‘Facts’ You’ve Been Totally Wrong About Your Whole Life

By Megan Burgess

There are certain "facts" we've all heard repeated over and over until we eventually consider them common knowledge. And while these beliefs may be common, they are not necessarily true! In fact, many of them are just flat out false. It's understandable; when you hear something enough times, you can convince yourself it's true!

Yet the reality is that most of us are walking around spouting some total bullsh*t and we don't even know it.

So if you're looking to reorganize your cluttered mind and separate facts from fiction, here are 20 so-called "facts" that are actually just familiar fallacies and flummeries. Not only will you be ridding yourself of the gobbledygook, you'll now be able to deflate, debunk, and denounce dogmatic rhetoric on a daily basis.

You're welcome.



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