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20 Famous Movies You Didn’t Realize Were Directed by Women

By Nina Concepcion

We're in the thick of awards season, which means lots of conversations are happening both in real life and on the internet. One of the more popular topics has to do with the lack of female directors nominated. For instance, Greta Gerwig and Patty Jenkins were both left off the Golden Globe nominee list for Best Director. Despite both women directing two of the most critically acclaimed films this year, they got snubbed.

And then the most wonderful thing happened: throughout all of the outrage, Gerwig was nominated for a much-deserved Oscar. It still sucks - badly - that Jenkins is nowhere to be seen even though Wonder Woman broke pretty much every record there is to break, and the fact that Gerwig is the only female director nominated. (Where's Dee Rees' nomination?!)

Because it's ridiculous that men are still reaping the benefits of literally everything, we decided to put together a list of 20 movies you didn't realize (or forgot) were directed by women. Because females are strong as hell...and they make dope movies.


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