20 of the Weirdest and Biggest Internet Hoaxes You Probably Fell For

20 of the Weirdest and Most Viral Internet Hoaxes You Probably Fell For

By Lucy Huber

When our grandparents ask us what to do about the Nigerian prince who won’t stop bothering them for cash, most of us are smart enough to gently let them know there probably isn’t African royalty in trouble who specify sought them out because, well, we are very internet savvy. However, not every internet hoax is as easy to decipher. We’ve all been victim to reposting an article only to have to sheepishly delete it later when we realized we clicked too soon and forgot to take a quick trip over to Snopes to check our work. Here are some of the most viral internet stories that turned out to be big fat hoaxes. (If you accidentally shared any of them, don’t worry, we won’t tell)  


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