21 silly pictorial responses to Disney buying Lucasfilm

October 31, 2012 | By Abraham | 12 comments

Lots of people are reacting to the discovery of Disney’s latest acquisition and the fact that they plan on making a seventh Star Wars movie. Some of those reactions are being expressed around the internet via silly pictures. I’ve collected a few here. They’re mostly variations on just a couple themes, but that’s OK…

(via Reddit)

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  1. Sior says:

    We didn’t forget Indiana Jones was part of the deal, we’re just too busy being happy there won’t be any more sequels for a while to say anything about it.

  2. Ryan Anti-Hero says:

    I don’t get why everyone’s so upset. Lucas himself destroyed the entire franchise over the past decade or so. I have more faith in Disney fixing the series than that moron.

      1. Corban says:

        How could he destroy it you ask?
        Please see:
        Exhibit A – The Special Edition Trilogy
        Exhibit B – The Prequel Trilogy

    1. kelly says:

      I think that after all these hate comments about the buyout, Disney is going to work harder at making a good film. It’d be too much of an insult to the company to take over a huge money maker like that to only kill it with something as stupid as Jar Jar.

  3. kat says:

    Wait, I thought they already owned some of it? Disney World has had their Star Wars simulator and shops etc for years ?? I guess this will be interesting.

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