25 Phrases Even Smart People Usually Get Wrong | 22 Words

25 Phrases Even Smart People Usually Get Wrong

By Lucy Huber

Have you ever run into a phase you’ve just realized you’ve been saying incorrectly for your entire life? Maybe you’ve been walking around saying “play it by year” instead of “play it by ear” forever since actually, playing it by year seems much more relaxing and less stressful than trying to play it by ear, without any music or guidelines on how to do it, but that’s just one person’s opinion. English is weird and we have a lot of phrases that don’t really make sense if you look at the words themselves, but we all know what they mean, so it’s no wonder that sometimes people bucher them even though they know exactly what they are trying to say. But if you’re worried about embarrassing yourself in conversation, check out these common phrases that many people say wrong.


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