25 Easy, Delicious Game Day Snacks to Make for the Super Bowl | 22 Words

25 Easy, Delicious Game Day Snacks to Make for the Super Bowl

By Lucy Huber

Something very important is happening on Sunday, something we’ve all been waiting or for a very long time: the most important day of the year for snacks. Some people watch the Super Bowl for whatever sport they are playing (football, I think?) but smarter, more correct people gather with their family and friends to eat large plates of delicious snacks. The Super Bowl is the one day of the year where you can never, ever have too many snacks. Can we have chicken wings AND mini tacos? Oh, you bet we can. Wait, what about chips and salsa and a different kind of chip with a different kind of dip and also pretzels with hot cheese? Fair game. Vegetable platter? If that’s your thing, but I’ll be over here with the pizza pockets. The Super Bowl is the day snack lovers wait for all year. Legend has it that snack lovers' stomachs magically stretch to 40% their normal capacity in preparation for the big game. Here are the best snacks to make while you wait for the halftime show and the annoying stretches of sports between the commercials.


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