3-year-old reads, knows every country by name, and is now a member of Mensa

By Abraham Piper

Amanda and Davoud Sarabi describe themselves as educated but “nothing extraordinary.” Their son Sherwyn, however, is another story. He’s been reading and able to name the countries of the world, among other intellectual feats, since he was two. Now, at the ripe old age of three, he has become a member of Mensa.

Sherwyn’s mom says,

His general knowledge is amazing. He knows about everything. It’s not like talking to a three-year-old…. I’ve never forced teaching anything on to him.

If he comes to me and asks me about a topic, I teach him to the best of my knowledge. Sometimes I have to look it up because I don’t know the answer but I explain it to him, then he’s happy.

Here he is a year ago working on his world geography…

Read more about Sherwyn, or check out his mom’s YouTube channel to see more.