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4 accidentally funny assignments handed in by school kids

Oct 17, 2012 By Abraham

Education is a process, and we get to enjoy the results of these youngsters being a bit more toward the beginning of that process. It brings back memories, doesn’t it?

(via Hypervocal, Reddit)


  1. Sarah says:

    The last one looks like it was written with the left hand of a right-handed adult. That’s exactly how my left hand writing looks. Also, look at the comma after “Brody.” I don’t think a kid wrote it! It’s still funny, though.

    1. Reba says:

      The comma looks to me like a kid wrote it. If an adult wrote this (even with their non-dominant hand), the comma would probably be at the bottom of the line. It being level with the other letters looks like a kid to me. I could be wrong of course. :)

  2. NCwriter says:

    What is life goal #8? Get a fat cat? A fax cat? It’s hilarious anyway, but I can’t tell what it says.

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