5 Beatles fans re-create a photo Ringo Starr took of them 50 years ago

By Abraham Piper

In February, 1964, the Beatles arrived in New York for their first American tour, and word spread that they would be landing at John F. Kennedy airport. Gary Van Deursen, a high schooler with a car, told his friends he was going to try to see them and asked if they wanted to skip class and join him.

Four of his friends did, and together, after driving into New York City from Fair Lawn, New Jersey, they came face to face with the Beatles, one of whom happened to be wielding a camera…

Ringo's pic of fans - 01

In his book Photograph, Ringo Starr says of the pic, “It’s just a great shot. They’re looking at us, and I’m photographing them.”

After including the pic in his book, a hunt commenced to locate the group of friends for a retake of the classic photo. The search was a success, and so five decades later the group reunited and sat together again in a now vintage Chevy Impala…

Ringo's pic of fans - 02

(via Shooting Film, This Isn’t Happiness)