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5 ladies of Disney portrayed more realistically

Oct 24, 2011 By Abraham

From Jerka Vinse

9 more ladies of Disney portrayed more realistically

(via Neatorama)

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    1. Derp says:

      What’s the difference? I can only figure out who’s what between China, Korea, and Japan by name structure.

      1. Moss says:

        Wow, really?… You’re another one of those ridiculously ignorant people…
        Asking for the difference between the Koreans, Chinese and Japanese is like asking the difference between the Americans and the French.

          1. writingme says:

            Well, I don’t know about any of you, but I can tell the different between short Americans and tall Frenchman.

            It’s primarily their height, if you’re wondering.

          2. Micah says:

            Americans tend to be thicker bodied, and have more body hair. However, I’m American from the south, I am 6’3 and thickly muscled, but my facial features are more European.

            People from Asian countries have a similar look, the same as all people of European ancestry have a similar look. If you aren’t accustomed to seeing people from those regions you will probably not be able to tell them apart. There’s no need to argue about it as the two of you clearly have a different level of exposure to people of Asian ancestry.

        1. Luke says:

          Yeah. To be honest. I can’t tell the difference between French and American.

          Originally I could only tell the difference between Japanese, Korean and Chinese people by names. I spent a few weeks in China and was able to begin learning the difference. But if you aren’t around different groups much or have people explain the differences to you than it’s hard to figure out.

          Most people that are’t from Northwest Arkansas have a hard time differentiating Hispanic people from Marshallese people. It’s simply because they haven’t been around the different groups to tell a difference not because they are trying to be rude.

          1. SuzyR says:

            There is a HUGE difference between these three Asian peoples. But you’re right, unless you are around groups it is much harder. I live in NY so it’s easy for me. Oh, and there is also a big difference between French and Americans.

        2. Amber says:

          Yes, because everyone in the entire world has been exposed equally to all people of all geographic locations.

          YOU are one of those ridiculously ignorant people that pushes your own view of the world on everyone else.

        3. Carter says:

          Speaking of ridiculously ignorant, Moss, American is only a nationality, not an ethnicity. Some Americans are French, some Korean, etc.

          1. MinA says:

            FINALLY! Someone who brings up this point. I don’t understand why a lot of people always assume that “American” means “white”. Makes no sense…

          2. Squid says:

            Speaking of ridiculously ignorant, some Americans are from Argentina, some are from Brasil, some are from Jamaica, some are from Canada, and SOME are from the USA

          3. Anonymous says:


            Yeah don’t forget that “American” basically only determines continent, but only barely. South Americans are just as American as North Americans are.

        4. stephanie says:

          I can’t tell what argument you’re trying to make. Are you saying Americans and French are so similar, that there is no difference or that Americans and French so different, that its ignorant not to know the difference?

          Also, a Chinense person would definately argue that they’re all differnt. I know this because I just asked my Chinese room mate. :) (whose actually from China. I felt like I needed to clarify that seeing as how this comment thred has been going…)

          1. John says:

            My parents have always had an innate ability to tell if someone is jewish. I have no idea how they do it, and I am happy that I can’t. I think to judge someone by their looks and thus classify them is just wrong. Obviously you may argue that there is a big difference between Japanese, Chinese and Koreans, but i would still prefer to have to ask where they are from, rather than judge from their looks.

        5. Stephanie says:

          Beautiful, but hardly realistic, haha. Aurora doesn’t look quite right though….

          Moss, I AM american, AND of french descent, thank you. I can tell myself apart quite easily, however some might have difficulties. ;) but if I were looking at a German verses an Austrian, I might have some difficulty. Same premise, it’s something you only learn if you are exposed to it. I live in the inland northwest where there are a lot of Chinese and Russians, but not many of the other Asian or europian ethnicities.
          P.S. a fun fact; both europe and asia are on the same continent, and russia goes into both! it is considered europian because of culture though.

          1. Derp says:

            All I’m saying is I don’t SEE a difference between the three. Just like I can’t tell a German from an American from an Austrailian by sight. I’m French-American myself and only learned a classmate was Aussie once he spoke.

            Fun fact, Stephanie: Landmass and Continent are different words. By common convention, Africa, Europe, and Asia are different continents, as are North and South America.

          2. Em says:

            Europe and Asia aren’t geographically on the same continent as continents are defined by the tectonic plates they’re on top of.
            Which totally confused me as a kid because I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t Asian because we were attached to the same damn piece of rock. /European

          3. Fergal says:

            I know this comment is quite old, but fair dues for pointing out that russia spans 2 continents. Most ignorent people tag them with being european for all the good stuff but asian for all the bad. Blind opinons is all it is. I’m european and as far as I’m concerned, good or bad, it don’t matter what continent it is.

          4. Johan says:

            Well… why not just state that the REAL Americans are what we today call the Native Americans… all other so called Americans are just immigrants from the rest of the world.

            About the “Being able to see if a person is Korean or Chinese just by a look”? Guilty… I can’t.. But I don’t want to be called ignorant for that… I bet you can’t tell a Swede , a Dane and a Norwegian person a part either… We’re all Scandinavian, but we all look a like.

        6. LT says:

          That’s not ignorance. I can tell the difference but saying that someone is ignorant because they can’t is the ignorant thing. And you’re the one who brought up the “looks more Korean than Chinese” so apparently you care. I swear, You’re another one of those ridiculously ignorant people… Making humanity look like retards….

          1. Lizz says:

            Hey, I refuse to look bad because of something someone else said. If I have to look bad, it’s because of something I did, not some random guy I don’t know or care about.

        7. Grey says:

          I dunno about the telling Americans from the French bit. Telling ‘Americans’ from a specific ethnic group is somewhat irrelevant as Americans are not a specific ethnicity. I think your simile was flawed. lol

          However, Korean and Chinese folks do not look the same. And they are relatively easy to tell apart. So I do agree with you there.

          1. Derp says:

            As I said earlier, I don’t see a difference visually, just like (as the simile probably meant) all white people look the same to me.

            If it’s so easy for you to tell them apart visually, could you point out what the differences are?

        8. Slick says:

          I don’t understand how it’s ignorance.I harbor no prejudices but I honestly can’t tell who’s what when it comes to most Asians.

          1. Em says:

            My family’s from various places around the UK, Ireland and France. Everyone looks the same to me. :D (…Do I fail at being white for this?)

            They only reason I can (vaguely) tell the difference between Korean, Chinese, Thai, Japanese and so on is because I watch a lot of foreign films and I associate the languages I’m hearing with certain images. But hell, if they don’t look like the stereotypes I’ve gained from films, then my guess is as good as anyones.

          1. O says:

            Wow. Do u even realize where this comment chain started, and mor importantly, wher the FRICK has it gone?!

        9. roliga historier says:

          Hey Moss… if I line up a Swede, a Dane and a Norwegian person beside each other, can you tell them a part? If not, you’re one of those incredibly ignorant people… do you know that?

        10. ML says:

          Well aren’t we arrogant. I’m Chinese and currently work in Japan yet I’m constantly mistaken to be Japanese. I myself can’t tell the difference between Chinese, Korean and Japanese by physical features alone, and asking around, I find about 80% of the people I work with (~200 people) can’t see the difference. So I think it’s quite understandable, particularly if someone was from a country where they don’t see Chinese, Japanese or Korean faces regularly.

          And this isn’t taking into consideration that there is a Chinese minority group consisting of Korean ethnic people, since Chinese is a nationality and not a biological ethnic group like Korean or Japanese. So unless you see their passport, you can’t even assume they’re “Chinese” or not.

        11. Haley says:

          I’ve lived all over the world for years at a time. It takes months to start to discern the small physical differences between people of the same race but different countries of origin. I can tell the difference between almost all European nationalities and most Asian ones now, but only AFTER performing in a comedy show in Amsterdam, which is a highly international city. But unless you’ve had the luxury of living in an international city and working in a career that must have international appeal, no, I wouldn’t begrudge you the inability to discern those minute physical differences. So, I agree with Amber; Moss, YOU are ignorant for assuming that everyone should be able to tell the difference.

          P.S. I bet there are plenty of Asians out there that can’t tell the difference between those of Euro descent.

        12. M! says:

          I think that “Derp”s comment probably sounded more ignorant than he/she intended but that does not necessarily make him/her an ignorant person. From what I can tell, he/she was referring to sight alone. I have lived around the world but spent a good part of my early adulthood (7 years or so) in the southern United States, thus I have been exposed to far more Central and South Americans than I have Asians. I can often tell the difference in the former on sight alone but have trouble distinguishing between the latter. My friends who are from up north are the opposite (as the northern United States tend to have more Asian immigrants). This is not ignorance, though, this is simply lack of experience. I live in Australia now and am getting better at distinguishing between Asians just by sight, but I would never be presumptuous enough to claim certainty.

        13. Stan says:

          And you’re one of those annoying people who try to shame everyone else into thinking you’re smarter than them. Last time I checked we’re all human beings so we all look the same.

        14. Yoyowhatshappening says:

          I’ve seen doppelgangers who have different nationalities. Its not exactly unfair for (as an example) a white person to find asian persons from different countries to look similar. Maybe those exact people do really just have a similar face (destroying the, somewhat ignorant in itself idea that all Koreans or Japanese people have this ‘one nationality defining look’).

          Let me put it this way: Im white and there are a lot of white people I think look the same. Hell, I even mix up celebrities that have vague similarities a lot of the time (e.g. Jeffrey Dean Morgan/Javier Bardem, Patrick Swayze/Kurt Russel).

        15. David says:

          Moss, while I agree “What’s the difference,” is somewhat a slap in the face of respect for culture and heritage your whole “that’s so ignorant man? comes off as pompous and pretentious. Despite the fact that my wife is Asian and that I have friends who are Japanese, North Korean,South Korean, Hawaiian, and Filipino and aside from the fact that I have take an Asian studies classes with some of them in addition to living in China for one year, many of them will tell you they often have trouble telling their own people a part from other heritages. It’s not so far fetched that a complete foreigner wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

          Come off of your poser high-horse.

          In regard to telling the difference between French Person, Brit, and an American, that’s also possible. Features differ if you actually know how french people, british people, and american people look.But if you don’t have that exposure…. well, now I’m just going in circles. My point is, easy mistake… stop being a douche.

      2. Erin Milligan says:

        Once upon a time, my Japanese friend who decided to take Chinese walked up to a woman whom she assumed to be Chinese and greeted her in the lady. The lady told her that wasn’t her nationality. All that to say it’s not ignorant to say that you can’t see the difference physically. I think it was interpreted that you were saying they are all the same (culturally), which reveals the ignorance of those who can’t seem to read.

      3. Brandon Blackmoor says:

        There was a study done in Asia (not sure where — I think Hong Kong, but I could be wrong), and most people in that part of the world can’t tell Koreans, Chinese people, and Japanese people apart just by looking, either. So don’t feel bad.

      4. ML says:

        Well aren’t we arrogant. I’m Chinese and currently work in Japan yet I’m constantly mistaken to be Japanese. I myself can’t tell the difference between Chinese, Korean and Japanese by physical features alone, and asking around, I find about 80% of the people I work with (~200 people) can’t see the difference. So I think it’s quite understandable, particularly if someone was from a country where they don’t see Chinese, Japanese or Korean faces regularly.

        And this isn’t taking into consideration that there is a Chinese minority group consisting of Korean ethnic people, since Chinese is a nationality and not a biological ethnic group like Korean or Japanese. So unless you see their passport, you can’t even assume they’re “Chinese” or not.

    2. Emily says:

      oh goodness you’re right! She does look more Korean like Chinese! I know people can’t tell Chinese, Korean, and Japanese people apart but I was able to tell simply on the cheek bone.

    3. AE says:

      Sure you’re not imagining more than you know? Years ago, a magazine, I think it was Far Eastern Economic Review, polled its readers to identify six or eight different faces from the various Far East nations, Thais, Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, etc. NOBODY could get them all right. Most were way off. There is enough diversity in any of these countries that no one feature or set of features could stereotype them––not even natives could do this. Which goes to show, we all think we “know” more than we really know.

    4. BJ says:

      I assume you mean from her outfit. It does resemble one of those high-waisted Korean traditional dresses. If you mean her facial features, well that doesn’t make sense. There are surely some differences between Koreans and Chinese, but not enough that you could make a statement like that based on one photo of one person. Even within China there are various regions and groups with different ethnic features. Korea is more homogeneous, but contrary to popular opinion not everyone there “looks the same.” :)

    1. Tom1969ca says:

      Is that Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), or Cinderella? She certainly seems to be wearing Cindy’s black-and-beige outfit…

    1. Bippy says:

      Realistic and real are not the same thing. Artificial plants are made to look realistic, but are clearly not real (exceptby being real fakes). The subtlety of the English language is being lost by misuse by popular media and social networks, and by dumbing-down our education.

  1. RealPerson says:

    Yes, I suppose they are more “realistic” in that they look less like animation. Cause all of them, except for Ursula, are still super model beautiful! I do appreciate that the mermaid here has a normal waistline and belly button. If you haven’t seen that movie as many times as I’ve had to (kids), trust me her waist is insanely teeny and her belly button is usually in the wrong place. It always bugs me. ;)

    1. Nicole says:

      Yeah, if you look up the full article and artist info, they talk about how he made these images by photoshopping together photos of real women. Ursula was actually modeled after a specific person (I forget the name right now). He has a few more on the site as well.

  2. Sarah says:

    I dont think the mermaids elbow is “messed up”. In fact, my elbows sit that way because I am “double jointed” (those that are not sure what “double jointed means-GOOGLE IT).There is a HUGE difference between Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese etc. Each have a different look. My bestfriend is Vietnamese and she was looking at these pictures and the comments and stated that there is a difference… eyes and noses are usually a common way to distinguish. I think all of the pictures are interesting in their own way. It just amazes me that “comments” can never be just that. It always takes one person to turn it into a drama fest. Just because we all share different opinions, doesn’t make one better then the other… ITS A PICTURE… lol.

    1. Derp says:

      of course Vietnamese look different than the other three, that’s why they weren’t listed. And just saying eyes and nose doesn’t tell anybody anything. what’s different about the eyes? I never said there wasn’t a difference, I asked what it was. But we’ve already established you have no reading comprehension, haven’t we?

    2. Nerd says:

      Ariel’s elbow is definitely not messed up, nor is she double jointed. Girls just posses the ability to turn their elbows. Next time you see a girl ((((that you know)))) ask her to hold out her arm with her palm flat against a table and without moving her hand, rotate her elbow. We can. Also this works with just holding out your arm and rotating your wrist without moving your elbow. Try having a boy do this too. They can’t.

  3. Doctorgiggles says:

    if they were realistic wouldnt sleeping beauty look sickly almost dead because she speent along time not being attended on when she was in a coma?

    1. Hi says:

      when was sleeping beauty in a coma????

      i thought snow white was the only one who went into a coma…..

      my life has been a lie

      1. Like Butta says:

        You should read up in what happens in the *real* (non-Disneyfied) Sleeping Beauty. Dude gets her pregnant with twins while in said “coma.”

        Fairy tales were messed up, lemme tell ya.

  4. Priscilla says:

    Sad but true, the last one really looks like our President, Mrs. Dilma Rouseff (Brazil’s President – Google her)

  5. Jordan says:

    All I know is that they could have made Mulan much hotter…

    …and Belle much hotter…

    …and Ariel much hotter…

    ……they should have just let them as cartoons to be much hotter.

  6. amber says:

    there is a definite difference between koreans and chinese.. i stayed in south korea for a year with my husband in the military

  7. ryerye says:


    Also with Ariel, elbowstoopointy/10. However, wouldsmash the first 4 girls together with the force of 1000 gods and have number 5 clean up afterwards. herp derp trololololol problem officer? yeah you mad

  8. aimee says:

    am i the only one who remember this is just art, and just cartoons, it doesn’t matter whether the face is korean, chinese, or an aliens, or a mythical monster, or whatever the artist wants it to be, its still just fictional anyways.

  9. Chris Guerre says:

    Really? It sounds like most of you need to get out more. Ever been to the University? There is ethnicity of all kinds on campus. Also, try talking with different people a little more. I can’t believe some of the comments I read here.

  10. Angela says:

    Oh jesus does it matter what type of Asian Mulan looks like? She looks Chinese to me, and that’s coming from someone of Chinese ethnicity herself.

  11. Vondralyn says:

    Mulan and Ursula are pretty good but the others are totally off. Aurora is downright ugly. She could keep right on sleeping if it was up to me to kiss her! Ariel looks nothing like her cartoon self and neither does Belle. Very very nice artistry though. Talented work even if I don’t agree with the portrayals.

  12. HarryPotter says:

    Mulan looks Chinese because she is Chinese, if she were Japanese then you’d think she looked more Japanese… if she were Arab then she’d look Arab.
    all in the mind.

  13. Shapewear says:

    Mulan looks really amazing. Ursula looks very accurate. But then the others just look too american. Regardless of this, these are all amazing illustrations.

  14. sarah says:

    … yeah ahhaha over half the comments where about controversy over mulan HAAHAH. ok let me tell you guys now that I’m half white and half asain and only a few people can tell what my ethnicity is exactly at first glance. I take no offense if people guess wrong or think I look Korean or something. I take no offense and don’t think people are ignorant for thinking so or not being able to tell if I’m one race or another. what I find annoying is that someones being offended by the fact that a person can’t tell…well that and also funny. I spent the last few minutes reading through and giggling.

    I think what really needs to happen is people dropping thhe subject and comment on how pretty this art work is :)
    I really think everyone but sleeping beauty looks right…well kinda sleeping beauty. I think sleeping beauty needs bigger eyes or something..idk something about her just doesn’t scream aura but still awesome. I love this so much :)

  15. Pepper says:

    I know there’s a big difference between ethnicities (Japanese, Korean, and Chinese). I have a Japanese friend and she has let me know how quickly they can identify the differences and how there can be prejudices between them. Some would be greatly offended if you assumed they were from one of the other races. I grew up in LA, and was exposed to a variety of ethnicities but I’ll admit that I have trouble identifying each ethnicity. I don’t think that’s the ignorant part.

    The ignorance comes from saying “what’s the difference” as if there isn’t one or if there is it doesn’t matter.

  16. Katie Martin says:

    Well, that was quite a long side discussion on the appearances of ethnicity wasn’t it? But I feel like there were definitely a lot of fair points made, few of them being about the actual drawings. I do like the drawings a lot, but I still think they look too perfect to be real people. I would be interested to see how they’d be interpreted if they were average looking, since a lot of princesses in real life are. Also, what medium was used for these illustrations? I liked it a lot, whatever was used.

  17. Mel P says:

    This was one of the most interesting conversations I have read for a while! The whole thread regarding nationality. All there is to add is that you can usually tell English people by the state of their teeth! I read somewhere that Australian men have big chins and no noses and English men have big noses and no chins. Has about a 70% success rate!

  18. Jadon says:

    I bet if they had a picture of Tiana from Princess and the Frog it would be a picture of her voice actress Anika Noni Rose cause she looks exactly like her.

  19. Kay says:

    …I have to be honest that I’m somewhat surprised that people are engaging in long and involved racial arguments when there’s perfectly lovely art to look at.

    Oh, who am I kidding. I’m not surprised. We’re on the Internet.

  20. Robin says:

    Mulan was never a princess. She wasn’t royal to begin with and she never married into royalty. She was simply a hero who married a high ranking soldier. She was honored by the Emperor for saving him, his palace and defeating the Huns.

  21. Maya says:

    Hey where is Tiana?? The black princess from The Princess and the Frog. This is a serious omission…I am calling Al Sharpton!!

  22. jerrett says:

    I find it more ignorant for people to expect everyone to be able to tell the difference between various nationalities than those who can’t. The old “I can do it, why can’t you?” mindset. You think you’re being tolerant but you’re not. Tolerance is accepting people for who and what they are. You should accept their inability to do so, not berate and insult them because of it. Not being able to tell the difference does not make one a racist or bigot, it is a simple lack of experience and ability to do so.

  23. John-o says:

    Don’t you get it!? We are all just different colored ants in a giant ant farm. All this “discussion” of race and ethnicity is completely pointless and irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. That being said, Belle looks smoking hot and I wish she was real.

  24. Paul says:

    I don’t watch Disney cartoons but I know the one at the end was based on the actor known as Divine. Who was in fact a man. Google it if you don’t believe me.

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