5 Times Brands' Racist Advertising Infuriated Customers | 22 Words

5 Times Brands’ Racist Advertising Infuriated Customers

By Megan Burgess

When advertising is done right, it gives you all the feels and inspires you to do something, anything, that you otherwise wouldn't have done. The influence it incites could be as simple as you choosing a cheeseburger at lunch or it could plant a seed that will ultimately lead you toward making a major change in your life.

A cheesy Foldger's coffee commercial makes you call your mom. A commercial for a rehabilitation center leads an alcoholic to make a phone call. A Kay's Valentine's Day Commercial makes you realize your boyfriend is a dick and you decide to leave him. An insurance commercial turned humanitarian musical sticks in your mind and when you see your elderly neighbor struggling with her groceries later that day, you run over to help. Call them small things, but advertising can be powerful.

When advertising completely misses the mark it can also inspire you to do something that you otherwise wouldn't have done. Like, punch your television. Or never patronize a brand or company again. It can remind you that we live in a flawed society that still has work to do. Whether it's due to lack of awareness, ignorance, or straight up racism, advertising can both reveal and perpetuate the deeply-rooted flaws in our society.

Without saying it out loud, these advertisements manage to say it all, and show us exactly how far we have to go.



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