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6 minutes of inspiring sports moments

Aug 25, 2012 By Abraham

Prepare for the chills…

(via BuzzFeed)


    1. Mary says:

      That was my thought. The only women I saw were besides a glimpse of a UConn player at the end who was just cheering, and a glimpse of Lolo Jones when she lost her race.

      1. bbweis says:

        Obviously you can’t see, but Lindsey Vonn (who is in my mind one of the greatest female olympians) is featured at the end. It’s only sexist if you make it that way.

  1. Glenna W says:

    Wow. Gary’s right. I was going to complain about the Black Power salute during the National Anthem being inappropriate, not inspiring. But I think Gary’s comment trumps mine. And I’m a woman. Guess I’m too used to being dissed. :(

  2. Bob is my (middle) name says:

    Uh… I wouldn’t say Zidane headbutting his Italian counterpart out of anger would fit into the definition of “inspiring”…

  3. Mr says:

    Completely RUINED because Joe Paterno was in at the end. Everybody knows how Joe Paterno’s image ruins everything now.

  4. Jonathan Chase (@onemanandhishat) says:

    This is an incredibly American video – the video can hardly claim the greatest moments in sports, when most of the video is given over to basketball, baseball and american football – there are other sports :P

    I’m afraid most of this video is lost on a Brit.

    1. lmaxson says:

      That’s right, there were TWO women in it and only one was crying. What are we stupid feminists complaining about? (End sarcasm in 3…2…1…)

  5. Nicole from MA says:

    What a phenomenal video. I had chills the whole time. Although they were missing some really amazing moments – like Dave Roberts stealing second base in Game 4 of the 2004 ALCS and (as mentioned before) Kerri Strug.

  6. Beth B says:

    Yah, I was going to say that about no women being represented too. It should have been titled “Inspiring moments in men’s sports – but pretty much only basketball, soccer, boxing, football, baseball, and maybe a second of golf, tennis, biking, and track (etc). But women don’t have inspiring moments in anything so I’ll leave them out.”

    That may have been a bit lengthy though. :)

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