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6 pop songs in unusual time signatures

By Abraham Piper

Obviously, there are way more than 6 popular songs with interesting meters, and I probably didn’t pick the most obvious ones. Leave your favorites in the comments…

“Money,” Pink Floyd – 7/4

“Hey Ya,” OutKast – Emulates 11/4

Uses a cadential six-measure phrase consisting of three 4/4 measures, a 2/4 measure, and two 4/4 measures

Mission Impossible Theme, Lalo Schifrin – 5/4

The intro of “Whipping Post,” Allman Brothers – 11/4

Gregg Allman:

I didn’t know the intro was in 11/4 time. I just saw it as three sets of three, and then two to jump on the next three sets with: it was like 1,2,3—1,2,3—1,2,3—1,2. I didn’t count it as 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11.

“Strawberry Fields Forever,” The Beatles – shifting meters

“I Say a Little Prayer,” Dionne Warwick – 10/4 for verses and 11/4 for chorus

(Sources: Wikipedia and Time Blimp)

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