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7 awful cheap shots in sports

Feb 17, 2012 By Abraham

These are selected from Bleacher Report’s list of 25 cheap shots, so visit them for more sports craziness and for more info on each of these…

Ponytail Yank

Blindsiding a Punter

Low Blow (and the ensuing riot)

Elbow to the Ribs


Kicking a Catcher

Punching a Sore Winner





  1. PhilA says:

    there’s definitely a non-sporting thing missing – a few years ago a bunch of my friends started calling Karl Malone “Elbows” as when he went up for a dunk or defense he ALWAYS came down with his elbows out and even caused a few other plays to bleed with head wounds

    look at these:

    or this page which shows a list of his history, but if you include Malone then this list could be covered just by his actions:

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