7 awful cheap shots in sports

February 17, 2012 | By Abraham | 1 comment

These are selected from Bleacher Report’s list of 25 cheap shots, so visit them for more sports craziness and for more info on each of these…

Ponytail Yank

Blindsiding a Punter

Low Blow (and the ensuing riot)

Elbow to the Ribs


Kicking a Catcher

Punching a Sore Winner




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One Comment

  1. PhilA says:

    there’s definitely a non-sporting thing missing – a few years ago a bunch of my friends started calling Karl Malone “Elbows” as when he went up for a dunk or defense he ALWAYS came down with his elbows out and even caused a few other plays to bleed with head wounds

    look at these:

    or this page which shows a list of his history, but if you include Malone then this list could be covered just by his actions:

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