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7-month-old baby can’t walk yet, but is learning to waterski

May 7, 2013 By Abraham

A little baby gets his first taste of waterskiing by being pulled along the shoreline of Lake Dyer in Queensland…

(via Gawker)


  1. cqt3681 says:

    That baby should be wearing a helmet at 7 months old if he is going to be waterskiing. His skull is not fully developed. It’s cute. But a child’s safety should always come first.

  2. Jay says:

    WTF is the point to this? Above poster is right– helmet. Plus I think the “drowning” factor is huge with this. Where are your priorities, people?! Maybe teach your kid to speak, crawl, walk, eat solids before WATERSKIING!??!

    1. Joy says:

      A helmet is a good point, but I don’t think drowning is too much of a concern as there is an adult right behind him who could pick him up very quickly should he fall

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