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These 7 Stray and Abused Animals Became Healthy, Beloved Pets. Incredible Before-and-afters…

Aug 5, 2011 By Abraham

It is hard to look at these “before” images, but seeing what these animals became makes it worth it. It’s wonderful to know there are people out there making this kind of difference.

The amazing results of love plus animal adoption…







  1. Jen says:

    Sad happy sad happy sad happy!!

    I’ll never understan how people can do that to animals. So glad they were placed with people who love them.

    1. Dawn says:

      Isn’t it winderful want love for the animals can do! The people who mistreated these animals should get the same treatment

      1. Alex says:

        They probably were given the same treatment, and feel they have to hurt innocent creatures to make themselves feel better.

        1. greek chorus says:

          That is an excuse used by a lot of bad actors. There are so many people who endure abuse and never perpetuate the same on others. If you feel like torturing the most helpless and innocent around you, get therapy, as soon as possible. For your sake and everyone else’s. (I don’t mean you personally, necessarily, just sayin’.) I will never understand how anyone can have an animal and watch it starve or suffer parasites. People like that make me mad with anger.

          1. Niv says:

            It’s not an excuse, it’s a crappy reality. Not that it’s forgivable under any circumstances. I think people who abuse animals deserve a good stoning.
            The unfortunate thing is that Alex is right, though, and what’s worse is that these people are often too broken and in denial to even come to terms with the fact that they need therapy.
            Honestly, I’m just happy that at least these animals were able to recover from their lives with broken people.

  2. Emily says:

    I wish we could treat animal abusers like they treat animals…

    “An eye for an eye…” & “Treat others [animals included] as you wish to be treated”

      1. KhenzieKaye says:

        No, it simply offers justice for those who have been wronged. People who treat animals like that should definitely feel the same pain that those animals felt. Sure, they are happy but they will ALWAYS be special-needs animals and will ALWAYS be messed up; now, it’s the abusers turn.

        1. Melissa says:

          Agreed. I think that if people had fear put into them knowing if they get caught beating, starving, neglecting, etc. their pets… they may choose not to do those things. I also think that if rapists and murderers were all housed in the same jail cells and given weapons people may not think jail is such a cush place to be. Something to consider…. may keep more open jail cells too.

        2. greek chorus says:

          Totally agree Khenzie. When animal abusers are made to suffer the same, and it is broadcast to society to see, not just of them taking their medicine but of their handiwork, side by side, then this would become much more rare.

      2. greek chorus says:

        No, it renders one of you blind. I don’t have a problem with that and neither does humanity. Or many other species for that matter. Justice Holmes said even a dog can distinguish when he’s been stumbled over or kicked. If an eye for an eye were in fact the universal standard, applied evenly post-due process, in front of the entire world, it wouldn’t take that many times for everyone to learn the lesson. So, very few would end up blind after all.

  3. Mrs. Erven says:

    The “before” photos are heartbreaking, but the “after” ones were perfect. :)

    I find it incredibly difficult to love those who treat animals this way. If I do, it’s got to be a Spirit thing. I surely won’t on my own.

    1. JJES says:

      I’m without jesus and I don’t look (or feel) like these animals. Not everyone needs jesus to be okay.

    2. Tnt says:

      Really? You had to bring Jesus into this? Your Jesus wouldn’t have let this happen to these poor animals in the first place. And I can bet that the people who did this to these animals, I wonder how many of them go to church every Sunday? These poor animals can’t depend on your god to save them. Ignorant. God won’t save this country. Thinking, aware, proactive, open-minded, common sensed people will. You can go ahead and get angry at my comment, say your bs about how you feel sorry for a godless heathen like me(I’m not godless by the way, I have many gods and goddesses), and how you’ll “pray for me” It’s not like I’m ever coming back here to read any of it. Like JJES said, “not everyone needs Jesus to be okay.”

      1. jellybean says:

        There’s nothing wrong with bringing Jesus into such a beautiful story. I know you won’t be back to read this, and thats ok. I won’t be back to check either- but I hate to see someone so angry. Maybe we all could use a little more discussion on Jesus. I know I could.

    3. Johnson O. says:

      Jesus is dead, and has been for roughly 2,000 years. How can he, in any way, affect the physical health of modern animals?

  4. Barnabas says:

    I hope all the males who aren’t commenting are out beating up the people who hurt the animals in the first place. Maybe they can send you pictures to post.

  5. jessica mell says:

    Almost immediately after my initial “I love this” came “the opposite of the presidents’ experience”. :) and then I wondered how many of your readers thought similarly!

  6. Jason Kanz says:

    Though I strongly agree with the sentiment not to abuse animals, there is no way some of these animals are the same animal in the before and after. I think the boxer is different from one to two (though my wife disagrees). We all think the dog on the bottom is different from one to another. Does anyone else see this?

    1. Steph says:

      the dog on the bottom is clearly a baby, and the “after” picture is a much older dog. very possibly the same dog. Also, the darker color on the “before” boxer is from matted dirt, blood and scabs, I personally have seen what a HUGE difference a simple bath can do for an abused animal. Very possibly the same dog. lol. not that it matters, this is a “feel good” post with a “make a difference” undertone.

    2. Rodney Olsen says:

      I don’t know about most of them but no amount of care is going to change that abused brindle coloured boxer dog into a tan coloured boxer. That one is certainly a different dog.

      1. Madeline says:

        I zoomed in on that particular dog and that’s not a brindle coat, that’s mud, blood and scabs. if you look on the hind flank and the neck of the after boxer you can see that there are some spots that were so damaged that the fur didn’t grow back

    3. Melissa says:

      It’s the same dog, I do a lot of rescue and the transformations really are amazing. good food changes coat color and condition dramatically, also just washing off dirt and blood makes a huge difference. The “better boxer” in the photo has scars if you look closely. One on his rear leg and a few small around his face. I have a whippet rescue in my foster care now. She was nearly dead from starvation. I took her from the shelter and she looks incredible now. Before each bone was showing, her face hollowed and sad. Now she’s glossy, filled out, and beautiful. She got spayed today and begins her search for her forever home. If any of you can, you should offer to foster these hopeless cases. It’s so rewarding.

  7. Madeline says:

    Sadly, no they are not photoshopped or different animals. I used to do animal rescue and I have seen too many similar before and afters first hand.

  8. Kristy L says:

    I will never understand how people can abuse and neglect animals. They have no voice! I am so happy for these animals and pray for the others out there looking for loving homes like these found.

  9. Lisa Cheek says:

    I volunteer with an animal rescue and yes, I do believe these are the same animals. I have seen what can happen with love and proper medical attention.

  10. Ben says:

    These animals might not have been abused. I see a lot of animals that are in bad shape just from living on the street. it’s not a happy situation but it’s not anyone in particular’s fault.
    In other words, if it upsets you be angry at a social/political system that lets too many stray animals be born and not taken care of, not just anonymous potential abusers

  11. d says:

    Redemption! I can’t believe how beautiful they look after being cared for. Makes me want to adopt an animal. Humans aren’t so different. Makes me want to hug a thug.

  12. Shell says:

    OMG May the people who’ve done this to these poor animals get what they deserve and may the ones who have given these animals a beautiful second chance be blessed.

  13. jellybean says:

    So hard to look at. It really, really upsets me to think that anyone can hurt an animal in such a way. I just don’t understand.

  14. Kim says:

    Wow. LOTS to think about in these pics. And yes, Phyllis, love really does fix everything. I believe that so much. So dish out the love, people!!! <3

    I'm so tempted to strike out a warning message to anyone who treats animals this way, but I'm honestly just floored by the care and love that someone must have devoted to these animals. Thank you for proving to them, whoever you are, that not every human hand administers pain and neglect.

  15. Wheatex says:

    While it pains me incredibly to look at the before pictures, the after pictures remind me how much God loves us to give us these beautiful creatures to love and be loved back by.

  16. Me says:

    As somebody who is the loving and incredibly proud adoptive owner of a dog that was previously starved and beaten to within an inch of her life, burned with cigarettes and maimed (her left ear was permanently damaged so badly the vet had to cut part of it away) and then dumped and left for dead, I can guarantee that sadly it is possible for these to be the same animals.

    We found Poppy, our jack russell cross, after she had been left in a rubbish bin shelter outside the back door to a nearby shop, thrown among a heap of old cardboard boxes which we were due to collect and re-use. She was too weak to lift her head and shivering from having been left in the cold and the rain, but she STILL managed to lick my hand when I picked her up. I called my best friend (who is a vet nurse at an out of hours clinic) and brought her straight there, and between the amazing staff at the surgery and the officers from a local animal rescue charity, she was rescued. As soon as she was well enough, we adopted her.

    She was about a year old then. When we first got her home she was very timid and jumpy, and she didn’t know how to play with toys or games like fetch, etc. For some reason she latched on to me more than the rest of the family (possibly because I was at home more than the others as I was studying at the time) and would allow me to come near her without flinching or running away and hiding, so it fell to me to train her.

    Now, 8 years later, she is a healthy, happy and friendly dog (although she sometimes gets a little TOO excitable when her favourite ball is taken out!) and is adored by everyone who meets her. The only issues we have with her are when we take her collar off or when she sees bags and suitcases (she gets very clingy and practically glues herself to my ankle, refusing to let me out of her sight until her collar is put back on or the bags go away) and she doesn’t like it when people are smoking nearby (she hides or if we are out walking her, she tries to climb between my legs and often trips me up!), but fortunately we are a non-smoking household and any guests smoke outside so she is able to stay away from them. She absolutely loves children as well and is the mascot for the special needs school my little cousin attends (she has downs syndrome) and goes there once a week to enjoy playing and being petted by the students.

    Poppy is a classic example of the difference that loving care can make to an animal’s life, and why it is important that people always stand up for the needs and welfare of animals, as they are unable to do so themselves.

  17. Cornelia Moore says:

    as someone who recovered a gone feral, abused cat, from an aggressive, spiteful, retaliatory wild thing out of the fields to a sweet, loving, snuggling, adulating homebody cat, I wish to inform everyone that there is no such thing as an unrecoverable domestic animal. it’s not the animal that is unrecoverable, it’s the human who fails if an animal is classified as unrecoverable. my 4 year old champaigne pink tabby was kicked several times as a kitten. he came to us with a badly bruised hip and 3 broken ribs, and a terror of everyone. he’d lash out, bite, do whatever it took to defend himself without any provocation or thought, everything was automatic with him. first, I fed him and spoke kindly to him. finally he would come up to me, then panic and attack my leg. but I didn’t retaliate, I just kept feeding him and speaking kindly to him. then I made a large knot in the end of a cord and started playing with him. that won his heart, as he’s quite playful. he finally followed me indoors, and immediately attempted to evict the other cats we’d adopted, but that was stopped and we slowly asymilated into our family and taught me a lot of things I needed to learn. I truly believe everything happens for a reason, and I know he was here to teach me a lot of things. and he still is teaching me. patience, tolerance, love, balance, choosing my battles, and several other lessons. and they do have a voice. it’s in their eyes, and if you open your mind and heart to it, there’s a psychic connection as well. and, if you listen very carefully, they’ve got different meows that mean different things, and if you watch very carefully, their body language says a lot. they try very hard to communicate, we just don’t “listen”.

    1. angela says:


      Animal Behavioral Specialists will disagree with you wholeheartedly and it is view points like yours that end up in having children KILLED! Just giving an animal tolerance and time after being abused violently or neglected……and even if you work with them consistently….there is literally a 50/50 chance that they can’t be changed or helped!

      I respect you but as someone who has been attacked by a dog as a child….had a friend’s child DIE from a rehabilitated dog and my daughter was attacked by one as well……all outside….all pursued and chased down.

      In my case, that dog broke through a 50 pound steel chain to get me.

  18. inn.ova.tion says:

    After finding a home and being well cared for, I can’t even believe that the before and after pictures are of the same animals.

  19. QuizikL says:

    As Bob Barker said at the end of every show, “Don’t forget to have your pets spayed or neutered.” Sound advise that prevents a lot of these unwanted pets to suffer the fate of the ‘before’ pics

  20. Becky says:

    Heartbreaking & heartwarming at the same time.These animals are the lucky ones. There are so many more out there right now with no one looking out for them.

  21. Chris says:

    Please see “The Dead Dog Beach PR Project” on Facebook. A young woman and dedicated volunteers and a vet rescue and rehabilitate dogs and puppies that have been literally thrown away on Dead Dog Beach in Puerto Rico. They have some great before and after photos. You would never believe they are the same dogs that were found starved and terribly abused on a beach. Many of them are adopted by families in the States. Great photos and stories. See the site–send them money. Thank you.

  22. steve canton says:

    this is an amazing story it gives me hope and teaches me not to complain about certain things

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