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72-year-old woman visits the playground everyday to work out [7 pictures]

Jun 29, 2012 By Abraham

This collection of pics is making the rounds on Russian websites with little more information than that this septuagenarian babushka comes to the park everyday to use the playground as her exercise equipment.

If it’s true, then it’s inspiring. If it’s a ruse, then this old lady has a killer sense of humor.

Either way, go Granny!


  1. Roxy says:

    That’s not a Russian Babushka, that’s either Robin Williams training for his role in “Mrs. Doubtfire 2″ or that could be Glenn Close also training for a film where she’ll play a runner. hahahaha, all kidding aside, you go granny, I’m hoping to have her strenght and energy at her age. :-)

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