8-year-old boy's letter to Santa asks him to protect his twin sister from bullying | 22 Words

8-year-old boy’s letter to Santa asks him to protect his twin sister from bullying

By Abraham Piper

Karen Suffern, a single mother to two 3rd-graders, recently asked her kids, fraternal twins Ryan and Amber, to write their letters to Santa so that she could get an idea what they were hoping for this year and then start budgeting. The response from her son was not at all what she expected and was more than a little painful to read, as you can imagine…

Ryan and Amber - Letter to Santa

He writes…

Dear Santa,

My mom said to send you a Christmas list. I wanted a remote control car and helicopter but I do not want that anymore. Kids at school are still picking on Amber and it is not fair because she does not do anything to them and it makes me mad. I prayed they would stop, but God is busy and I need your help. Is it against the rules to give up gifts early?

Can you ask Big Time Rush to come to Amber’s birthday party? It will make her so happy. If you do not get them to come that is fine, just get her everything she asked for.

Thanks Santa,

Love Ryan

PS- My mom throws the best birthday parties. You can come if you want.

Ryan and Amber - 02

After Suffern shared her son’s note with a few friends on Facebook, it made its way onto weight-loss blogger Tony Posnanski’s page. He wrote an article about it which he posted to CNN’s iReport, noting that Ryan’s letter brought back a lot of memories for him…

When I was nine I told my mom I wish I had a terminal disease so I could lose weight. I was over 200 pounds. I was nine…. I know what it is like to walk into school and wait for the people to make hurtful comments.

CNN picked up the story and it is now going viral.

Obviously, everyone involved wants to improve Amber’s situation in particular, but they also hope that the unanticipated popularity of this story will encourage others, because “with people like Ryan out there who can see true beauty and want the best for people…the bullies can be defeated.”

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