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8th grader hits full-court game-winning shot…twice!

By Joey

8th grader Easton Gamoke was playing in a basketball tournament this weekend with his Winona, Minnesota team. The opposing team sank a 3-pointer to tie the game with just seconds left on the clock when Gamoke launched a full-court shot at the buzzer that went in, against all odds.

One of the moms captured the dramatic final moments of the game…

The story was incredible enough to send a news team to interview him, his coach, teammates, and the mom who captured the moment on film.

For fun, they decided to show just how difficult the full-court shot was to make by lining up Gamoke’s teammates to attempt (and miserably fail) the shot. Finally, Gamoke took the shot again in front of the news cameras, and on his first attempt…well, check it out…

(via Bill Roehl, Bring Me The News, Fox 9)

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