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A 1st-grader honestly shows his work

October 21, 2012 | By Abraham | 12 comments

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  1. Gordon B says:

    My 1st grader got the same kind of question. It made no sense to the point where I couldn’t even help her understand what the worksheet was asking. Common Core has to go.

    1. ED says:

      First, if you’ll notice, the post is from October 2012…Common Core hadn’t even been implemented into any school curriculum until the 2013 – 2014 school year. For someone who hates Common Core so much, you have some more research to do.

    2. William Carr says:

      Common Core is a State-by-State set of standards, and has nothing to do with the Federal Government.

      It’s a mystery why people have started out hating it for no reason.

      But the theory I’m working on is that Tea Party folks got confused and thought it was a Federal standard.

      It’s a simple word problem, that teaches how to turn a sentence into a math equation.

      What is six more than 2+2 ?

      Answer: 6 plus 4 is 10.

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