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A 65-year-old woman and her pistol rout 5 armed robbers

Jan 23, 2013 By Abraham


    1. Bill says:

      You did notice half a dozen armed criminals compared to one armed law abiding citizen right? How about gun control like every other civilized country in the world has.

      1. H says:

        You just made a point against gun control. Do you not realize that? Law abiding citizens will be the only ones to turn their guns in and not purchase illegal guns off the street. Criminals, whos guns are not registered anyways, will not turn in their guns and will have free reighn on anyone and everyone. Wake up!

        1. Bill says:

          Six armed criminals vs 1 armed law abiding person does not give a rational argument against gun control. Yeah, she scared off the criminals, but simple mathematics tells you that being out numbered 6-1 by people as well armed as you results in you and others in your business getting killed the majority of the time.

          Using this story to preach against gun control would be like using one of the rare examples of someone not wearing their seatbelt and getting thrown safely from the car in an accident to try and repeal seatbelt laws. Sure the rare examples exist, but their provably statistically in the minority and therefore stupid to try to use.

      2. John says:

        Bill, do you mean civilized countries like Switzerland, where every home is protected by a fully automatic rifle and the violent crime rate is second only to the Vatican? Of like the United Kingdom, where honest citizens have no means of defense against violent criminals and on the rare occasion when one does fight back, he goes to jail for it?

      3. Rob says:

        I think gun control should be taught to every armed citizen. Maybe if hers was a little bit better there would be one or more less criminals in the world. Deep breath, Aim, Squeeze, Shoot!

    2. V icki says:

      Those poor thugs??? Are you crazy?? My God! Are you one of them too??? Think about the lady who was able to stand up and defend for her store!!! I am for the 2nd amendment whether you like it or not..That’s why we have to be on guard to protect the citizens in every place that needs helping hands for the police..if that gun of hers is registered, which I am sure it is, she has the authority to protect herself from the thugs that has guns, as if you didn’t notice…real or not…they stole and she is risking her life for her belongings…just so to speak.

  1. bbweis says:

    So…..Tell me how Gun-control would have helped solve this problem here?

    it seems to me like gramma with a gun solved it pretty nicely, thank you.

    1. Bill says:

      Yeah, and that’s why the US has the least amount of gun deaths of any country in the world!…. no wait, per capita the US has more innocent people killed by guns (by more than a factor OF TEN) than any other country. But let’s ignore those annoying little facts that show your ignorance.

      1. Larry says:

        Yeah, Bill but the majority of those gun deaths are gangbangers and criminals. I don’t really care if they weed themselves out or not. Regardless, free men and women have the right to not be victimized.

      2. Leo says:

        Bill, I’m sorry – you just showed your own ignorance. The U.S. does not have the most people killed by gun violence (per capita) in the world. Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and Peru gun killings are multiple times worse than the U.S., and in Venezuela it is ten times more prevalent than in the U.S.

        The U.S. rate is roughly comparable to that of Uruguay or Argentina – two countries with much lower gun ownership.

        1. Leo says:

          Also, Mexico, which has severely limited gun ownership has a murder rate of 22.7, whereas the U.S. rate is 4.8 – and the U.S. has almost three times the population of Mexico.

        2. Bill says:

          I should have specified 1st world nations. But go ahead and compare your country to Uruguay, Mexico etc. That’s a high goal. Don’t compare yourselves to countries like Greece, Finland, Italy Australia, Bulgaria, Germany, or literally over a dozen others I could list. All of which, per capita, look like freaking hippy peace colonies compared to the US.

          Or better yet compare yourselves to Canada, which has the same basic culture, all of the exact same media, and yet due to much stronger gun control laws has a VASTLY smaller number of gun murders per capita (less than a tenth).

          1. Chuck says:

            Bill, we had an assault weapons ban from 1994 to 2004 and crime went virtually unchanged over this 10 year period. Controlling guns wont stop the evil within the hearts of men . Explain to me how banning guns will all of a sudden change the hearts of evil people.
            Also, Chicago and DC have some of the most strict gun laws in the nation but have the highest crime rate. I promise to you that I will not try and make you own a gun if you will not try to make me give mine up.

      3. Sassylady says:

        I guess you have forgotten that since the gun ban in England, the violent crime rate has risen to 3X that of the USA.

      4. Joolz says:

        Bill, in a free society, you are free to move to a more ‘civilized’ part of the world. Don’t let the ‘free’ door hit you in the ass on the way out.

        1. Bill says:

          I am extremely happy to say I do live in another country. I live in Canada, which has the same basic culture, all of the exact same media, and yet due to much stronger gun control laws has a VASTLY smaller number of gun murders per capita (less than a tenth).
          It amazes me that US obsession with guns even as your own little kids get put into body bags.

          1. Doug says:

            Hey Billy Boy … I am a Canadian as well … LOVE Guns too!!! Grew up with guns, comfortable with guns and intelligent about guns, but I’m not brain-dead as nearly all Canadians are including some of my closest friends. and apparently you. The lady in the video has it right.

      5. Jimmy Kane says:

        Question. Are all of you more concerned about the selective ‘violence’ by gun rather than the constitutional right to own a gun? All this MSM sensationalism is to create fear, and a hope that the government can CONTROL what criminals do by legislating it. That’s like saying if murder, rape and robbery are illegal then we should all be safe. WTF

        1. Bill says:

          First, I’m not from the US so I don’t think of the constitution as some sort of sacred scriptures like you do. The ‘right to bear arms’ as it’s applied in your country is ridiculous. And your comparison is equally ridiculous. Do you think there’d be more rapes if it wasn’t illegal and there were no consequences. I’m pretty sure there would be. Which means making it illegal results in lesser numbers.

          1. beaneater says:

            Im Canadian too Bill but I believe the the American constitution is a great document. It was also Revolutionary as was the Magna Carta. One of the steps for true freedom for all mankind. And also remind you that our freedom was handed to us like Australia. America had to fight for their freedom. The gun regestry in Canada did not prevent any murders. It was put into place to pacify the scared masses after the horrific shooting in Quebec. All it did was criminalize honest Canadians and cost billions. The goverment never lets a good tragedy go to waste. Thank god for making murder and rape illegal! What else would keep you from your urges to kill and rape,eh?

      6. j says:

        WHOA bill slow down. can you prove this? i dont think so cause its not true in the least. as has been stated there are countries with much LESS guns per capita and much MORE gun deaths.
        also there are states in the US with lots of guns and low gun homicides. in fact as low as australia, a country that anti-gun nuts love to use as a wonderful win for gun control. so, your argument is invalid. try again.

        1. Mary Ann says:

          Actually, j, the cold hard facts on the gun ban by involuntary gun buy back from citizens in Australia has increased the danger to citizens. It’s a ridiculous argument gun control advocates can justifiably use..THE RESULT: Armed robberies up 69%… assaults with guns up 28%… gun murders up 19%…. and,A NEW PHENOMENA, Home invasions UP 21%… THE IRONY OF IT ALL!!!!

      7. JB says:

        Criminals will always get there hands on guns. The law abiding citizens have the right to defend themselves against such crime. Capital punishment is needed back in this country. Then maybe you will see less crime. Not by taking our guns away.

      8. IndyMason says:

        Of COURSE there is a connection between guns and gun deaths. There is also a connection between knives and knife deaths, between cars and car deaths, and between swimming pool ownership and swimming pool deaths. Would you ban cars and swimming pools (both of which kill more people than guns every year)?

        You fail to notice that there is also a strong positive correlation between gun ownership and crime prevention (defensive gun use) — see, for example, the recent story about an AR-15 being used be an RIT student to drive off two robbers inside his home (one of whom was armed and pointing a gun at the intended victim).

        By the way, there is nothing in the Constitution that says anything about hunters’ rights. The Second Amendment states that the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed, and states why that right is important. Rifles are “arms” — like it or not, it’s in the Constitution, and for a very good reason. Your attempts to limit that right are ill-conceived and dangerous. The Second Amendment is all about giving citizens a last resort — armed insurrection — should the government become a tyranny.

        I challenge you to educate yourself! Read the history of the Second Amendment — a good starting point is “The Founders’ Second Amendment” by Stephen P. Halbrook. (If you’d like, I’ll buy you a copy of it if you’ll agree to have a private discussion with me about it.)

        Learn more about American history, and world history. The world we live in is not a perfect place. There is no step we can possibly take that will ensure that something like the tragedy in Sandy Hook will never happen again. The question is this — how do we balance freedom and safety? Until you change the Constitution, the answer is clear: we citizens have the right to keep and bear arms. Period.

        As a father of three, I understand the scope of that tragedy. But as a rational person, I keep it in perspective. This is an emotionally charged issue, and we must keep that in mind. The last time the government got so excited about something, we ended up with the Patriot Act, in which our rights under the 1st, 4th and 6th amendments were abandoned.

    1. Josh says:

      I’m genuinely curious as to why you think they wouldn’t have guns. What I’ve found is that no matter how illegal or banned the government tries to make something, the people who want it will find a way to get it… sometimes it even makes scoring it more enticing.

      So, really, why wouldn’t they have guns? Do you really think that these guys are going to obey the law?

      1. Bill says:

        Gun control has been proven beyond any reasonable doubt to work by countries all over the world. It makes guns far FAR less accessible to criminals. Less guns in criminals hands equals less gun crimes. The only country who’s citizens doubt this is the US, because you have some disturbing obsession with staying armed no matter how many innocent people end up in body bags.

          1. mj says:

            Not sure I believe those statistics. What is the source? Did all crime double over that period, or was it the proportion of gun crime? Does it apply to handguns only? Is there a definite correlation between the ban and the crime increase?

            See http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/10220974 for some interesting thoughts.

        1. TW says:

          I want to reply to Bill.. You see Bill, where guns are banned or whatever you call it.. Like chicago!. well chicago has the highest gun related crimes and deaths maybe than any city in the US.. there you go!

        2. evan says:

          bill, your not to bright , have you considered that there are currently over 150 million ( yes million) guns on the street in america now . there is no way gun control will limit criminal. just ask the citizens of austraila who are currently dealling with an epidemic of home invasions by criminals with guns, cause of gun control in their country / it’s proven it doesn’t work/

        3. Rob says:

          You are so obviously a Troll. Get a life and do some research. If gun control worked wouldn’t places like Chicago be the safest places to live? You are clueless.

          1. BrendanD says:

            you’re an idiot. We don’t have guns in Ireland. We don’t have mass shootings in cinema’s, schools, churches etc. Chicago is still in america isn’t it? Americans are gun-fucking-crazy. that’s why you keep on having these sickeningly tragic events. Get rid of the guns and you will stop the killings. It really is that simple.

        4. Sassylady says:

          I do have an obsession to staying armed to protect myself and my family. I was 34 when I was raped and at that time I swore it would never happen again and I’ve carried since that time for the last 30+ years. I’ve never had to draw my weapon and threaten anyone, but I’ve had to put my hand on it a couple times, but the situation disapated.
          Now don’t get all crazy and try to diagnose my rape situation and say I couldn’t have stopped it with a weapon. You don’t know…I do as I was there.
          I also have an obsession to protect myself from a tyrannical government, which we are dangerously close to in the USA. You may take our guns, but it will not be without horrendous fight fight and millions of deaths. So if you are worried about unnecessary deaths…go ahead and come after our guns.

          1. Josh S. says:

            Thank you for your statement. It’s a Second Amendment issue. WE THE PEOPLE were guaranteed this right when our country was founded. There can be no mistake on their intent “As passed by the Congress:

            A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.
            As ratified by the States and authenticated by Thomas Jefferson, Secretary of State:

            A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

            The Second Amendment is the only amendment to the Constitution which states a purpose” Wikipedia
            I am with you lady;I’m no nut-job, but I whole-heartedly believe they can pry my gun out of my cold dead hand…

          2. buster h says:

            I’d like to throw something in here…. lets remember that 2nd amendment or not, EVERYONE has the right to DEFEND their property and their person from thugs, a tyrannical government, or whatever the case may be. and unless you are a kung fu master, which most of us aren’t, the only way of equalizing your ability to do that, to some degree, is with a firearm. i do not need some government bureaucrat or piece of paper to affirm this.

        5. j says:

          haha do you have a source for this ridiculous notion?
          i think bill is a troll, trying to get people stired up.
          others have mentioned chicago. i would also point out washington d.c. where there are very few guns in the hands of private citizens and they have the highest gun homicide rate in the country. your argument is invalid.
          also look up a logical fallacy called “correlation does not prove causation”

          1. Bill says:

            It’s funny to me that Americans are so obsessed over owning guns that someone who disagrees must not be serious.
            Do you not actually see how comparing real gun control to the situation in Washington or Chicago is ridiculous. Of course it’s not going to work if it’s only enforced in such a tiny little area and people can go for a short drive to where it’s not enforced.

            On the other hand look at Canada, which has nation wide gun control and a gun death rate so small compared to yours (and yes, per capita) that it makes your country look like a war zone in comparison (yes that’s hyperbole).
            You go ahead and keep your Yosemite Sam-like love of guns, meanwhile we’ll just sit up here above the border enjoying not having mass school shootings every year.

        6. John says:

          Criminals that commit gun crimes are usually (something like 80 percent) getting their guns illegally. Illegalization would do nothing except make the illegal gun salesmen have more clients.

    2. Yvette says:

      “Maybe with knives though, but far less life-threatening.” Tell that to Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman…Oh you can’t, they are dead.

          1. Billy says:

            Bill is not going to allow himself to be confused by facts, or objectively prepared statistical data, and the only specifics he can present is his lifetime supply of liberal “progressive” Kool-aid. So don’t feed the trolls, they are already on a dangerous sugar laced Kool-aid high.

          2. Bill says:

            That’s a good article… to prove me right. 22 kids were stabbed, none died. Compare that to the ratio of kids shot in schools that died.

        1. Joolz says:

          Hey Bill. You’re still here?

          Remember that bombing in Oklahoma at the Federal building? McVea used a van loaded with fertilizer.

          We need stronger Federal laws against violence committed with guns, not more control of guns. It would also help if the FEDS would actually uphold the laws once they’re passed, but they don’t and haven’t in many years. Did you hear Biden say there wasn’t time to uphold those laws? He said it.

          Typical dumbass. So I say, lets shove all the libtards off on Canada. The rest of us will work, pay less taxes and live in a free society, carry our guns and keep each other honest.

          Also, notice, most gun crime happens in deeply Democrat controlled cities…

          So we actually need DEMOCRAT control! Less abortion that way too.

          1. Bill says:

            Are you on a mission to show your ignorance? Look at our Canadian crime rate then at your country’s. With all the whining about movie and video game violence, it must just boggle your mind that Canadians consume all the exact same media and yet manage not to shoot each other. Okay, so it’s not the media. How about stricter punishment for violent offenders? What’s that, our punishments are no stricter, in fact sometimes less strict? Gee, can’t be that. Hmm… what could it be? What could possibly be stopping our kids from ending up in body bags? Oh wait! We have strong gun control laws! And with that we have less than a tenth of the gun murders the US does!

            Oh, and take your ridiculous two-party only system and keep it to yourself. I don’t care about Democrats or Republicans, Conservatives or Liberals, what matters here is the US obsession with gun ownership despite the number of your own people (including kids) ending up in body bags for it. The sad thing is that you don’t even realize what a sad joke you look like to other countries over this issue. Yosemite Sam should be your mascot at this point.

      1. mj says:

        My point was that with a gun, one can kill or seriously injure multiple people at range. And collateral damage (for lack of a better term) is much more likely. Knives can’t compare really.

    3. NAME REDACTED says:

      During the US occupation of Haiti, the US marines banned the locals from having guns and started taking them up one by one. Soon there were roving gangs of young Haitian men, who would murder and rape. They would men down and force them to watch their wives be raped, then murder them.

      The gun is the tool of civilization. Its a weapon that gives nearly equal footing to both the strong and the weak.

    1. JB says:

      Seriously,,,,SHE was lucky, no one got hurt? I am certain she saved her customer and employee from getting hurt or killed. Did you see the way those guys came in waving THEIR guns at her customer and employee?
      It blows my mind how some people can turn on the victim!!!!

  2. Irena M says:

    I think the only way to stop the violence with illegal guns is implementation of another Rockefeller’s Law. You are caught with the illegal pistol- it’s life without parole. How about that? The second amendment would remain intact.

    1. Db says:

      Yeah, the folks with the illegal guns wouldn’t, having nothing to loose at that point, start firing at the police who mean to arrest them in the off chance they could escape or evade capture. Life in prison is no life worth living and life in prison for murder is no different than life in prison for possessing a gun.

      1. Joolz says:

        Good. Kill the criminal and save the tax-payer the money. And if the cops don’t get the guy, it would be more than fine with me to know that two or five armed civilians with their CHL and loaded glocks, would pull and take care of them for us.

        Works for me!

  3. Horace says:

    Classic gun control debate above, nothing surprising there. The only thing that gave me shivers was Irena’s comment – the idea that possession of an illegal object could give you the same (or worse) penalty as murderers. That shows a frighteningly screwed up notion of justice.
    It would be like sentencing people with first-degree murder because we suspect that one day they will commit first-degree murder.

    1. Db says:

      The fear, or threat, of conviction would be enough to drive a person who eould not otherwise kill to kill. What would be the difference but a chance to escape and not spend a life in prison.

  4. Mikeack says:

    The cop’s comments at the end are EXACTLY wrong! In any self defense situation, immediate action beats delayed response hands-down. Allowing your assailants time yo consolidate their position is folly. Immediate decisive resistance will burst their little fantasy bubble, with the results seen here. Waiting around would have allowed a hostage situation to develop.

  5. Will says:

    Mikeack said it right… those victimize deserve swift justice.. Cops are too heavy to carry on your back, and they’re only good for cleaning up…

  6. Brian says:

    I’m bored with the endless debate regarding the relative effectiveness of gun control to reduce crime or accidental death.

    I have the right to life and therefore the right to defend my life with a gun if necessary. I am not willing to surrender that right to make my fellow citizens feel safer.

  7. eddie says:

    There would not of been any warning shots they would of been in there heads hows that for the armed criminals…….

  8. Joolz says:

    I am a woman. I live with my 15 year old son alone in Texas. I work in a side of town where I’m approached once or twice a month by indigents trolling for a hand out. And when they approach, the sneak up on you. None have ever attempted to hurt me but there is a chance.

    I’m the only mother my 15 year old son has and as a minor, he’s unable to carry a weapon. I will take care of me for him. I carry a glock and I am a CHL carrier. I remember when Texas didn’t allow CHL’s and that incident at Luby’s in Killeen. In that restaurant there were more than a dozen law abiding citizens who’d left their weapons in their cars, all of them at the mercy of a merciless killer. None of them had the option except to be a victim or pray that the police would arrive before it was too late for them. It was too late for many of them but some survived but not before he took at a dozen or more others.

    I hit the gun range once a month. I have learned to think in terms of tactics. I have a plan if I’m approached. I have a plan if someone breaks into my home, if there’s time, he’s not on me yet, he’ll get a verbal to get out or die. If there’s no time, he dies. End of story. I am a Christian but I don’t believe God calls us to be victims of monsters so I have no qualms about taking one out and I will just pray that I’ve maybe spared the next person he would have attacked after me, assuming I’m still alive.

    It’s all about rights. We have the right to bear arms. It’s in the Bill of Rights. It’s not the Bill of Needs, so cut that crap now.

    You can’t compare issues in Texas and Arizona, especially with border patrol offices being either closed or cut back on staff due to the sham our economy is in, with Connecticut. I know many on the border towns who have guns and with good reason. They are law-abiding citizens and what are they supposed to do, just give up their rights and property to criminals from Mexico? Hell no.

    This is a State’s rights issue. Every state has different factors that weigh heavily into this argument and you can’t say what works for NY works for El Paso. That is why states are given those rights. It’s a big country!

    There are ways to make the laws against criminals who use guns tougher, but mostly, the Feds just need to do their damn job and CONVICT those criminals when they’re caught.

    There are also ways to make accidents with guns and those who legally use them, less prevalent. If you own, take classes in tactics. I think there ought to be shooting, tactics, self defense classes offered all over the US at colleges and universities. Gun safety courses, shooting ranges where you can bring your gun and ammo and learn proper technique, but you know, it’s getting really hard to afford ammo and again, that’s where the only ones who get their hands on ammo is the criminal!!

    All those “Demand a Plan” ads with all the Hollywood hypocrites, that’s a great idea, but flip that. Have a plan on what you’ll do if your attacked or your home is broken in to. Know what you’ll do before you have to do it. Plan for every eventuality and you’ll have a better chance of both you and the intruder surviving. Again, he’ll get told to get out or die, and half a step the wrong direction and he’s dead. No problem for me.

    In Switzerland they assign guns to homes, but they are also required to take classes to learn to use them.

    If you’re scared of guns, before you freak out, learn about them. Go to a range, fire guns. I USED to be scared of them. My 21 year old who is no longer living at home, when he got his Sig .45, I was scared. I will admit! First time he went to someone’s house and that person owned a gun, admittedly, I worried. But I made sure to get to know that parent and feel comfortable with them, never accusing them of anything, just doing the parenting thing I should do anyway and get to the families of the friends where my kids hang out.

    Okay then. Carry on.

    1. Sharon says:

      Joolz, I agree with you all the way. In Missouri, before you can get your CCW, you do have to take classes. I think the same way that you do. If someone breaks into my home and attepts to threaten my life, he will be shot dead. I am not waiting for that person to aim at me first. He has no right in my home. And if you don’t shoot to kill, if you just maim him, he has the right to take you to court and sue you for damages. Is that a joke or what? If the government can’t control illegal drug traffic how do they think they can control criminals from having guns? It is so dumb on their part. I do believe that people who own guns should teach their children about them and how dangerous they can be. I had 2 kids grow up in my home we had guns they were in a gun case the kids were taken to a range and shown what those guns could do when fired. Those kids never attempted to touch any of those firearms the whole time they were growing up. They are now both of age to own their own guns and they do and they have taught their children what the guns can do as well as how to use them, they never touch those guns without their dad present and only at a range. The ones that are getting their hands on guns are usually the ones that the guns are left unattended by an adult or older sibling.

    2. B says:

      I still doubt that most citizens even with proper training would be able to keep a cool head in a true emergency and be able to use a gun at all for defense, or even if they do manage to use it, be able to use it properly. They’d probably shoot themselves in the leg first. Have you met the general public? There’s no shortage of people who are hyper, impatient, impulsive, foolish, stupid, and any combination thereof. Some of them aren’t even competent enough to drive a vehicle, let alone carry a deadly firearm. Firearms belong in the hands of trained professionals- law enforcement and armed forces. Not civilians trying to play renegade hero. 2nd Amendment yadda yadda. The Bill of Rights is outdated for the times we live in. The U.S. has gone bat sh#t crazy! People will kill you over absolutely nothing if given the chance, and you want these people armed?! Do you have any idea how many people are running around out there with undiagnosed mental disorders? Aka they would not have any problem passing a background check? Let’s give them guns too while we’re at it. If our forefathers would’ve seen this coming, they probably would’ve said F this and sailed right back where they came from!

      1. Marci says:

        THANK YOU!!!
        Anyone that things the general public, with only a few hours of training, would be able to keep a level head and react rationally during an attack or shootout needs to take a refresher course in Psych 101 about how the parasympathetic nervous system works.
        Police and armed forces have weeks, months, of training and still occasionally make mistakes.

        1. Joolz says:

          Problem is Marci, that’s not for YOU, or any of you libtards to decide. I’ve made up my mind. I’d rather take my chances on living rather than being raped or watching my son die, or being raped while my son watches. Yeah. That’s right. But you see, it’s really my decision because what all of you chicken-assed-bleeding heart liberals have forgotten is that it’s in THE BILL OF RIGHTS!!


          1. Marci says:

            I may not share your opinion but calling me a “libtard”, which is offensive to both democratic ideas and people with mental disabilities, is completely beyond UNNECESSARY. Nothing in my comment attacked what you had been through or your personal beliefs, only stated scientifically why I don’t agree with you.
            I would respond to the rest of your comment but seeing that it’s full of nothing but insults, hate, and complete lack of understanding of the differences between rights and privileges so I won’t grace you with a dignified response. Good luck in the rest of your life and dear god…. good luck to your poor son.

      2. steve says:

        B, we are a country of laws. Some of them, overbearing, and foolish. But laws, none the less. Our country was founded because they had experienced a tyrannical government who had come to take their weapons. They decided that the best way to keep their freedom was to keep their guns, and fight their oppressors. If you do not want to own a gun, that is well within your control. I would never think of insisting that you arm yourself. Please do not insist that I can not. As far as the rules for gun ownership, and mental illness, I think it would be a far greater measure to eliminate violence by outlawing dangerous, mind altering narcotics, for anyone under 20 years old. Their brains and bodies are not completely developed, and the sad fact that nobody seems to want to confront is that drugs are tested on adults BY LAW. Once they are deemed safe, they are then prescribed to the very same youth that drug companies are forbidden to use as test subjects. This practice has the same logical disconnect as gun laws stopping criminals from getting and using guns.

  9. allen says:

    AK 47, multiple attackers would have all been bleeding profusely.More than likely zero repeat offenders.Bleeding heart liberals,eat mud!

  10. AL says:

    All those criminals and she missed them all!! Store owner needs some “gun Control” practice at the range!!! Another Big A+ for law abiding armed citizens!!! Tip of the Stetson to that store owner!!

  11. Doug says:

    Bill, nobody kills Canadians because nobody cares (sarcasm). You have to be a complete moron not to get why citizens should have guns. There is not a single argument that holds up under scrutiny in favor of gun control.

  12. taco says:

    Did you notice the “get away vehicle” didn’t have a license plate? I bet those criminals will follow new gun laws too!!!!

    1. randy says:

      Criminals always have legally licensed and plated vehicles. Gun control will stop crime, because criminals will obey the law… DURRR

  13. greg says:

    You are so full of s**t. I am a Canadian citizen as well. We fought long and hard and got that stupid gun registration turfed. Proof that sound minds can prevail. GUN control did nothing for Canadians. You had better quit listening to the LIBERAL control freaks messages and learn the truth. Gun control in Canada only costs money. Thank god it is done sort of. Get your head out of your a**. If we had the right to carry a concealed weapon it would only get better.

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