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A bald eagle, a fox, and 2 cats hanging out on an Alaskan front porch

Mar 28, 2012 By Abraham

(via Laughing Squid)


    1. Andrew says:

      So an eagle, a fox, and two cats are hanging out on a porch in Alaska. They are all discussing who has the most effective methods of getting their food. The fox explains how by hearing he is able to locate an animal even when it is underground or under the snow. He then tells about how he is able to reach his prey by jumping, digging, and ripping the animal out of hiding using his long snout. The eagle, unimpressed, spreads his wings to show his incredible wingspan. He goes on to explain how he is able to spot a fish from a mile up and use his razorsharp claws to pluck it cleanly from the water. One of cats, sleeping near the door, wakes up and overhears the arguing. The cat, still waking up, opens his mouth yawning and lets out a loud meow. With a few seconds the door is opened and the cat lazily announces, ‘Sorry friends, I’d love to chat but unfortunately it’s time for dinner!’

  1. Tracie says:

    First off this not good for HUMANS to interact/interferer with wildlife! You are taking away their ability to hunt and survive on their own! These animals will die from starvation, having to rely on food from a human! Secondly, the fox is a nocturnal animal, and for being out in the day time is NOT PART OF THIS ANIMALS NATURE! Shoot wildlife with a camera & enjoy from a distance and DO NOT INTERFERER WITH WILDLIFE!

    1. Janine says:

      To be fair, I don’t think she feeds them… it just looks like they were hanging out there, as she lives so close to their habitat. Must just be something that happens in Alaska….

    2. Mark Jr. says:

      Uh, dogs and cats all used to be wild and they get along pretty well today.
      Ever have a pet?
      Thank someone who tamed a wild animal 5,000 years ago…

    3. lein says:

      To; Tracie,

      What gives you the right to tell this woman what she should do?animals are just that ,animals!

  2. Autumn says:

    Is no one else under the impression that she has cared for these animals? Maybe in a wildlife rehabilitation program or something of the sort? That kind of thing doesn’t happen in a normal situation. A fox doesn’t just hang out on your porch, let you talk to it, and then express interest in entering your home.

  3. Tiffany says:

    I’m not sure any of those animals were truly wild. Even if she fed them they wouldn’t have stayed when she opened the door, and the fox is used to the sound of her voice. By the way foxes come out in day time just as much as night.

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