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A child’s fantasy summertime freezer

Aug 28, 2012 By Abraham

(via Will Zone)


  1. Meli says:

    I used to manage a community pool, and no joke, that’s what our refrigerator looked like. Whenever the swim team had an event, the parents of the swimmer knew the way to the lifeguards’ hearts was through freeze pops and they’d bring us a couple boxes to deal with 200 children, their parents, the parking headaches and police calls for towing, and the trash duty. There was one mom who would hand me a box of freeze pops before even opening her mouth for the first question (this happened every Wednesday night and every other Saturday morning for 4 summers), and she was BY FAR my favorite parent with whom to work. She also recognized that we were all college kids and were actually smart, but happened to enjoy being at the pool rather than that being the only thing we could do with ourselves – I was interning at the Smithsonian Government Affairs Office 9a-2p (unpaid) then coming to the pool for 4p-10p daily.

  2. Beth says:

    Maybe I’m a neglectful parent…my children don’t even know what these are. Though I’m sure if they tried just one they’d never forget it! So summery and cold and sweet…

    Now I want one.

  3. Jenny says:

    Those things are exactly ONE fluid ounce of Kool Aid. Which means that melted, you’d need eight of them to fill a measuring cup, and twelve to fill a soda can lol. I’m pretty sure the nutritional (and caloric) value of one is minimal

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