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A compilation of cats accidentally falling into water

Nov 26, 2012 By Abraham

This is every bit as funny, weird, and freaky as I was hoping it would be…


    1. greek chorus says:

      I totally agree. I’ve seen that last clip elsewhere and hearing the human laugh at the clearly terrified cat, refusing to help him, makes me furious.

      1. CarolinaVerbina says:

        Agreed. My cat will fall in the bathtub while I’m showering or washing dishes every once in a while. That’s cute and funny. That poor cat in the last clip was clearly terrified and all I could think was “help your cat you jerk.”

  1. fallenlore says:

    I felt bad for the last one…but when he landed on the ground and then decided to try jumping up the wall again I didn’t feel so bad anymore. He could have stopped if he wanted to.

    1. greek chorus says:

      Clearly the poor beast saw daylight in the window, concluded that was the only way out of the building filled with sadistic humans, and kept trying for it with everything he had in him. And what did the videographer do? He laughs, enjoying the cat’s terror. Anyone who thinks suffering is funny is despicable.

      1. Chelsea says:

        I mostly agree, but I have to wonder if *I* would want to go pick up a terrified cat. I can only imagine the scratches that would ensue.

  2. Richard says:

    The last one was disgusting. The guy taking the clip should be charged with animal cruelty. If they will watch an animal that way and not help they will laugh as a human suffers also.

    1. Nicole says:

      First of all, you must lead a very sterile and boring life. Is the cat hurt? No. Is the cat tame? I would wager, most likely not if there are people around and it seems to become only intent on leaving the premises. I’m sorry, but yes, it’s bad tact but the cat is not damaged, unhurt and the person can obviously not do much about it. You’re probably the type of person who gets depressed easily instead of finding something funny in a situation that you’re unable to change.

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