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A dog’s seeing eye dog

Oct 24, 2011 By Abraham

Lily is a Great Dane that has been blind since a bizarre medical condition required that she have both eyes removed. For the last 5 years, Maddison, another Great Dane, has been her sight. The two are, of course, inseparable.

(via Weird Universe, Daily Record, The Sun)


      1. james says:

        Humans and animals arent much different in many ways….. pic reminds me of many old couples i have seen, who support each other in every step they take!!

          1. Samuel says:

            Then you wouldn’t mind if I had you for dinner instead of the beef i was going to eat tonight?

          2. Brian says:

            Um…humans are in the animal kingdom so whoever says a human is not an animal has not yet graduated 3rd grade.

          3. Barbara says:


            Animals that eat their own kind are referred to as cannibals – are you insinuating that because we are animals we automatically must consider our own species as a source of meat?

            We are animals, and we are (by & large) also not cannibals. At the very least cannibalism is rather frowned upon in civilized society. It’s not Kosher, so to speak. Although it I have heard we taste a bit like chicken.

          4. Phil says:

            It seems like no matter what the subject is some idiot has to argue about semantics.
            This is a great story and reminds me how much happier we all can be with a good attitude. We could learn alot from dogs in that aspect.

          5. rarg says:

            Bunny, vegetarianism is murder too. Those vegetables are alive before you kill them! Have a heart, eat a rock.

          6. Human says:

            Well, some of you might belong to the animal kingdom if so you choose. But I belong to the kingdom of GOD.

          7. Angie says:

            Actually humans aren’t animals. The two mutually exclusive. The formal definition of an animals is “any living thing other than a human.”

          8. Jessica says:

            Why don’t you go tell the tiger he’s a murderer then? It’s the food chain…the circle of life…whatever…deal with it. If it wasn’t natural animals wouldn’t do it. Now, if you’re talking more about abuse on how some treat our food before it becomes food I could agree with you on that.

            If plants were animals they’d be in the Animal Kingdom….they’re not…that’s why they are called plants. Under the domain of “Life” there are multiple Kingdoms. Kingdoms of living things. Just because they’re living doesn’t make them animals. They’re cells are different from the cells of animals.

          9. LeeMrk says:

            Angie, that may be *your* definition, but it certainly is NOT the scientific one. Homo sapiens is a member of the ape family… you know, apes, as in the animals…

          10. zoe says:

            The word “animal” is derived by the latin word “animus” which means the soul. It is used to describe all living things. The 1st official connotation of the word, according to the “New Oxford American Dictionary” is: “a living organism that feeds on organic matter”. The fact that dictionaries include the common use of the word as excluding of humans doesn’t mean that we are not biologically classified as an animal species.. I get that creationists are altogether against that notion, but try to be a bit more subtle..

        1. Lily says:

          That was a really sweet thing to say. I “awe”ed. It really makes me want to find my significant other, and grow old with them.

          1. Ramona says:

            This is not a love story, moron. One is blind and the other is helping. Sure they may love each other, but this isn’t a plot to a rom-com.

        2. odette says:

          These two animals are clearly enjoying their life together to the fullest. As one does concerning the human couples you reference, my prayer is for the survivor when the first one perishes.

        3. Tash says:

          Animals are way different to humans, animals are loyal to each other and they all look out for each other, humans do everything they can to be selfish without being classed as particularly selfish. I prefer animals to most humans.

          1. Balbina says:

            I don’t blame you… I think the same way… of course, there are good people in this world too so I can’t say this about everyone, just like there are bad animals because just like humans, animals have their own character and can be good or bad… I also agree that it’s hypocritical for a human to say it’s okay to eat other animals because they eat themselves, but I don’t see many people hunting for them so its FAIR just like in the wild. Most of you just move your ass down the street to the nearest shop, pick up a pack of meat imported from an animal farm, which has plenty of animals who don’t even get a change at life, or to run away from their prey (us)… and they just get born there, stand in the same spot eating and shitting till they grow up, waiting for the day they will get slaughtered… you call this fair? You guys need to pull your heads out of your ass. -Balbina

    1. Nexy says:

      This reminds me of 2 dogs I had as a child. The older of the 2 dogs went completely deaf in her older age. When it was time to feed them in the evening “after it was dark” the deaf dog would not hear us calling her and would miss a meal (or eat it much later). After only 3 or so time of having the younger dog walk my father to find the deaf one, the younger one learned to go and get the deaf one each time it was time for dinner. It’s so sweet that many dogs have the instincts to help the needy, whether it be human or another dog.

      1. Taylor says:

        I have 2 dogs, a chihuahua and a boxer, and the boxer was born deaf. The chihuahua is the boxer’s ears; they’re inseparable. If her ears perk up, he starts looking around to see what she’s hearing, and she’ll go and get him if he doesn’t see me putting food down or doesn’t notice that I’m home from work. It’s the sweetest bond! She always seems to be cleaning his ears too, although I’m not really sure what that’s about.

        1. Sofus says:

          its cus theyre in love, its how chihuahuas’s express love, by cleaning the its partners eyes and ears, my mom had 3 chihuahuas, they did the same thing.. The cutest thing ever :D

    2. Bruce Proctor says:

      I’m sitting here with tears welling up in my eyes. Such a wonderful love and faith between these two. Who could ask for a something more than this closeness and caring. If only people could act the same way toward each other it would surely be a wonderful world.

      1. Ash Rose says:

        Meta is when you use one idea to refer to the same idea. So a dog being a seeing eye dog for another dog is meta since it’s a redundant idea. Another example is meta-communication. Best example of this is when dogs do that bow with their front legs to communicate that any behavior following is in play. Hope that helps!

          1. Karol says:

            I just learned what the prefix meta means. It means “about.” In class the word was metacommunication. So communication about communication. In this case, meta referring to the two dogs does fit. Dog about dog, or seeing eye dog leading blind dog. So what Rose said fits fairly well. It’s not blind dog leading blind dog, but it still fits.

      2. coffeeandpiegeneration says:

        i don’t think meta would be correct… sorry. i know you’ve been waiting for a day to finally use the new big word you learned.

        1. John says:

          People who try to sound intelligent by talking down to others are annoying…especially when it’s over a ridiculous hipster concept like “meta”.

          Also, just so you have the information; I will not be rechecking this thread, so any attempt at rebuttal only serves purpose if it makes you feel better.

          1. JJES says:

            Yeah … talking down to others is annoying and makes the person doing it look stupid. Who cares what meta means? … If you want to know, look it up.

  1. Dreamzofpeace says:

    These two are looking for a forever home…please share…let’s find them a loving forever home to care for them!

      1. Matt says:

        They’ve both got NCDL collars on (National Canine Defense League) which is a British organisation. You’d be able to track them down through their website :-)

          1. Shellie says:

            Simone where are you getting your information from? Not saying that you’re wrong but this is the first I’ve heard that their home fell through. There more than 1,000 people who applied to adopt this pair when the story first broke weeks ago and pictures have already been released of them with their new owners.

    1. Thegirlypitbull says:

      I would take the both of them in a heartbeat! Very touching. I have a deaf dog, Jethro Bodine, and have experience with many different situations with dogs. My female pitbull has cataracts and is going blind herself. Are they still available and needing love?

      1. Jamie Greco says:


        The last place I saw these pictures was in a plea for a home. Let me know if you’d like for me to dig up the post.

    2. A Kelty says:

      I used to have a Quarter Horse mare who went blind. Another horse chose to buddy up with her; he guided her away from fences and anything else he thought dangerous, as well as protected her from the other horses. It brought tears to my eyes to watch them “race” each other, the other horse staying just a head’s length in front of her so she wouldn’t get hurt.
      Lily and Maddison remind me of April and her buddy, Windy. I can’t afford the money to import these two, but I’d take them in a heartbeat if I could. I hope they find a forever home TOGETHER very soon. I wish it could be here.

    1. Andy says:

      I have a husky who went blind from glaucoma, she does all the same things she did when she could see. We take her back into the woods and she knows the trails so well that she still leads the way. She never fails to put the biggest smile on my face.

      1. Britt says:

        Hey Andy,

        I have a dog who we just found out is going blind because of a rare genetic condition. He’s still pretty young, only 3, ad is handling it really well so far. Do you have any advice for us? He used to love to fetch a ball and now, obviously, can’t. I’d love to did some substitute games for him. Anyway, we’re kinda figure out how to best work around this new challenge and would love to hear some thoughts from someone else.

        1. Teresa says:

          Britt, I have a Jack Russel that lost both of her eyes. She used to love to play ball!!!! She lives for her ball! But I could not find a ball that made noise, so I got her one of her favorite balls, cut a slit in it and inserted a noise maker from a cheap stuffed animal. The lasted is a frog croaking, and it croaks long enough for her to find it, unlike a bell that stops as soon as the ball stops moving. The only thing you have to be real careful of, just be sure his path is clear and he knows where he is at. Give it a try! Good luck to you.

          1. Brooke says:

            We bought a “beep ball” from an organization that produces softballs that make noise for blind kids to play baseball. We use the ball for our blind dog. The ball is huge but he loves chasing after it.

        2. Dee says:

          I have a Blue Heeler (Zack) that is fairly young and has lost his sight as well. Lucky for him and for us he has a best buddy named Barney that helps him out. Zack lives to play ball. I found that a new tennis ball is best because of the new smell. Then what I do is tell him to get ready and he starts to run in the direction he wants me to throw the ball. I kind of try to aim for the corner of the fence so that it bounces off the wall a few times and he can hear it hit the wall and the ground. It makes it easier for him to find. Usually he catches it when it bounces off the wall.

      2. Mike Nichols says:

        Huskies are Incredible dogs! Had one for 14 years till she died from illness and old age. She was so incredibly smart, you could never fool her twice with the same trick. She hated water (odd for a Husky but she was mixed with Rottweiler) so once I threw her in the pond. I knew she could swim was trying to see if she would get used to it. She swam out like Mark Spitz but would not allow me to get near her again. I couldn’t even pet her she would dart away and look at me like: “Oh No! You’re not throwing me in there again!!” Laughed so hard I cried.

  2. Mia says:

    This is absolutely the cutest thing I have ever seen in my life.
    Exaggeration? No.
    I actually shed tears because of how precious this little story is.

    1. Carrie says:

      Hi. I live in Sheboygan Wisconsin USA and I am quite familiar with large breed dogs. In fact, at one point I had four Great Danes, all of them were rescued and all of them with a variety of ailments. I have a large property with a fenced in dog area. I am not sure of the logistics of such a great distance for transportation, but I would certain provide them a loving and forever home.

      1. Katherine says:

        Wow! I hope someone from the organization replies to your wonderful offer! Perhaps you could contact them directly through their website. I would be willing (& I’m sure I could corral some others) to donate to the transport of Lily & Maddison to a perfect forever home!

  3. Marian says:

    One of the most beautiful things I have ever seen!! Humans can learn so much from these amazing creatures!! Adopt a shelter pet – we have three – all large dogs – open your home & heart, there is always room!!

    1. Suzi says:

      Well maybe – just maybe karma will come your way one day!! Disgusting person – how could you possibly separate them!!!!

          1. captain obvious says:

            From the look of these pictures, if those dogs could speak both would beg to have the blind one put down.

        1. KashmereKatt says:

          What kind of an inhumane a__hole are you? If this is a “dry sense of humor” it goes way too far! You should be ashamed.

  4. Gabe says:

    Captain obvious you are a simplton and a fool, I wouldnt dirty the back of my hand on except to inform you that you will die alone.

    1. Riha says:

      Gabe i love your answer to captain obvious. Without mentionning that this kind of comment is extremely stupid!

      1. Nessa says:

        HAHA Captain obvious you made me almost snort chickpeas out my nose with that comment. I needed that. Good to know someone here has a sense of humor! FOR THE LOVE OF DOG please, always use correct grammar =) It can possibly make you sound less like an idiot.

      2. Tom says:

        I thought your first comment was funny, but it’s also funny that you screwed up a comment about grammar by making it a run-on sentence. There should have been a period after the word grammar. “Remember, they should never be separated” is a different sentence. Also, I added a comma for you. Everyone is terrible.

  5. Kayla says:

    Please tell me these beautiful babies have been adopted and are living in a forever home. They are so sweet and deserve a loving home with a loving family TOGETHER.

  6. Marcy says:

    I haven’t seen any news indicating that have found a home but there are stories all over the place about the hundreds of calls the center has received. I’m sure these two will soon be bound for a wonderful home.

  7. RT says:

    So darn sweet and heart-warming, but people, there are tons and tons of kids (blind kids even, if that helps!) who need homes. Consider opening your home for a person, and skip the dog.

    1. Jacob King says:

      I know it’s an unpopular view, but I don’t understand why the life of a human should be valued over that of an animal.

      1. Mr." D" says:

        Like Nessa said (Oct.27,2011 @3:00pm)…
        To a lot of people, animals are a lot MORE sacred then most people.
        Just to give you an example…check out the military status of personnel with dogs (abroad & stateside), you might be surprised at what you find when it comes to caring about and loving a animal. Law Enforcement Agencies treat their canines just like people (sometimes even better), including honor guards for funerals (caused in the line of duty). These animals are honored because they protect & save lives. So when they retire, the owner (trainer)will take them home to live out the rest of their valued life in comfort.

  8. Kayla says:

    People are very aware of the homeless children around the world, That is why I sponsor one, But do you have any idea the long process adoption of a child is. I am sure there are PLENTY of people in the world willing to adopt and tons who are waiting to hear about an adoption they have applied for. These dogs also need homes so DO NOT skip them. If you want to rally about people who need homes there are so many amazing sites to do it. I hope they can all find homes.

  9. Debbie Buchanan says:

    I’ve always said that people don’t give dogs enough credit for their depth of compassion for both people and other animals in need , as someone said earlier we could learn a lot from them .
    These are wonderful pictures .

  10. Nikki says:

    A puppy I gave up a few years ago went to a home where they had a deaf puppy. From the messages I receive, my baby girl has helped her new housemate in learning and growing into a great companion. It’s so wonderful to see animals help each other out.

  11. molly says:

    this is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. I’m literally crying right now. i know i shouldn’t be but how could you not?! I’m a cat person but this just made me like dogs more! <3

  12. Nessa says:

    I think it’s wonderful that this brings awareness to people about blind dogs, and how they CAN go on living a normal life. It does bring the “Awwwww” factor. Being that they are adoptable, I was very surprised to see how many people immediately wanted to adopt them! This a great thing that people are opting to adopt, but SO many people posting.. I think the thought of adopting them is totally emotionally driven. Great Danes are very large dogs, and you would need a LOT of money saved for Food/medical expenses. Great danes are especially prone to having many health issues that rack up expenses in the thousands per dog in medical costs alone. Setting the money issue aside, Great Danes need a LOT of room. If you live in a huge house, with acres and acres of land, and a LOT of time on your hands to spend with the dogs everyday, that would be great! That’s what these type of dogs need! Lots of money Lots of time and Lots of land. Before jumping to “I wanna adopt them!” Consider these things. Do you have what it takes to keep these dogs happy and healthy? I would hate for these dogs to go to someone because of the “Aww” factor and a sad story, only to realize they took on too much and then these dogs end up in the shelter or foster home…. AGAIN.

    But, on the flip side.. if all of you who posted that you wanted to adopt HAVE considered all of the consequences and money/time/space involved due to the situation/story, then I should start posting every dog in need of being adopted… they ALL have stories, most of them sad and heart-wrenching. Maybe this will open your eyes and remind you that ALL the shelter dogs, thousands killed by Euthanasia everyday… HAVE A STORY!
    I’m in the wrong business here if all it takes is a sad story to have the knee-jerk response of.. awww i want to adopt them!

    If you’re going to adopt, consider the responsibility of that particular dog!

    For all who posted that they want to adopt, I truly want to know what drove you to want to adopt these dogs, and if you considered all I have listed with this particular breed. I really wanna know!

    1. Pam Davis says:

      I have two blind bullies. Both blind since birth. After my first one, Beau adopted out of HeavenSent Bulldog rescue via the Wellsboro ASPCA in Pa, I found a true companion he is just like a sighted dog. Very intelligent and he is trained to go out, walk on a leash, walk up stairs! Charming guy!!Since I had the experience with him I adopted another blind Bullie puppy. Because of her blindness she was going to be sent to Cornell to have her be an eye experiment by her owners until the rescue talked them out of it. Thank God!! I adopted her when she was six months old. She is now two, totally trained and a love! I also have a sighted female Bullie Faith she acts as a guide to both of them. One big happy family!! I would not hesitate to give a disabled dog a home again.

  13. Trish says:

    My heart just completely melted! If I wasn’t an ocean away, I’d take them in an instant. I hope they are able to find them a loving home.

  14. Julie Kay Smithson says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this & the beautiful photos! My beloved Wiggles Blue Heeler was sighted for the first half of his 12+ years, and saw with his heart for the second six. When someone would ask if he was blind, I’d say, “He sees with his heart; he has better vision than I ever will!” God & Wiggles brought another miracle into my life on March 2nd, 2011, almost 3 months after Wiggles shed his earthly trappings & I was grieving myself to death: an abused, blind, energetic senior cattle dog 200 miles away. People think I rescued the lil fella, but God & Good Boy saved TWO lives!

  15. Vasanth says:

    We are all proud of being a human being but most of them lacks humanity (a basic entity to be human).after seeing this dogs behaviour and its helping tendency ,we human being have to evolve a lot in .

  16. tigigirl8444 says:

    My first Lab went blind from a congenital defect at one year old, and walked around town for years. This was
    before leash laws. When he was 4, we acquired a Husky, who used to play tricks on him. They would play tag,
    running around the central staircase, and the the Husky would jump on the couch while the lab kept running
    round and round. You could see that the Husky really enjoyed this!

    The Lab really got mixed up in the snow and the Husky would take his collar and lead him home. The was on a
    big ranch in the Colorado Mts., and the dogs were easy to spot and watch against the white of the snow,

  17. Scott says:

    I’m sure that dogs were put here on earth to teach humans how to love like God. To love without reserve, without limits… thank God for dogs.

  18. Ann Freed says:

    These two Angels in dog form touch my soul. Please, please if they found a forever home, someone post it.

  19. amie292 says:

    This is awesome. Mother Nature overcoming and adapting, and the strong bond of friendship. This is a true sign that best friends and friendship are forever. This brings tears to my eyes.

  20. Carey says:

    I have a Fox Terrier that is blind and his seeing eye dog is another Fox Terrier. Thanks to Rex wearing a bell and helping Tweety around, we have been able to keep our wonderful puppy and for Tweety to live a full fun life.

    The compassion that dog can have for each other and for people is very humbling and a great example to live by.

  21. gail says:

    We also had a blind Great Dane. She was born blind and the breeder was going to euthanize her. We took her and bought her a English Mastiff puppy as her seeing eye dog. They also were inseparable.

    What a heartwarming story.

  22. S. Hughes says:

    WOW! What touching photos! Thank you so much for posting them – Do you know if anyone’s made a video about these two amazing creatures? If not, they should – it’d go viral in a little minute! :)

  23. D. Holt says:

    I have 2 horses and one of them is blind. She tags along with the sighted horse and they cover the plenty pasture.

  24. C. Steach says:

    Such an amazing story! Not many owners/parents would care so much for their doggie they would get him/her their own seeing eye dog! I love this story! Thank you for sharing such a wonderful true life story!

  25. andrea simmons says:

    shows there is beauty still in such a complex and often unkind world, just lovely, thanks for sharing this

  26. Krista says:

    i think that is the most amazing thing that i ever seen. that proves friendship is the most incridable thing that ever overcome. and it’s brillant. and it proves Dogs are loyal not just to humans. dogs are loyal to. their own kind to. it is just amazing.they are both our bset friends and best friends to with their four legged kind.

  27. Julie says:

    I have a Parson Russell Terrier who went blind from glaucoma. He needed both eyes removed one at a time. So many people said I should put him to sleep, but he is young and acts like a puppy besides the blindness. With patience I helped him to adapt and he is living a very happy life. He’s so loving and has no fear. I know I made the right decision…we live happily ever after!

  28. Wayne says:

    Oh see how great GOD is !!!! HE gave DOG HIS name backward for a reason…They are loyal , not only to man but to each other. How beautiful that one senior should lead the other..BUT more beautiful is the the blind senior senses that he is being lead correctly and follows. This is a grand tribute to the species of CANINE !!!!! Thanks for sharing this great story!!!!

  29. Debra Reese says:

    This is so touching. It brings me to tears. I love animals. I wish I could ne close enough to love on them. Most people probably would’ve put her down so God bless the owners who didn’t give up on her because her canine/best friend sure didn’t.

  30. A Kelty says:

    Thank you for letting me know that Lily and Maddison have found a home. I’m so glad someone was found to take them together, and I hope that it will be the loving forever home those sweethearts deserve. Please let me know if anything changes; there may not be much I can do from this side of the pond, but I’ll do anything I can.

  31. Sandy Goodwin Gass says:

    Because of Maddison, Lily has some freedom and quality of life that just wouldn’t have happened without the help and aid of this wonderful canine.

    1. Monica says:

      I don’t disagree when you say “Lily has some freedom and quality of life with the aid of this wonderful canine” but when you say, “that just wouldn’t have happened without the help and aid of this wonderful creature”, I feel the need to voice my disagreement. I have a blind Jack Russell who lost both her eyes due to glaucoma. She does almost everything a sighted dog can do. She loves life, has a lot of freedom to run and play. Her quality of life is as good as any sighted dog. Blind dogs do not need to have a sighted canine companion, just an owner who doesn’t pity them and allows them to learn to adapt. We humans view blindness as a horrible fate, but dogs do well without sight. Their other senses become stronger. They don’t rely on their eyes they way humans do. A blind dog’s quality of life can be as good as a sighted dog’s quality of life.

  32. Bob says:

    Yeah it’s amazing what dogs can do. My dog has a similar condition on which she is totally blind and had to remove 1 eye. She is still able to walk around the house like she owns the place!!! I love dogs!

  33. Lucrecia Fannon says:

    May God Bless the two of them. This is are precious pictures. AWESOME Some animals are better than humans !!!!

  34. Pat Roland says:

    Are you trying to send me to bed crying? Well, it didn’t work. I was so happy they had been together 5 years and that Lily has a close friend to take care of her. God bless the dogs and all those that help care for them

    1. A Kelty says:

      It’s good to hear Lily and Maddison have found a home! But I’ve tried to follow the link and it leads me back to this page without finding the update. Can anyone tell me how to get to the update?

  35. M Gilbert says:

    I am a college freshman. I haven’t been home since the beging of term and I miss my dog to no end. This just made me cry so hard.

  36. Lara says:

    A delightful reminder that animals are far more like us than we often realise. These two dogs remind me of the old couples you see walking around holding each other’s hands

  37. Kim Smith says:

    We have two blind dogs. One that was born blind. Our other dogs do this exact thing with him! They show him where to go and where not to go. They all have bells on their collars so he can hear where they all are! Each bell has a different sound so he knows who is who. They are very clever creatures!!

  38. Laura says:

    One of the most amazing stories I’ve seen in a while. This truly warmed my heart.

    I have a soft spot for dogs in “need.” My two pit bulls (wrongfully accused animals) are both deaf.

    These two babies are priceless. I hope they have each other for many more years to come.

  39. windRomance says:

    seriously, dogs are way too cute. i have 1 silky terrir, always hope to own another dog to let it have partner at home, but not possible with my current schedule :(

  40. Colleen D. Gjefle says:

    I had a blind, one-eyed cocker spaniel named Esmeralda, who passed away in 2008. Her previous owners dumped her in the parking lot of an animal shelter when she started going blind. When I adopted her it was obvious that one eye would have to be removed as it was swollen to twice its normal size due to glaucoma. She still had a little bit of sight in her remaining eye when I got her, but soon after she lost sight in that eye as well. But you’d never know she was blind by the way she would charge ahead with no fear or apprehension! She navigated around the house like a little bat – swerving around things at the very last minute and becoming the “queen” – always bossing my other two dogs around! Sure do miss this wonderful little dog! God bless for loving Lily & Maddison!

  41. Sammy says:

    This reminds me of my two dogs, they were inseprable, even when one got sick with cancer he stuck by her side not leaving her for a second, until she saddly passed. :( … I was heart broken but this just makes me smile and think of her. :) <3

  42. lorena says:

    I am in love with Lily & Maddison, amazing pictures! they are both so BEAUTIFUL, beautiful dogs, beautiful souls…

  43. Jackie Koffman says:

    This is very touching. My dog had to have his eyes removed also and everyday I feel for him. I wish he had a friend like this to help him. Thanks for sharing this!

  44. Dante says:

    Dogs use their olfactory sense as their primary information receptor, not their eyes, like we obviously do. Kind of important to note.

    1. Heather says:

      Thanks to having a sister and brother in law who are both vets and the fact that the dog had to have her eyes removed as stated in the article I can tell you that the reason her eyes are shut is due to them being stitched shut to prevent infection. The eye socket must stay moist and would get severely infected if allowed to remain open. So yes, this blind dog does have her eyes closed. If she still had her eyes, they would be open.

  45. Tera Sheffey says:

    What an amazing pair. Great Danes are magnificant animals. I had one till he was 14 yrs old and there was nothing that he couldnt do for himself or to help somebody. Thank you for sharing.
    For the idiot saying this was fake….you dont even deserve to view this story or pictures….you are a sorry sorry person.

  46. Wsusan says:

    This is so moving in so many ways, On so many levels. God is the only one that can give us inspiration and instincts to help one another. im happy this Dog can run and play like other Dogs. ♥ and i am so thanful I have eyes to see such Beauty.

  47. Melissa Dominguez says:

    This is so beautiful! I have 2 beagles, Lucca (12) and Sally (9) and it’s impressive when you notice one helping the other. Since Lucca is really old now he sleeps a lot and doesn’t notice when I get home. Not long ago, Sally started looking for him and bringing him to greet me, smart girl! also because she knows she’s not getting a cookie unless they are together :D

    1. ellamina says:

      my dog has a broken leg and is blind and has lime desese he cant be around other dogs because he has another sickness i forget what its colde.

      my dog loves me and i love him :)

  48. anita says:

    This is why you shouldn’t breed white and merle danes! they have a great chance to be deaf or blind… I know they are beautiful but it’s not right, u should only breed blue, fawn, brindle, black, harlequin and mantle.

  49. Bodie's Mama says:

    This is amazing. I was sad to see this but at same time happy because I’m glad noone gave up and put her down. Blessings to her and hope everyone else never loses faith. Dogs are amazing creatures. <3

  50. Vedette says:

    This reminds me of the story when there were two dogs walking on the expressway and one of the dogs got hit. The dog couldn’t walk because of the impact of the car that hit him. After sometime, his friend dog went to aid him and dragged him out of the expressway. Minutes later, the expressway patrol spotted them and helped the injured dog.

  51. jen says:

    can we all just let the human vs animals debate slide and step back and post a collective awwwwwww – these two are just too sweet xoxo

  52. dwint says:

    these two dogs are amazing. ive heard albino dogs have had eye problems but i didnt know such an amazing looking dog can have such a problem.

  53. steven H says:

    lock your wife and your dog in the trunk of your car in the summer heat…for 2 hr… when you open the trunk… whos happy to see you?

    on that note when my black lab farts my choclet lab growls and kicks him out of the room cause he knows i dont like it… its so funny to watch.

    1. Jen says:

      I only hope that all of you who have found this sighted dog helping a fellow dog who is blind so touching (which it is)…. Can be as inspired to take the moment to slow down your own lives to help a fellow human who l may need the extra love and support

  54. Jay Woods says:

    what kind of surgery would have you remove your eye balls? it’s not right! but it so cute seeing those two dogs together!

  55. Jim says:

    There are any number of humans that I could put a bullet in, due to their actions, but I have never come across an animal that I would intentionally shot, except to protect my family or others. Animals operate on instinct, while humans can simply be evil. These two beautiful dogs bring tears to my eyes, based on their love and caring for each other.

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