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A girl and her cat — Surreal images of a sweet friendship [19 pictures]

Jul 9, 2013 By Abraham

Over the last few years, photographer Andy Prokh has documented the playfulness of his daughter and the patience of her cat in an ongoing series of silly, sweet, and usually somewhat absurd portraits of the two together…

Girl and Her Cat - 01

Girl and Her Cat - 02

Girl and Her Cat - 03

Girl and Her Cat - 04

Girl and Her Cat - 05

Girl and Her Cat - 06

Girl and Her Cat - 07

Girl and Her Cat - 08

Girl and Her Cat - 09

Girl and Her Cat - 10

Girl and Her Cat - 11

Girl and Her Cat - 12

Girl and Her Cat - 13

Girl and Her Cat - 14

Girl and Her Cat - 15

Girl and Her Cat - 16

Girl and Her Cat - 17

Girl and Her Cat - 18

Girl and Her Cat - 19

(via 123inspiration)


  1. lionsassy says:

    I had a part Siamese cat growing up that was like this cat, just a beautiful friendship, His name was Patty. These pictures are just great, and your daughter is very special.

  2. Todd Gardiner says:

    Did you get permission from the photographer to post these? Your article attributes the photos nicely, but doesn’t list “used with permission”, so I thought I would ask.

      1. Mark says:

        …I agree, Linda, I was enjoying those pics and the lovely comments, till ‘Todd’ stuck his ‘Do You Have Permission??’ nose in. Do as Linda says, Todd…….Get Over Yourself.

        1. Matthias says:

          I read Todd’s comment as a polite question, not sure it warrants harsh words.

          Maybe Andy Prokh doesn’t mind, maybe he does, possibly he doesn’t know. Who knows, maybe twentytwowords are paying him through the ads they have on this page, given this is a commercial website? I don’t see anything wrong with asking, and still enjoyed the pictures.

          1. Kelly says:

            If the photographer gave her prints/digital copies as part of the photo package, then they are hers to distribute as she wishes; she doesn’t need permission to post them.

  3. Bennie Ray Wells says:

    I Have to Agree With Todd, ” + ” I’d Like to See the Film & Settings as I Think That Things Like That These Shots Were Made With a 35 mm Licia Camera Using Film Speed of 160 ASA.. Using Only the Available Light. You Know Little Thins Like This Makes the Photos Really Stand Out Not Only to the “O” Such CUTE Pictures .But Pass the Talent of the Photographer on to the Viewer Alone With the Really CUTE Photos…I Do Hope That You Get My Drift…..

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