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A huge feast for monkeys at a festival in Thailand [18 pictures]

Jan 9, 2013 By Abraham

Yearly, in the Thai city of Lopburi, a festival is held that includes setting tables with tons of fruit and vegetables for the town’s monkey population — numbering in the thousands — to come and consume.

The practice is motivated by a combination of both ancient myth and current tourism…

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  1. Kandi says:

    (second-to-last picture) Psst, hey – you have something in your teeth riiiight therrrrre. No, there. And there.

  2. Average Human says:

    I cant appreciate how a country, where its citizens live in poverty, could justify feeding rabid monkeys…fair enough if all the fruit and vegetables were past there best for human consumption date!But I somehow doubt that…

    1. Martin says:

      Human life, or even the quality of human life, as more valuable than those of animals is not a universal teaching.

    2. stephanie says:

      the country itself has impoverished areas as well as better off areas, like most countries do, My uncle lives there, and he is always telling me stories about the greatness of Thailand, not the poverty. Also, these monkeys do not appear to be rabid, over exaggerating both counts makes your argument not very credible.

      1. Average Human says:

        Rabies or not – seems like they are over indulging the monkeys with fresh edible fruit and vegetables.

  3. BeFree says:

    Even though I agree that it seems wasteful they way it’s set up, it does say that it brings tourism
    To town which brings money to economy which provides jobs and so on. I do think they could have prepared it
    In a different way to avoid any waste of food.

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