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A litter of Doberman puppies outgrow their plastic bin [8 pictures]

Aug 30, 2012 By Abraham 9

Only after adopting her new Doberman from a shelter did Redditor tunafish221 realize her new pet was pregnant. Soon she had 12 more dogs than she’d bargained for, but they were cute enough to make up for the surprise…

Here are pictures of the brood as they grow out of the plastic bin that she used to take them to the vet…

Brand New

2 Weeks

3 Weeks

4 Weeks

5 Weeks

6 Weeks

7 Weeks

9 Weeks

At 10 weeks, they were all adopted into new homes for the remainder of their growing up…


      1. Liz says:

        And why do you think they aren’t “true” Doberman puppies? You are aware Dobermans have floppy ears and long tails naturally, right? The ears get clipped and tails docked for showing the dogs.

        1. Christina says:

          Dobies don’t have white splotches in their coats. The other rust markings are off for a pure bred doberman as well. I see a beagle in there too. No need to get defensive, no one mentioned anything about cropped ears and docked tails.

  1. Kris says:

    Shouldn’t the real question be: Why didn’t the shelter know she was pregnant? Don’t they spay and neuter all dogs that go through their building? Nothing against these adorable dogs, who I’m sure will have loving homes- but any shelter should do a thorough check-up and fix them to control the pet population.

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