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A preacher ziplining onto the stage seems like it would be awesome…

Mar 28, 2013 By Abraham

Ziplines are always awesome in theory and are occasionally awesome in practice. But not always.

Watch this pastor learn a lesson in turning a grand entrance into a pathetic, anticlimactic one instead…

And don’t forget to sow your offering!

(via Bag of Nothing)


  1. Chelsi says:

    Its kind of foolish, but I’m not sure why this is anticlimactic. This is exactly what ziplining looks like. What did you expect to happen?

  2. Nate says:

    You know, when I’m thinking deep thoughts about my personal relationship with Jesus I always wonder why he didn’t zipline to any of his most famous sermons. It certainly would have made him more popular. Could have made carrying the cross easier as well…

  3. Oonyay says:

    …. is this where that church’s money go towards?… really?… If you want a grand entrance I’m sure God could give a wayyy better one without any waste of money..

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