A scientific look at which came first, the chicken or the egg

January 26, 2013 | By Abraham | 6 comments

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    1. Graystone says:

      We’re doing science here.
      But okay, let’s use a creationist standpoint: we know of the creation from the account of Genesis, which outlines a general timeline, yes? God created the fowl on the fifth day, but how? The timeline is known, the process is not. Who’s to say that he created them in a mature completed form and not ad eggs or “proto-chickens?” We also see some level of evolution as fact, as shown in the ability to breed new forms of dog, for example. So God could have created some other bird or creature that later came to be a chicken. There’s more to this than a vague statement made in a single text.

        1. Sara Mcd says:

          OK, but I seem to remember something about “after their kind.” Since we seem to be doing theology now…

      1. Grant says:

        But doesn’t breeding new dogs result in a loss of information and not new information? And if that’s your analogy, wouldn’t a proto-chicken need to have lost information to create the chicken? Where did the proto chicken come from then? Proto-proto chicken?>…>mud? How does that even make sense, scientifically or in creationism?


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