A simple look at why Canada is smart to get rid of the penny

April 5, 2012 | By Abraham | 3 comments

I’ve seen around online for the last few days that Canada has decided to get rid of their penny. A good move, of course. Still, I wasn’t quite interested enough to actually read or watch anything about it, until I noticed just now that C.G.P. Grey did a video on it.

His work is always fun and instructive…

Two more videos about why the penny is a terrible thing to keep around…

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  1. Lee Shelton says:

    What I don’t like about the video is that it doesn’t address the underlying cause of the devaluation of the penny and other forms of currency: government monetary policy. Eliminating the penny is also the first step toward forcing consumers into a cashless economy. After all, cold, hard cash is just to difficult to track.

  2. me says:

    Great…lets give a company that sells one billion .95 cent items free reign to steal 5 cents per item, by rounding up because of pennies. Think about how much money that adds up to after a while…..

    1. CaughtOnFireOnce says:

      exactly man…. i mean, i don’t do much with my pennies, but they are my pennies.

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