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A simplified look at how one infinity can be bigger than another

Aug 12, 2012 By Abraham

If you already know that infinities can differ in size and can explain why, then move right along. If not, then this short lesson from math educator Dennis Wildfogel is worth your time…

(via BuzzFeed)


  1. slayerwulfe cave says:

    mathematics is an irrational based on what we consider our current knowledge. it is constantly evolving what is true today is false tomorrow. wish i could live for a million yrs. not for life but just to know. slayerwulfe cave.

  2. slayerwulfe cave says:

    i think therefore i am while sitting on a rock that doesn’t,it is as much as i am. irrational? i place a stone for each animal. but i’m not counting, according to who? or define counting. i’m floating in space and i’m infected by my own thinking everywhere my feet are pointing is down.as i tumble everywhere is down and everywhere is up.the rock doesn’t think, every direction exist within every direction,it’s also true for me but i don’t realize it because i think.were all infected,the sound of one hand clapping. touch your fingers to your palm rapidly 8 times,you have just solved the problem.what problem? it was mindless because it was irrational.schroedinger’s cat:why the box? it’s the only way to see what he wants to see but it’s irrational.an explosive device attached to the cats head.now is it both dead and alive at any given moment?i hope an explosion just went off in your head like it did in mine. we combine irrational with rational to see what we want to see,to manipulate it while not admitting it.
    set theory is like philosophy,a class of all things,the law of the excluded middle or the sound of one hand clapping.

  3. slayerwulfe cave says:

    the most important unsolved problem in mathematics,once again according to who? i’m playing chess as both black and white,will i fool myself.can i both defeat myself and be victorious without choosing sides. i am unable to eliminate any irrational thinking here. one side will gain an advantage,will i try to defeat it or help it and how can i do both. i’d like to hear from the really bright on this one!!!!!

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