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A United States map labeled by the best-selling musician born in each state

Feb 11, 2014 By Abraham

Redditor Ooosh-E took the RIAA’s list of the top-selling 250 musicians in the United States and then labeled each state with the most successful musician who was born there….

Best Selling Musicians by State of Birth - 01

Best Selling Musicians by State of Birth - 02

The blank states are those with no musical act in the top 250 hailing from there. Perhaps, the map’s creator will expand the list he’s working from and we can find out the highest-selling artists from Maine, Alaska, Montana, etc. In the meantime, you can leave your guesses in the comments.

Also, share this with all your Seattle friends… They’ll be so proud.


    1. kennywho says:

      The artists are attributed to the state where they were born, not necessarily where they lived later in life. Jewel was, in fact, born in Utah.

    1. This_is_lame says:

      Well, maybe not all of Nirvana, but at least Kurt Cobain. He was the only member born in Washington. Kenny G — Dear God. And if you want to go with birth JIMI HENDRIX!!!!

  1. Scott says:

    Didn’t Hootie and the Blowfish sell over 20 million albums? That doesn’t crack the top 250? Definitely fills in South Carolina though?

  2. JFC says:

    There’s a few inaccuracies here, though. As others have pointed out, Jewel Kilcher hails from Alaska, and when it comes to the selling power of California artists, the Eagles have Metallica beat by around 30 million albums. The Eagles are actually the third highest-selling band in the entire country, while Metallica are #4.

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