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Fight Boredom

About Us

22 Words is a premier viral publisher, serving up funny, cute, heartwarming, and fascinating stories to over 40 million readers a month across its network.

We have one goal: Fight boredom. Spread happiness.

Or is that two goals?

Doesn’t matter. Either way, we’re making our readers’ happier every day. Whether it’s a funny list of pictures, a heartwarming story, or a video of how to make bacon-wrapped bacon…wrapped in bacon-wrapped bacon…we’re here to make life better.

It may sound like a lofty claim, but don’t worry, we’re realistic about it. We don’t make life better at the level of food shelves and college scholarships. We make life better like knock-knock jokes and fried cheese curds.

We are the simple, small joy that the internet can bring.

Our team loves spending their time creating a space where millions of millennials (and quite a few of their older siblings) are guaranteed to find funny and heartfelt stories, videos, and image compilations every day. And we don’t just end their boredom, we replace it with happiness.

That’s what it all comes down to for us — happiness. It’s why we do everything we do — to add just a bit more cheerfulness to the world. Whether it’s something as small as creating a 10-second video for Facebook or something as big as making sure the next person to join our team is getting their dream job, we’re asking one question:

Does this spread happiness?

If the answer is Yes, then we’re in… Let’s do this!

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